IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (14 Jul 07)

Game #89
time: 6:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (8-3, 2.00) vs Livan Hernandez (5-5, 4.54)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

I can’t stand watching Livan Hernandez pitch, but I have tremendous admiration for the guy. He has successfully taken Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy and applied it to baseball. The results may be “aesthetically challenged,” but in the end, Hernandez has assembled a nice little career.

Chris Young, meanwhile, gets to pitch in a real game again, which hopefully means no more cheap-ass home runs. Go Padres!

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  1. Was that robbed? Gameday has it beyond the wall.

  2. Could the AZ announcers try to enforce the “jinx” anymore. Jeez.

  3. you think the tv announcers are bad, you should hear the sh*t the AZ radio announcers are giving Kouz for not going after that foul ball

  4. Oh my OG!

  5. Damn you Tony Clark. Why do you gotta break up the perfect game like that?

  6. It was only the fifth inning and CY had thrown a lot of pitches. I’ll settle with condemning him for scoring a run that cuts the lead to three.

  7. Amazing. I can’t even imagine “owning” somebody like that. 3 for 5 with 3 dingers. Wow.

  8. 9 … nice call!

  9. 57: Stupid tall people hit much too well off of CY.

  10. 59: intersting… maybe melvin should run a quick IQ test before the pinch-hit

  11. 59. Unless they’re Derek Lee. *Grin*

  12. Thru 5 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 81-52; L Hernandez 82-49.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 3-6; L Hernandez 4-7.

    Batters faced – C Young 17; L Hernandez 22.

    … 6 Ks vs 0 BBs for CY!

  13. 61: Even the best hitters only connect 1/3 of the time. Give him two more punches and he could probably land one of them. Punching .333 isn’t bad.

  14. #51: No, it was to deep center. Young had his back up against the wall when he caught it.

    #55: I still can’t believe Clark kept that ball fair.

  15. How fun that KK will be hitting lead-off for the 3rd straight time next inning (hint: Cruz is a bit of an out-machine lately also) …

  16. Thru 6 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 81-52; L Hernandez 93-56.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 3-6; L Hernandez 5-9.

    Batters faced – C Young 17; L Hernandez 25.

  17. Maybe we should put Kouz’s power behind OG’s on base skills and move NOG down and let him and Cruz be out machines together.

  18. 44 … Hensley settled down real nice … only 1 H given up thru 4 IP …

  19. It’s too bad OG makes so much money. Otherwise he’d be such a heroic scrappy fellow with his current skill set.

  20. This would be a nice spot for a non-NOG #2 hitter … doncha think?

  21. 69 … amen!

  22. 70 … re: NOG … I’m *shocked* he K’d in that situation … *NOT*!

  23. Byrnes’ IF single makes me really nervous in this situation. I don’t want to see this game implode.

  24. 73: Gulp, I hate my prognostication.

  25. OMG, Cruz played that horribly; thank goodness he managed to catch it.

  26. Um, wow Cruz.

  27. How the hell is Bell so hittable tonite? WTF?

  28. Sometimes balls just fall in. I’d be more concerned about him if they were getting extra base hits or if he were walking guys.

  29. #78: I dunno, but I’ve seen about enough…

  30. This is a freaking train wreck. HOW THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING!

  31. Damnit, we CANNOT afford to lose this game! The Dodgers already won in extra innings. We can’t do this.

  32. Why did Adrian cut that ball?

  33. WHY WAS THAT CUT OFF!?!?!?!

  34. God damn, why can’t we just catch a break here and win a series?

  35. Adrian better hit like a 5-run HR to make up for that gaffe. We could still have a lead here.

  36. Once again looking at the boxscore I am at a complete loss how to explain how the score is the way it is. The Padres have three homers, the Diamondbacks one; those are the only extra base hits in the game. The D-Backs have struck out 9 times, with no walks. The Padres have struck out 5 times, with 3 walks. It is inexplicable.

  37. I still like our chances. Tie game, battle of the bullpens:

    SD relievers: 2.45 ERA, .218/.286/.314
    Ari relievers: 3.71 ERA, .247/.327/.395

  38. 86: And CY could still have a decision…

  39. Maybe Bradley PH’s for Cruz next time up?

  40. Nope, no five run homer. Just a continuation of his struggles.

  41. #89: That’s the pisser in all this.

    On a positive note, Adrian has hit the ball very hard a couple times tonight. Same thing happened to Kouz just before he got out of his horrible funk to start the season. Here’s hoping…

  42. Is everybody trying for another solo HR?

  43. God I hope we don’t blow this. We really, really, really need to pull this out to get back some momentum and confidence.

  44. Son of a bitch. I can’t believe we coughed up that lead. I know this game isn’t over, but man, this one hurts.

  45. At least we only blew a 4 run lead. The Dodgers blew a 6 run lead.

  46. 90, yeah it does. Padres could have used this one big time and gave it away. Webb v Germano tomorrow

  47. Our vaunted pitching staff has been showing way too many holes lately.

  48. D-backs hadn’t had a hit until the 5th… 2 through 6. They now have 8.

  49. 98: On the bright side, our not so vaunted lineup has been showing fewer holes recently.