IGD: Padres @ Giants (22 Aug 08)

Padres @ Giants
7:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 745
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 186

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  1. Uggh
    Gerut, looking real bad right there, and then a double to crappy Molina.

    This Padres team is going to lose 104 games. That’s my prediction. I hate being a Padres fan. …(just kidding, mostly)

  2. This is just awful. I know I will never abandon the Padres, but they just can’t play this season. I am demoralized. And I’m not a football fan, so there’s no recourse….
    (Heavy Sigh)

  3. #45@LynchMob: That is 23 strike outs in his last two outings. What the he.

  4. Does Matt Vasgersian still work for Cox?

  5. #54@Stephen: Yeah. But he also works for Fox Sports and the day game tomorrow is on Fox. He’s probably off so he can cover that.

  6. Well, sarcasm. Used correctly, I think.

    I can’t remember the last time I heard the guy. Then again, I ain’t watching much.

  7. #56@Stephen: He is covering Roshambo and Celebrity tiddley winks, for the alternate Olympics.

  8. #35@LynchMob: I f it’s being pompous that you’re concerned with, just leave it to me; I’ll be pompous enough for the both of us.

    Go ahead and name names, too- I haven’t told anyone how stupid they are in at least a couple of hours, and I’m guessing that the folks on your list of names need some telling.

  9. #44@LynchMob: Fishing for things that arent there

  10. #47@Schlom:

    “quicker thEn expected”????


    Dammit, that doesn’t even make any sense, unless you meant “thAn”. Please tell me that’s what you meant to type.

    Our educational system is failing on all fronts.

  11. THERE’S your pompous, Lynch!

  12. #24@David Coonce: No, not exactly. Yes, youth was well served, but Adrian is only 26. Texiera made the list and he’s two years older, playing the same position. Granderson, Hamilton, Uggla, Beltran, Berkman, Rollins and Holliday are all older than Adrian. Now most of those guys have positional premiums, but Uggla and Holliday are highly questionable, imo, in terms of being ahead of Adrian.

    Looking at straight position comps, Berkman is great, but he’s 6 years older than Adrian, and Texiera is very good, too, but he is two years older and does not particularly stand out as being superior to Adrian from ages 24 to 26. Furthermore, I’d take Adrian over either of them defensively.

  13. #28@Richard Wade: Did you read the article and the criteria for selection?

  14. #29@Alan: Try reading the article. It was top 50, not 25, and there were detailed criteria laid out for selection.

  15. I did read the article. I got the criteria exactly right, so you can quit with your smart-ass remark on that.

    As for the 26-50, thanks for being so nice when you pointed that out. Simply saw Part II and not Part I.

    Still, I would trade Adrian for about 22 of the 25 part II guys straight up as well.

    On a more personal note, does it really hurt to be civil? Or are you just a jerk all the time?

  16. #65@Alan:

    I would trade Adrian for about 22 of those guys, as well, but I have a feeling that’s not what you meant to write.

    Don’t let Pat’s remarks bother you, Alan. Sooner or later, it’ll be ME laying into you. If Pat pisses you off, I’ll make you weep openly.

  17. #63@Pat: Don’t bait my boy Richard, lest he carve your arse up…

  18. Lance,

    Not sure what you mean, but what I meant was, at best, I put Adrian at about 47 on the list. Rereading, I might change that a bit — maybe 45? But if say, the Orioles offered us Nick Markakis for Adrian, and both were at their current age but controlled for six years, etc., the Padres would be crazy to turn that down.

    I can hold my own in an argument, and I wasn’t upset. Just don’t understand why some people feel that they can act certain ways on the internet they’d never do to someone’s face. That’s all.

  19. #68@Alan: As it turns out, I completely misinterpreted your post, having not read your earlier comment. You’re right on all accounts regarding Adrian, and I might even acknowledge that you have a clue regarding baseball in general.

    I am, additionally, certain that you could indeed hold your own in an argument- if only you could stop clutching your own pu-ssy. For fucksakes, drop the supposition that any of us would hesitate to verbally cut you up in person. I, for one, would relish the opportunity. In the end, you’d dust yourself off and I’d buy the drinks for the remainder of the evening. And then I’d carve your arse up again.

    We’re all baseball and Padre fans here. As Padre fans (35+ years of rooting for me) we ought to have particularly thick skins. Welcome aboard, and don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve…

  20. #69@Lance Richardson: How tall are you?

  21. #57@Field39: Actually Matt V. is covering the real Olympics for NBC.