IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (19 Aug 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
6:40 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 743
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. Pads should just run Sean Kazmar (23 yrs old) out there everyday at short. No need to see any more of Rodriguez who has never hit much at any level.

    Iguchi has picked it up a bit at the plate. Maybe we bring him back next year at a dirt cheap price.

  2. #23@Alan: We had all the leverage, they needed pitching, we didnt have to trade him.

  3. I guess the Padres had to find out about Banks, especially after his great start, but is it safe to say that he has marginal big league stuff ?

  4. #53@JP: Very safe.

  5. #53@JP:

    No, Clay Hensley has marginal big-league stuff. Josh Banks is a lousy pitcher. He won’t win ten more games in his major league career.

    The Padres roatation for nex year is Peavy, Young and, ummm….well, hell I dunno. This team is going to be bad for a long time.

  6. #55@David Coonce: “This team is going to be bad for a long time.”

    I tend to disagree. I, like GY am a glass half full kinda dude. I think we’ll see some big changes between now and the start of spring training ’09. That’s just my feeling especially after seeing KT’s demeanor during the pre-game interview tonight. But then, what the hell do I know.

  7. Checking in late….working in L.A. As I went into my customers East L.A. location, the first thing I heard was “dude we got Maddux”. I said, “Oh yeah, I heard that yesterday but it wasn’t complete. Is it now?”. Anyway, I said, “Maddux is a good guy…..good luck”. Pissed I was that we (Padres fans) have nothing to talk about except the all time saves leader (believe it or not they said Trevor is the bomb and they would take him over any of their previous closers) and Tony Gwynn, I shut my trap. Of course we have more to talk about than that, but not in LA territory. I needed to get the hell outta there. From a motel 6 on an iphone…….Out of touch with reality…..

  8. #19@PF4L:

    I’m the Spelling & Grammar Police!!!

  9. #53@JP: I prefer Beak to Banks, and I’m not sure if that’s saying a whole lot.

  10. #59@Masticore317: That’s not saying a lot, but I’d agree with it.

  11. #58@Lance Richardson: When you chastised him for his grammar misque I thought to myself “I am now know that Lance has been aware (not to mention disgusted) with everyone of my mistakes”. :) Not to mention my misguided opinions…

  12. hey, they could trot tomko out there every fifth game…..

    no im making a horrible joke, that would be just mean.

  13. Jody Gerut keeps hitting. I dont know why they have quad-A myrow on the roster. P-Mac can do the same thing and play more positions.

  14. Gerut delivers again.

    Myrow needs to justify his roster spot right now !

  15. #63@SDSUBaseball: I agree with you on this one. The Myrow roster spot perplexes me.

  16. Another hit for the Gerut guy, maybe he should get some more at bats.

  17. #64@JP: Are you at all becoming a believer in Gerut? It seemed like not too long ago you were wondering why he was a starter.

  18. #66@Field39: I understand Gerut is a lefty, but he hasnt really struggled against lefties and if you want to get Hairston in the line-up, why not give Headley a day off here and there.

  19. #68@SDSUBaseball: I have seen enough of Scotty. I want to see Jody starting the rest of the way in center.

  20. #66@Field39: #67@SDSUBaseball: #69@Field39:
    I’ve been a Gerut fan since day one. Hairston is on again, off again. I don’t know what to make of him.

  21. #67@SDSUBaseball: How could I not be a believer at this point? It’s easy to jump on the Gerut bandwagon now. The guy has performed.

  22. We got a ballgame now ! Headley having much better at bats as the season rolls on…..

    As far as my negative Gerut outlook….coming into this season, the guy hadn’t really played in 3+ seasons and is 30 years old so it was hard to be a believer as far as projecting him as a part of the Padres future but the guy would not be denied and is VORP is in the upper 1/3 of all mlb’ers as far as centerfielders……

    Oh no….is the game over ? Who rolled into another GIDP ?

  23. Rodriguez took a ball for a good ride but ended at least 15ft from the wall. Still good fight, what can I say?

    I think its time they move Banks to the bullpen where he might be better suited. his early great start was a glitch, not a consistent occurrence. He might be an outstanding long relief/middle reliever who can work 2+ innings. Bring up Geer and LeBlanc

  24. Observations from the seats behind the San Diego bullpen (without reading the comments):

    Tonight’s game reminded me of a little league game – 10 walks in 8 innings – with the Padres striking out that many times. Not quite sure how many the D’Backs staff walked, but it had to be at least six.

    Giles has a really weak arm – Young scoring on that sac fly in the first seemed rather sad. Yes his OBP is great and he does a great job catching fly balls and playing the walls, but I always thought your right fielder was supposed to have the best arm in the outfield.

    There was a group of fans chanting “Let’s go Beavers” in the ninth – classic!!

    Hopefully tomorrow’s game is more “professional” from section 205.

  25. Valiant effort at the end, but there are too many guys on the roster that can’t hit (2 C’s, 2 SS’s) to carry 12 pitcher and still have good hitters up in key at bats in the ninth.

    On Myrow, it’s way too few at bats to judge whether or not he can hit in the majors. It’s unfortunate that he’s probably never going to get a fair opportunity to prove himself in the majors, and especially not on this team with Adrian entrenched, but you might as well let him stay in the majors for the rest of the year. At least Myrow’s hit at some level, unlike Kazmar, Rodriguez, Hundley, and Carlin.

  26. #74@Sean Callahan: It’s amazing how shallow that ball was hit and still Giles threw a parachute. #75@Ben B.: Your probably right about Myrow – the Padres are trying to groom him into a pinch hitting role without being able to give him enough at bats to really feel comfortable. Tough situation for Myrow.

  27. #75@Ben B.: On the flip side, when you are a career minor leaguer and you get one last chance – you almost have to make an immediate splash (ig- Jody Gerut or even Edgar Gonzalez). It may not be fair but it is a reality.

  28. #77@JP: correction : of course, Gerut is not a career minor league player and had 20-25 at bats before he got rolling in 2008. Myrow only has 18 or so at bats so yes, it is way early to call him done yet.

  29. #78@JP: I dont think its way too early when you have P-Mac hitting well in portland and he already proved he can hit MLB pitching OK and play better defense at more positions than Myrow.

  30. #79@SDSUBaseball: I get the defensive arguement, but P-Mac has a major league line of:


    Sure, it is only 220ab’s, but how has he “already proved he can hit MLB pitching OK”?

  31. #80@Coronado Mike: I meant to include that while P-Mac plays more positions, he can not really be considered a defensive player.

  32. pmac is f-ing horrible. easily my least favorite player in the padres org.

    next would be like ledezma and rodriguez