IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (5 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (3-2) vs Dodgers (3-1)
Jake Peavy vs Brad Penny
12:55 p.m. PT
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far from Randy Wolf and Justin Germano. Small sample? Yep. Petco Park? Yep. Hey, I said “pleased,” not “deliriously happy.”

Peavy makes his first start since having his number retired at Lake Elsinore. Jim Edmonds, who went 2-for-6 in a rehab stint with the Storm, is expected to make his Padres debut.

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  1. Man at this point I think the Pads need to send down a reliever to make room for Edmonds. P-Mac is hitting to well to be released, I’ve heard contradicting things about Guret having an out in his contract if he is optioned to the minors and Hairston is not going anywhere. The Padres are kind of in a bind by only having a 5 man bench and only one true utility player.