Spring Training Meetup?

For those interested, my latest article at Hardball Times focuses on some strange games in recent history. The Padres aren’t well represented, although Andy Hawkins’ no-hit loss as a member of the Yankees shows up here (and I suppose if you really want to push it, Josh Barfield’s dad played in that game).

Jason Bay? Mewelde Moore?

From 2003: Jason Bay turned out to be a little better than I thought, Pedro de los Santos is now Freddy Guzman, and Mewelde Moore plays in the NFL. Kevin Beavers? Omar Falcon? This place was a zoo.

[Insert rim shot here.]

Uh, You Mentioned Spring Training?

Right. To the topic at hand: Last spring a bunch of us got together in Peoria and had a blast. We should do that again.

Let me rephrase: We need to do that again. Who’s game? Let’s hear some ideas…

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  1. It was great seeing you guys (G.Y. Didi, Lynch and Malcom) last year! Ill be in Ireland this March so I can’t make it this year.

  2. Depending on the specifics (read: WEEKEND GAMES!), I might be able to convince the wife that this is a really really good idea. She’s always wanted to go, so I don’t think it’s completely insane to think that we might be able to make something work.

    Off-hand, it looks like February 29th – March 2nd would work, as all of those games are at Peoria. The only downside is that is REALLY early in the off-season and the starters might not be playing much. I don’t know how far it is from Peoria to Surprise, so the 7th through the 9th might also be a good idea.

  3. Re:2 all of the stadiums (except Tucson and Yuma) are no longer than a 45 min drive away from eachother. Its like having one game in La Mesa and the other in Mission Valley.

  4. 3: Ahh, thanks for the clarification. I had no idea.

    GY, if we can coordinate some group gathering, would you push for any kind of coordinated accomodations? Or would it be kind of like an everyone for themselves kind of thing?

  5. Re: 4 yeah its really nice because you get to see a bunch of different cool little stadiums.

  6. Re: you may want to book your hotel soon if you want to stay in Peoria the 4 hotels there fill up fast.

  7. RE 2 & 3: Even better, Surprise and Peoria are right next door to one another. I’m talking Clairemont and Kearny Mesa close so those two are no problem at all.

    I’d really like to get together over there with a big group of DS folk. Count me in.

  8. 7: GY, can we start a “Spring Training” thread kind of like we did for Cooperstown where we can kick around dates and ideas? Have you heard from anyone else about this? Do you have any preferences about which dates?

  9. Rather than bitterly dwell on the near-impossibility of attending spring training, let me return to the matter of our roster.

    We need a competent backup CF, preferably a RH hitter.

    Rotoworld reports that Jay Payton is on the block. He’s got a career 800 OPS against LHP. He played terrific CF defense in Petco. That was four years ago, admittedly. His RZR in CF since then, when he’s played center (not often) is solid.

    The Orioles also designated Jeff Fiorentino for assignment, a LH 24 year old with an 838 minor league OPS in some unfriendly home parks who plays pretty good defense.

    I’d look into trading for both of them. Wouldn’t trade much, since there’s a chance Payton is simply cut and Fiorentino becomes a free agent, but moving Ramos for those two wouldn’t bother me at all.

  10. 9: Has Lofton signed with anyone? Would he present a better option than Payton?

    I think that they’re hoping DeVannon can be our backup CF, but who knows.

  11. 8 … seems to me that *this* is the Spring Training thread :-)

    My current “plan” is to go to Padre games on and around March 9th so that I can also run a 5K leg in a Half Marathon relay (http://www.valleyofthesunmarathon.com/) … I’m still lookin’ for at least 1 more person to join me (and that someone needs to have (s)low expectations in terms of time, ie. about 28-29 minute 5K pace) … let me know if you’re interested to join “Team LynchMob”!

  12. 10: Lofton’s weaker against LHP like Edmonds. He’d be more stretched in CF than Payton, I expect.

    I always worry about managers turning guys like Lofton, who would be a very good bench player, into a starter.

    There may not be much difference between DaVanon and Payton. Jay’s had almost 8 times as many major league at-bats against lefties, but Jeff may be fully capable of a 780 OPS against them.

  13. #1: Ah, bummer; next year.

    #4: Prolly everyone for themselves. Asking me to coordinate something is like asking Eddie Oropesa to throw quality strikes.

    #8: Consider it started. 8)

    #9, 12: I’d have no problem seeing Payton back here for the right price.

  14. 12: It will be interesting to see what the team decides to do. We don’t have ANYTHING in our system that could provide a credible CF backup, right?

    For ST, I personally vote for Feb 29th – March 2. However, I have no idea how much of a difference it makes to go to ST earlier rather than later. How far into ST did you guys go last year?

  15. One whole week and no ‘new’ Padres news from the San Diego Union. They wouldn’t stand for this in Chicago or New York !:)
    I hope Bill Centers is enjoying his vacation.

  16. Hey guys. I might be very down for a spring training meet-up. Any possible dates in mind? Keep us posted so that way I can start prepping the sales pitch for my wife. I have not been to spring training since I was probably 4 or 5 so basically I have no idea what the whole experience is like but it sounds awesome.

  17. Would there be any value in picking up a guy like Luis Gonzalez? Would he fit any needed role on this team? I haven’t seen anything indicating our interest, I’m just curious.

  18. Holy smokes, I’m doing some research on Jake right now and I just realized something: He and Carlos Silva will be paid the same amount over the next four years, and that’s only because Peavy’s option for 2009 got a $3M boost thanks to his CYA.

    Uh, yeah, I think that was a good contract extension.

  19. Back to ST, so far I’m hearing 2/29 – 3/2 and 3/7 – 3/9. Any other dates we might want to consider? I’ll give folks a little more time to speak up and then put up a poll tonight or tomorrow.

  20. Hmm interesting deal, I think the A’s will come out better in the long run. Suprised the whitesox made that deal.

  21. If that trade goes through, the Pale Hose got robbed. Still, it’s surpising that Nick Swisher got traded. I’d thought he was one of the last to go.

    ST sounds good, however, I’m not sure I’ll make it yet, Geoff.
    Early ST is usually very light. More players and fewer regulars unlike towards the beginning of the season where more regulars play until the 6th inning.

    A great read and more reason to skip the 5th starter when there are days to skip them throughout the season.


  22. Jon Heyman is an ass. His “50 winners/25 losers” from 2007 is a total crock. How awesome is it that Ryan Bruan, Troy Tulowitski, Dustin Pedroia, Tom Glavine, Dan O’Dowd, Pedro, Ankiel, Torre, Ichiro, Percival, Webb, Ed Wade, Thome, and Castillo all make the winers list and Jake “I UNANIMOUSLY WON THE NL CY YOUNG AND TRIPLE CROWN” Peavy goes unmentioned. Truly disgraceful. What a friggin hack.


  23. 24: Even better than no mention of Jake or Towers is that Hoffy, Cameron, and Prior are all losers. Ridiculous. We need someone to go all FJM on this piece.

  24. re 24, yeah that is a horrible list

  25. 20: I’d go for the 8th & 9th as it’s a little further into ST and there are also games in Peoria scheduled for the 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th if people want to come earlier or stay later for a longer ST experience.

    23: Didi, with Beane in charge no one is safe and no one is sacred, which is the way it should be.

    25: Phantom, you can email FJM and they may very well go after him. I know they drilled him on his absolutely horrendous HOF ballot article not long ago so they are definitely aware of what a hack he is.

  26. Back to the topic of the day … here’s a “preliminary” spring training schedule …


    re: Peoria vs Suprise … the good news is that they are close … only about 10 miles … but the bad news is that there’s only surface streets with lots o’ lights between ‘em …

  27. I already planned on going out there the 21-23 ( I am a Cubs fan as well)

  28. Speaking of the Cubs watch Tony Gwynn hit a smash to beat the
    Cubs in Game 5 of the ’84 playoffs at


    I just watched it 10 consecutive times.

  29. I’m definitely gonna make it out there for 1-2 games. I’ve never been to spring training. Thanks for that schedule Lynch Mob. I’ll see when the Ducksnorts guys are meeting up and see if I can make it.

  30. 30 … I could watch that video a hundred times and not get tired of it :-) THANKS for the link! I was there … sitin’ out in the OF bleachers … the noise is still ringing in my ears! I also taped the game and so have re-watched this several times and love when the announcer’s voice (is that Reggie?) cracks when he says “smash” … and Alan Wiggins’ slide and pop-up fist pump is an indelible image in my mind. 1984 was a very good year!