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IGD: Padres @ Rockies (1 Oct 07)

Game #163 time: 4:37 p.m. PT tv: TBS sp: Jake Peavy (19-6, 2.36) vs Josh Fogg (10-9, 4.79) pre: Padres.com, B-R.com Analyze this one however you’d like; it’s one game, and anything can happen. That is my greatest fear and also my greatest hope. Go Padres!

IGD: Padres @ Rockies (9 Sep 07)

Game #142 time: 12:05 p.m. PT tv: 4SD sp: Chris Young (9-6, 2.63) vs Josh Fogg (8-9, 5.01) pre: Padres.com, B-R.com I liked this pitching matchup a lot better in July. Now would be a good time for Chris Young to remember that he’s a dominant big-league pitcher and not some guy who can’t find [...]

IGD: Padres @ Rockies (20 Apr 07)

first pitch: 6:05 p.m. PT television: Channel 4SD matchup: Chris Young (1-1, 4.30 ERA) vs Josh Fogg (0-0, 3.38 ERA) previews: Padres.com | SI.com What’s up with the Rockies? Oddly enough, pitching has carried them through the first couple weeks of the season. They’ve gotten surprisingly good performances out of the entire rotation except for, [...]

IGD: Padres vs Rockies (7 Apr 07)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m. PT television: Channel 4SD matchup: David Wells (3-5, 4.42 ERA) vs Josh Fogg (11-9, 5.49 ERA) previews: Padres.com | SI.com Analysis? Naw, it’s a Saturday. Let me just say that I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Josh Fogg due to his involvement in last season’s game of [...]