IGD: Padres @ Rockies (9 Sep 07)

Game #142
time: 12:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-6, 2.63) vs Josh Fogg (8-9, 5.01)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

I liked this pitching matchup a lot better in July. Now would be a good time for Chris Young to remember that he’s a dominant big-league pitcher and not some guy who can’t find his command.

In other news, according to the U-T, “there is no timetable” for Milton Bradley‘s return. Has there ever been a more appropriate nickname for a ballplayer than Jenga is for Bradley? We admire the skill required to build the tower, but live in constant fear that it will collapse.

Go Padres!

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  1. AZ refuses to win and the cards just keep rolling over. Looking more and more like the Wildcard. Do you get a banner for being the Wildcard winner, or is it a mark of shame?

  2. Does Hairston start in Bradley’s place?

  3. #1: We’ve got 20 games left; too early to call it yet.

    #2: U-T says Hairston isn’t quite ready (although he’s been activated). For now it’ll be some combo of Clark, Mackowiak, and Sledge.

  4. Mark of shame to get a precious MLB playoff berth ? Hardly. To me, it makes no difference at all how the Padres get into the post season.

    It’s absolutely amazing how injury prone Bradley is – not to mention his propensity towards various emotional disturbances – I think that the Pads have to be careful about locking this guy to any sort of long term deal.

  5. Mr. Padre is a Braves broadcaster now?! Atlanta introduced Tony Gwynn at the start of today’s game.

  6. Anyone watching the Braves game today? Tony Gwynn is doing commentary for them. Weird…

  7. #6: Oops, didn’t read the previous post. My bad.

  8. It would be nice if T.Sledge (2 for his last 15) , with Bradley out yet again, actually have a good start or two down the stretch. Can the 30 year old Sledge finally show some of the potential the Pads have in him ? Prove me wrong Crudge !!!

  9. D’Angelo Jimenez is starting at shortstop for the Nats. That is just frightening.

  10. #9 I saw that. Talk about a cat with 9 lives.

  11. Good to see NOG back in the lineup.

    Nice walk!

  12. Oh no, Barrett’s starting.

  13. Just think how bad CY’s last two starts would have been if Barrett were starting instead of Bard.

  14. The bad CY showed up today it seems.

  15. 14: Yep, CY is not ready to be pitching.

  16. 15: I agree, but then again I don’t think the alternatives are any better. Bad CY > any version of Staffuer, Thompsen, Tomko, etc.

  17. 16: I disagree, I’d rather have Cassel out there if CY is just going to give up bombs.

  18. Barrett in the game, no no no no ooooo!

    Kidding about being the wc winner. Beleive Fla and AZ won the wildcard then won the WS.

    I would not sign Jenga again. As good as he is, he’s trouble in a lot of other ways.

  19. It’s really amazing how bad Barrett has been offensively since he’s been acquired. He used to be a really good hitter. Last year he had a 121 OPS+, this year he has a 39 OPS+ with us.

  20. 29: I really expected more out of Barrett too. I guess the Cubs knew what they were doing when they got rid of him.

  21. 21: comment 29 has not happened yet.

  22. Hey I made a smiley face. Now maybe I can manage a text message. My kids are laughing me now.

  23. Man, the offense has been pathetic this series.

  24. We’ve had a ton of guys thrown out on the bases recently. Not good.

  25. We are trying to get to the playoff, Glen, sending slow runners against decent arms isn’t helping.

  26. You can’t blame Glen, when a runner chooses not slide into home.

  27. Glen sent the guy, both guys.

  28. 29: Yeah but if Barrett slides, he’s safe. I’ll give you Ensberg. Barrett should have scored.

  29. 31: I will never understand why managers put up with that type of blase play. If he slides he is safe, making that out was a choice.

  30. Amazing how Bradley gets tossed just standing there but Holliday gets to bitch and whine and stay in the game.

  31. Nice throw from the Rocky catcher there. We are as slow as my grandmother.

  32. 5 & 6: Tony is gonna do postseason work for TBS i think. Thats probably what this was all about.

  33. There is still no stopping Gap Dirt.