Friday Links (21 Sep 07)

I love a pennant race. We made it out to all four games against the Pirates this week — even got to sit in Toyota Terrace on Thursday. I try to do that once a year because they keep all the riff-raff out of that level. Hey, wait, I’m the riff-raff.

Anyway, the Padres are a half game back with 10 to go. They need to win half of those to finish with 90 wins for the fourth time in franchise history. But you know what? I’m a greedy SOB, and I want ‘em all. Finish the season on a 17-game winning streak. Actually, make that a 28-game streak.

While we’re all waiting for Hades to cool off just a tad, here is an extra large helping of links:

Happy Friday!

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  1. What are the Padres going to do with PMac and LaForrest?

    I sure don’t want the Padres to pick up Mack’s option for next year. Way too expensive for a so-so player. Let him go back to the Pale Hose.
    I like the idea of Hairston as a super-sub but not a starter in OF.

  2. 51: LaForest is a Phillie :-(

    No idea what they’ll do with P-Mac.

  3. Re: 51 LaForrest is a Philly and they may try and move P-mac in the off season if they cant then I think he will compete for a 4th OF spot.

  4. Does anyone know how many options Cameron has after this season? Do rule 5 guys still get 3?

  5. 52, 53: What? When did Pete move? I’ve been gone for a month and glad to be back in the middle of pennant chase.

    Maybe, PMac can play 1B for the Red Sox.

  6. 55: LaForest was DFA’d to make room for Cassel’s first start. I think he was only a day or two before being able to resign with the Padres when the Phillies snagged him.

  7. 55 … gone for a month, huh? I’ll bet you’re bum’d about the DS Fantasy standings :-)

  8. 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41 – thanks everyone!!!

    40 – LM, my issue is I’m not suscribed. I’ve been on the free portion over there and it’s pretty good, but I imagine the good stuff is behind the wall.

  9. 56: Thanks, Phantom.

    57: Nope. Pretty good for not doing anything in a month. How in the world did you gather all those points? Jobu must have been enjoying your offerings. 8)

  10. 60 … re: Jobu … I don’t see anything @ wikipedia about Jobu ( … therefore he/she/it doesn’t exist and I have no idea what you are talking about … it’s all in the flick of the draft, my friend!

  11. Re: 61 … It’s in those results, it’s just not obvious:

  12. 62 … ah, thanks … whew … it is fiction … unlike the standings on the DS Fantasy League …

  13. Great, we have to play the Giants for Bonds’ last home game.

    Enduring the Diamondbacks’ tribute crap last year was so painful.

    I hope the Giants (and their announcers) can manage to give tribute to Bonds while still realizing there’s a baseball game being played.

  14. 61: you really didnt know who Jobu was?

  15. 64: Pretty much every team does that for players like that. I didnt think what they did for Luis last year was all that bad.

  16. #62: That reminds me, if you ever get a chance to watch Major League: Back to the Minors, don’t.

  17. GY,there’s this poll of best blogs that MLB Trade Rumors plugged. Is it ok for someone to enter Ducksnorts? I’ll bet you’d quickly get up there with the Yankee blogs. We’d enjoy voting for two Youngs this year.C:\Documents and Settings\Ti\Desktop\best blogs Blogger’s Choice Awards.htm

  18. Re: 67 Not a Scott Bakula fan G.Y.? I mean other than a horrible storyline and a lot of bad acting what was wrong with it?

  19. 66: What crossed the line for me was when near the end of the game they would pull out Gonzalez and Counsil in the middle of the game and interrupt things for like ten minutes while they said goodbye.

    And maybe you got to watch the Padres feed and the announcers weren’t annoying. But I’m not looking forward to watching that whole game and hearing the announcers only talk about Bonds and barely call the game at all.

  20. #71: I went over for that last series in AZ, since I wanted to see the Padres clinch. That last game was a terrific game, plus, it was a terrific tribute to a genuinely nice guy. While Gonzalez and Counsell were DBacks, I hated them, but you do have to respect what they did for that club. Funny, though. They seem to be doing better without them.

  21. #68: Sure, go for it. Thanks! 8)

    #69: Bakula’s mullet was epic. I trust that he and Corbin Bernsen were well compensated for their “efforts”…

  22. 65 … really … and I don’t seem to be suffering any ill-effects …

  23. 32 … re:Cameron has stated publically on numerous occasions over the past 4-5 years that he’d love to play in Atlanta

    One cool side-effect of Cameron signing with the Braves is that I’ve heard that since the Braves will finish in top-half of the standings, it would cost them their 1st round draft pick … ie. then the Padres would have 2 1st round picks (albeit both in the 2nd half of the 1st round) … but wait … isn’t all the draft-picks-as-free-agent-compensation changing next year? I’m confused …

  24. 73: i just didnt think anyone who liked baseball hasnt seen Major League.

    Your right GY, Back to the minors is terrible.

  25. 75: The free agent draft compensation already changed. There are fewer Type As and Bs, no Cs, and teams that sign a B no longer lose a pick. They team that loses a B gets a supplemental 1st rounder.

  26. But so if Cameron is an A, and the Braves sign him, and finished in top half, then we’d still get their 1st round pick? Cool-e-o …

  27. For Lynchmob:


  28. 74: GY,That’s it. What do you think? If it’s ok, I’ll set DS up there and repost except as you can see, I don’t know how to get links here. I’ve tried every method I can think of w/o sucess. Help.

  29. #80: Sure, Malcolm, go crazy. Email me the URL when ready and I’ll post it. Thanks for thinking of me! 8)