IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (5 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (3-2) vs Dodgers (3-1)
Jake Peavy vs Brad Penny
12:55 p.m. PT
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far from Randy Wolf and Justin Germano. Small sample? Yep. Petco Park? Yep. Hey, I said “pleased,” not “deliriously happy.”

Peavy makes his first start since having his number retired at Lake Elsinore. Jim Edmonds, who went 2-for-6 in a rehab stint with the Storm, is expected to make his Padres debut.

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  1. Damn he hit that hard.

  2. Karros is not keeping up with Matt… nice for Matty to be able to do this game, but I do wonder how hard it is not to lapse into your normal partisan mode. Probably helps that you are not in the same booth…

  3. I’m loving Peavy’s pitch count – 37 (only 9 balls) through 3 IP

  4. Hahaha. Excellent work by Karros and Matty making fun of Brantley.

  5. #52: I was just thinking the same thing.

  6. So much for those 8 gold gloves…

  7. first outfield gaffe of the season

  8. great play by Shakespeare regardless of the umps decision coming up

  9. This whole thing is like kissing your sister.

  10. I don’t agree with this… the rule is that the runner CAN advance. Not that the runner MUST advance.

    Buddy should put this game under protest IMMEDIATELY.

  11. You do trade the out for the run there, so the ultimate result is ok.

  12. Can someone describe the pop up to Bard. This game is not on up here in Washington.

  13. who thinks Cameron would have gotten to both of those? (or Andruw Jones)

  14. I’m wrong… I don’t know if this is a recent change or if my memory was just off…

    Rule 7.04(c) Comment: If a fielder, after having made a legal catch, should fall into a stand or among spectators or into the dugout or any other out-of-play area while in possession of the ball after making a legal catch, or fall while in the dugout after making a legal catch, the ball is dead and each runner shall advance one base, without liability to be put out, from his last legally touched base at the time the fielder fell into, or in, such out-of-play area.

  15. 64: I don’t see why an E is charged to Bard on that though

  16. This home plate ump really sucks. For both teams he is miscalling pitches. I’m not saying he is biased. He just sucks.

  17. 62: Pop up toward the first base side in foul territory, Bard sprints over toward the entrance toward the Padre dugout, slides right before entering the dugout and sticks his glove out and makes a nice catch. While the play was happening, he hustled back to the plate so Furcal stayed at second. After the play, Torre came out and argued with the umps, who then ruled (apparently correctly according to Rich here) that Bard sliding into the dugout after the catch made the ball dead, allowing Furcal to score.

  18. #65: Exactly, how does he deserve an E?

  19. Surfin:

    MLB required the Padres (and other teams with stepped dugouts) to paint a line on the top step indicating the “end” of the field of play. Bard slid across the line while in the act of catching the ball.

    The call may still be protestable, if Bard can be determined to have still been partially in the field of play. Looks like the rule comment I is a recent addition to cover things like Jeter’s dive into the stands a couple years back. Baseball has been tweaking the book to try and discourage that kind of thing. But how can you call a man out of the field of play if his head and shoulders are still on the field?

  20. Regarding the error: you must have an offset for the base being awarded. It’s a very tough error, but the official score has no choice.

  21. I would think Black could have argued that Bard was in the dugout when making the catch, thus making it a foul ball rather than trading out for run, no? I’m guessing he tried to say Bard didn’t fall out of the field at all, which just isn’t true.

  22. Thanks Rich.

  23. correction to 67: Furcal was already on third. I still disagree with the call, for the reason stated, that a man with his head and shoulder remaining in the field of play can make a legal throw and thus is not “in the stands”.

    Thing is, that could be portrayed as a judgment call. So the umps have an excuse. So a protest would not be successful. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make it though.

  24. the most frustrating thing about that play was that Furcal shouldn’t have been on third to begin with. If Edmonds or Hairston take a better angle on the ball or back up the play correctly, Furcal likely only gets a double.

  25. 67, 73: Thanks Rich. Don’t know why I said second instead of third.

    74: Heck, if they take a better angle maybe Furcal only gets a single.

  26. Peavy’s really using his changeup well today. He’s gotten at least two K’s off of it.

  27. hmmmmm. I’m not sure, but if they take the error away from Bard, then I think that an RBI has to be awarded…

    And I am completely confused as to how they do that without making it an earned run…

  28. 77: I think it would have to be an earned run anyway, because Furcal would have scored on Loney’s double regardless.

  29. Bring him back for the 9th!

  30. He still has his arm wrapped… I think he is coming back out.

  31. Dodgers always seem to hit Hoffman well in the last few years, Black really needs to give Peavy the shot at the CG.

  32. He’s got his helmet on!

  33. He’s on deck!

  34. He’s on the mound!

  35. hm…If we had Mike Cameron today, would Jake have a perfect game going into the 9th?

  36. good call from buddy

  37. Jake is gonna have a complete game! This is why this kid is a Cy Young award winner.

  38. oh, forgot the HPB…I meant no-no

  39. 85. No, he hit a batter, plus I think the ball that was hit for a triple would have landed no matter who was out there.

  40. I bet if it were 100% up to BB, Hoffy would be out there right now. I think he’s bending to Jake’s wishes a bit

  41. Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Wooooo!!!!! What a game!


  44. That walk off the mound they just showed… doesn’t it just seem like their should be a two gun rig with a pair of Colt Peacemakers hanging off his hips?

  45. Rich, I just scared my neighbors with my catterwhalling. Jake is the real deal.

  46. That was a hell of a game by Jake.

  47. The day looked like a complete wash as I got stuck in another town for five hours after my friend’s car broke down. We ended up going to a sports bar while the repairs were being completed and, since I’m in Connecticut, I ended up watching the Yankees games with a bunch of Yankees fan. When I finally got home I spent an hour on the phone with AT&T trying to figure out why my internet won’t work.

    But hey, the Yankees lost AND Jake pitched a GEM. The day’s a success after all.

  48. Was Jake fired up after the 9th inning DP that pretty much assured the CG or what?— now that was impressive spontaneous expression of competitive drive. (directed towards his teammates –not the opponets)