IGD: Padres vs Rockies (17 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (8-7) vs Rockies (6-8)
Jake Peavy vs Jeff Francis
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

The evolution of teams running wild against the Padres:

Year Inn SBA/9 CS%
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
2004 1441 0.59 .266
2005 1455 0.74 .210
2006 1463 1.08 .148
2007 1484 1.27 .096
2008 135 1.20 .167

Of course, if you don’t put guys on base, they can’t run on you. Go get ‘em, Jake!

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  1. #579@aaron: My DirecTV is still going. If it cuts this game off, I will throw the box.

  2. We are e-witnessing / v-witnessing the ultimate Petco game!

  3. #595@Kevin: That’s perfectly reasonable.

  4. not the guy we need to give a free base too

  5. 586: I think Jerry left quite a while ago. Unless they have a cot in the studio at the park.

  6. #593@OkinawaPadres: Yes! I was just thinking that. Colt Morton went to N.C. State.

  7. So I guess they can start an inning after 1am???

  8. we are going to get our butts kicked tomorrow in Arizona…if our guys even wake up for the game!

  9. is it wise for maddux to be awake right now?

  10. What inning do you guys think they should start serving beer again?

  11. Crap. Not now, Bardo…

  12. #602@LynchMob: In the NL, you can.

    Bad decision by Bard there.

  13. two errors in one inning. We want to end it.

  14. 605. 10 innings ago.

  15. Two errors. That’ll do it.

  16. 604: What? Shouldn’t he be in bed or in Phoenix already?

  17. No shocker that the only way a team was going to score was on an error.

  18. OH MAN!!!!

    I should have gone to sleep when Jake left the game I knew it!

  19. DAmmit, I think we all knew it would die with Rusch out there.

  20. that sux

  21. So much for Obsession.

  22. Remember, good things happened to the Padre bats the last time that the Rox scored a run … keep those RALLY CAPS handy, folks!

  23. can we do it again??

  24. Anyone else a little upset that we’re about to lose a game we should have won hours ago were it not for the umpire stealing it from us?

  25. i think we should start this fun game called “rusch”-in roulette. its where you let him pitch an inning every six days and hope he doesnt blow the game.

  26. maybe Greene can make up for the error at the plate?

  27. #607@Richard: That’s why they call it the senior circuit, boys and girls.

  28. Come on, Padres. It’s freaking Kip Wells.

  29. I wonder what Glenn Hoffman is thinking right now

  30. #617@LynchMob:

    So late in the night yet you Lynch are still so positive. Thanks for keeping it real for us :)

  31. #614@Bryan S: Run was unearned, right? Don’t blame el-rush-bo …

    (note: sorry to go all conservative on you like that)

  32. Our only chance is if Greene jacks one out…

  33. The Fonz in on Craig Ferguson. He’s looking good.

  34. #625@Eric: If he is thinking what he was thinking earlier — then he’s a blank slate.

  35. #594@Richard: Holliday’s? Not really. I don’t think a 782 OPS is anything special for a LF. Only Jason Bay and Juan Pierre were worse last season, Roberts and Pierre in 2006.

  36. its also funny to think that the names of the possible winning and losing pitchers are kip and glendon. sounds like a british kids show

  37. maybe Bard can make up for it at the plate?

  38. I’ve switched over to radio and I have the rally cap back on…

  39. 629: Conan is much better.

  40. come on pmac!

  41. Someone should really spike a batch of brownies with horse laxatives and see if the home plate ump has a sweet tooth after the game. He deserves a wild ride like the one he has given us.

  42. re Matt: I don’t think there should be a curfew at all.

  43. homerun mcanulty

  44. 635: Much? That’s arguable. Craig Ferguson is getting funnier all the time.
    I like Conan too.