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OBG08: Jake Peavy

Before we get to the projections, a quick note on the Khalil Greene deal that happened over the weekend. I’ve already discussed Greene’s situation at length, so I’ll just say now that I’m glad both sides worked together to get something done. The contract isn’t as long as I (or the Padres) would have liked, [...]

OBG08: Chase Headley

Before we get started, I’ve got a new article up at Hardball Times that takes a look back at what Bill James once predicted for the future of Barry Bonds. As they say, it’s interesting if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Moving on, let’s talk about Chase Headley. Far be it from someone [...]

OBG08: Khalil Greene

I wonder if anyone has an opinion about Khalil Greene? As has been discussed at great length (most recently by MB at Friar Forecast), Petco Park kills Greene’s offensive game above and beyond what we might expect. The good news, at least from a forecaster’s perspective, is that Greene pretty much does the same thing [...]

OBG08: Tadahito Iguchi

Next up in our community projections is newcomer Tadahito Iguchi. The veteran second baseman possesses a broad base of offensive skills, but his power has declined each year since he arrived in North America. Iguchi is 33 and will play half his games in a park that suppresses offense, which suggests that a reversal of [...]

OBG08: Adrian Gonzalez

The season’s almost here, so I guess it’s time to start posting on weekends again. In case you missed it, we’re doing community projections for the 2008 Padres. Today’s entrant is first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez lost 22 points off his batting average from 2006 to 2007 but saw his raw on-base skills and power [...]

Our Best Guesses for 2008: Josh Bard and Michael Barrett

Here’s the deal: You and I are going to project performance for the 2008 Padres. Just submit your projected stat line, offer supporting comments, and enjoy the ensuing wackiness. We’ll lead off with the catchers, Josh Bard and Michael Barrett. Josh Bard Bard didn’t duplicate his freakishly good 2006 season but still performed well for [...]

The Khalil Conundrum

Late last week talks broke down between the Padres and shortstop Khalil Greene. The Padres control Greene through 2009 but are interested in pursuing a long-term deal with him. According to the U-T, the club offered a 3- or 4-year deal (no money disclosed) without success, and the two sides now have exchanged salary arbitration [...]

Friday Links (18 Jan 08)

Listening to Jeff Buckley, Live at Olympia (thanks, Didi!). That and a pot of coffee should keep me going for a while. To the links (sit down, we’ve got a few)… This is old, but it bears mentioning. Mike Cameron has signed with the Brewers (hat tip to Marsh in the comments). As I mentioned [...]

Bad Pitching Performances, Book and Spring Training Updates

Three things on the agenda today. Four if you count “an almost fanatical devotion to the pope,” but I digress… Bad Pitching Performances I’ve got a new article up at Hardball Times: “Ten pitching seasons to forget.” Three of these guys once pitched for the Padres. One was Mark Davis, which gave me an excuse [...]

Spring Training Meetup?

For those interested, my latest article at Hardball Times focuses on some strange games in recent history. The Padres aren’t well represented, although Andy Hawkins’ no-hit loss as a member of the Yankees shows up here (and I suppose if you really want to push it, Josh Barfield’s dad played in that game). Jason Bay? [...]