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Monkeys on Roller Skates

Thanks to reader Lance for hooking us up with seats two rows behind the visitors dugout on Wednesday night. First time I’ve been anywhere near that close at Petco Park, and it’s a whole different experience. For a guy like me who lives in nosebleed, just, wow. Also, belated welcome to all the folks at [...]

Life’s Sweetest Reward

The season is extremely young, and we shouldn’t place too much faith into three weeks of stats, but have you noticed that the Padres are beating their Pythagorean? Yeah, they’ve scored 49 runs and allowed 57, which is more indicative of a 6-9 record than the Pads’ actual 8-7 mark. Again, it’s early and we [...]

Series Preview: Rox Girl Talks Rockies

The Padres and Rockies hook up for the first time since that fateful Game 163 in Denver last October. I recently had a chance to chat with Rox Girl of the excellent Rockies blog Purple Row about her expectations for the 2008 season, the challenges of marketing a team that plays half its games west [...]

IGD: Padres @ Dodgers (13 Apr 08)

Padres (6-6) @ Dodgers (5-6) Greg Maddux vs Chad Billingsley 1:10 p.m. PT Channel 4SD AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185 MLB, B-R Gee, Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?

IGD: Padres @ Dodgers (12 Apr 08)

Padres (6-5) vs Dodgers (4-6) Chris Young vs Derek Lowe 7:10 p.m. PT Channel 4SD AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185 MLB, B-R Should we abandon our hope that Young will ever learn to work more efficiently and just accept him for what he is — a flawed, but damn good pitcher?

I, Me, Mine

No game on Thursday. Hey, the Padres can’t lose. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a few other things: John at MadFriars asked me a few questions about the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual. I’ll also be pimping the Annual on Bases Loaded with Elliott Price. Elliott is the former long-time play-by-play voice of the Montreal Expos. [...]

Singles Night

Aggravating. Annoying. Bilious. Discouraging. Disheartening. Dispiriting. Exasperating. Frustrating. Infuriating. Irritating. But enough about me, let’s talk about the game. [rim shot] I finally saw the team that everyone else seems to think the Padres are, the one that should be grateful to the Giants for granting them a spot in fourth place. The Padres have [...]

Series Preview: El Lefty Malo Talks Giants

The Padres embark on their inaugural road trip of 2008. First stop is San Francisco, where long-time Padres skipper Bruce Bochy calls the shots but long-time Padres nemesis Barry Bonds no longer calls home. We caught up with veteran Giants blogger El Lefty Malo to chat about the upcoming series between these two NL West [...]

Storm Retire Peavy’s Number

After watching the Padres defeat Houston at Petco on Thursday afternoon (thanks to reader Lance for hooking us up with tickets), Mrs. Ducksnorts and I drove to Lake Elsinore to see the Storm’s opener for 2008. Before the game, the Storm retired Jake Peavy’s number 22. Peavy was presented with a key to the city; [...]

Cold and Windy, with a 100% Chance of Victory

I’ve been advised that dwindling attendance at Petco Park shouldn’t worry me. This, of course, only worries me more. It’s early, and this may all be in my head, but I don’t think so. The ballpark was dead (heck, the entire Gaslamp was dead) on Tuesday night. It’s possible that 20,825 bought tickets, but there’s [...]