IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (20 Aug 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
6:40 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 740
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. #38@David Coonce: Are we counting Molitor as a third baseman or just a “utility” guy.

  2. #47@JP: Or how about on May 25 when he was at .216,ops .625. Youre not the only one surprised, otherwise he’d be signed for another year and we wouldnt have seen Edmoouunds

  3. Blanks homered again to end the game in the 12th. His final line was 5-7 with 2 HR and a double.

  4. This season sucks…

    - walking the opposing pitcher
    - blowing a four-run lead with your ace on the mound
    - losing for the second time in a row, despite the other team having more runs than hits and having four or more hits then the opposition?
    - walking eight or more batters for the second night in a row

    Despite the four runs in the fourth, Haren has amazing control. After facing the first 11 batters, he’d thrown 28 strikes and 2 balls. If only the “pitchability” Padres could find the plate.

    Haren was going to third the entire time on Drew’s hit in the second – Giles’ arm has nothing in it.

  5. I just clicked on the internet radio for the Portland Beaver game … and Jack-Anulty hits a 3-run, opposite field HR in the bottom of the 11th … Beavers win 8-5 …


    … yes, the Jack-Anulty strikes again!!!

  6. #19@David Coonce: Re HOF?:BR stats show offensive production by position. 3B is about even with RF as the 3rd most productive position in the NL this year by OPS, SLG. Last year it was clearly the 3rd most productive. KK is about average for 3B this year.,batting .333 with power when putting the ball in play on pitch one or two. Unfortunately that’s less than 30% whereas he works his way to 2 strikes 50% of the time at which point he hits .203.

  7. Gerut sure does lead the team in wOBA after tonight.

  8. LM: I’m watching daily too. Puzzeling that we hear so much here about M.Ven when he’s hitting 80 pts BA lower and has a ops of .839 with 14 hr in 408ab when PMAC’s ops is 1.213(before tonight) and 11 hr in 130ab. Oh,’s its that dating syndrome.

  9. #47@JP: He has been much better than Victorino this year. By park-adjusted wOBA it’s like .390 to .350.

  10. Kouzmanoff: .280/.317/.459

  11. Adams: 2.03 ERA, 52Ks and 14 walks in 44.1 innings

  12. On the question of third base as “always” this or that, let me quote from Bill James’ Historical Baseball abstract:

    “Until the early part of the thirties, third base was not considered the domain of sluggers and high-average men. Defense was the only quality requested of a third baseman. This is reflected in the presence of so few third basemen in the Hall of Fame; the old joke was that third basemen should pay their way into the park because nobody knew who they were. [Harlond] Clift was one of the men who helped change that image.”

    Even as late as the 1960s there were third basemen like Clete Boyer or Aurelio Rodriguez (and in the ’70s the Padres tried to turn Billy Almon into a third baseman!), but I don’t think that a player like that would get anywhere these days. (I could be wrong, of course; I’m not as up on the current situation as I once was.)

  13. Yep — in the early thirties, 2B and 3B basically changed positions on the defensive spectrum.

  14. #65@Alan: I wonder if defense was more demanding during the deadball era for 3B due to more bunting. There may have been fewer DP opportunities as well, I suppose, if runners were constantly trying to advnace themselves with the steal or via hit & run due to the low offense. Could be a good SABR study if no one has looked at it before.

  15. #57@malcolm: “Unfortunately that’s less than 30% whereas he works his way to 2 strikes 50% of the time at which point he hits .203.”

    I think this is true of basically everyone though. The further behind in the count you are, generally speaking, the worse you hit.

  16. #61@Richard Wade: True, Victorino’s OPS + is only 103 while Gerut’s is a whopping 133. However, according to BP’s VORP rating they are basically equal, with Victorino at 24.8 compared to Gerut’s 23.7.

    It would be somewhat surprising, considering his past history of knee problems and his age/lack of consistent performance track record, to see a club offer big bucks and a 3 year guarantee to Gerut ~ I am still fairly sure that the Padres can sign him to a 2 year deal at a decent price.

  17. #36@David Coonce:

    You should probably leave the insults and derision to someone better at it, like me. Quoting Ben completely out of context just makes you appear to be a fool.

  18. #68@JP: VORP is sort of a hybrid counting stat / rate stat, similar to Win Shares in that regard. A mediocre player can pile up VORP by playing 162 games, while a great player could hit the same mark in 60% fewer games.

  19. #70@Tom Waits: Appreciate your take on VORP. In your judgement, what is the best measurement regarding player performance ? What are your preference(s) as far as measurement ? Can we consider Gerut’s performance as being much better than Victorino’s simply based on OPS+ or do we look at OPS+ & VORP, giving equal weight to both ? Are there any others ?