Our Best Guesses for 2008: Josh Bard and Michael Barrett

Here’s the deal: You and I are going to project performance for the 2008 Padres. Just submit your projected stat line, offer supporting comments, and enjoy the ensuing wackiness.

We’ll lead off with the catchers, Josh Bard and Michael Barrett.

Josh Bard

Josh BardBard didn’t duplicate his freakishly good 2006 season but still performed well for the Padres and is in his prime. Last year’s production seems reasonable, so I’ll go with 400 PA, .280/.352/.409. I’ll put the over/under on his throwing out baserunners at 10%.

Michael Barrett

Michael BarrettBarrett was terrible in his brief stint with the Padres. Still, he has a good recent track record and, like Bard, he’s in his prime. Assuming Barrett isn’t traded before the season starts, I expect him to put last year’s disaster behind him and post numbers closer to his career averages. Let’s say 300 PA, .261/.315/.427.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Give me PA, BA/OBP/SLG for both of these guys, and tell me why you believe what you do.

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  1. Great idea GY!


    422 PA .289/.372/.400 and will throw out 4 runners (7%) in 08.

    Bard is an OBP machine and I think he will continue to hit well (.435) with runners in scoring position. If he stays healthy I think he will have a great 08.

    294 PA .275/.355/.440

    I dont think Barrett will start the season in a Padres uni but if he does I think he will bounce back without the same distractions that he had last year.