Friday Links (21 Sep 07)

I love a pennant race. We made it out to all four games against the Pirates this week — even got to sit in Toyota Terrace on Thursday. I try to do that once a year because they keep all the riff-raff out of that level. Hey, wait, I’m the riff-raff.

Anyway, the Padres are a half game back with 10 to go. They need to win half of those to finish with 90 wins for the fourth time in franchise history. But you know what? I’m a greedy SOB, and I want ‘em all. Finish the season on a 17-game winning streak. Actually, make that a 28-game streak.

While we’re all waiting for Hades to cool off just a tad, here is an extra large helping of links:

Happy Friday!

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  1. This weekend series is huge. I’m not gonna be greedy and call for a sweep, but we definitely need to win this series. If we do, the Rox are likely dead.

    Also, even though the Dodgers are done, could somebody please fire that team up for their series in Phoenix? The last thing the D’backs need right now with the Pads hot on their heels is to get some confidence.

    And on a Mae-related note: I have more respect and love for that band now than ever before. My fiance and I delivered a wedding invite to them at their last show (we sort of know the keyboardist, Rob) and we actually got a reply card back in the mail. They’re not coming, but they took the time to write a really nice note. Gotta love that about unknown bands, that they truly love and appreciate their fans.

  2. Would it do any good at all to rant against ESPN for utterly ignoring west coast baseball last night? Guess not. 7-game win streak, super tight race with AZ and Phil (East Coast team guys), dramatic HRs and see still fall behind yanks and RS (big story that they didn’t play) Mets, Phils, Notre Dame football, Blue jay game, etc, etc. No love what so ever. Ok, who cares, just win baby.

  3. Re: 2 Really I saw them covering the Padres game and talking about Trevors 40th Save ect.. I was shocked!

  4. RE: The SF Chron link. Speed? Has he seen our team? Perhaps he is speaking in relative terms only. The rest of the team is fast when compared to Josh Bard.

  5. Phantom,

    I have a brochure for you: “So, you’ve become a stalker.”

  6. Here’s a link GY, it looks as though the Dodgers, Padres and Mariners are being approached about playing a game or two (read: spring training games) in China next year.

  7. Heard on Chronicle podcast: “Sabean and Bochy are kind of, uh, quantifiable veteran lovers.”

    I knew it!

    It’s funny hearing these guys – beat writer and sports ed – talk about the Padres built for the park with pitching and defense. OK, kinda true, but where’s the speed? As far as offense, we’ve heard Sandy basically say, “No, we aren’t going to tailor our offense to Petco’s perceived strengths.”

  8. Problem with finding players to hit specifically in Petco is that it isn’t as crazy hard to get stuff out down either line or to dead center……to either “power” alley though good luck….unless you’re Andruw Jones in which case you’re hitting stuff half way up Cortez Hill

  9. I think I did advocate going from the windup with runners on. It couldn’t get any worse, right? Although it was refreshing to see Tomko put some effort into holding the runner on. Just paying more attention to the runner, holding the ball longer or shorter and throwing over can make a difference.

    I’m fine with Kouz at 3rd. His defense is bad but not atrocious and it’s something that can be improved upon with practice. I think .270 is a lot closer to his true ability that .106 was. If you watch those early ABs you can see he was struggling with breaking balls. He didn’t see many major league breaking balls in AA so it’s understandable that he had to adjust. And he did adjust, he’s learned to recognize the breaking balls he can’t hit and lays off them. I’m very optimistic about Kouz because Adrian went through the same process last year and turned out alright.

    What were our pre-season expectations for Kouz? I think we all would have been very happy to see him hit .270 with 20 HRs and it looks like that’s where he’s going to end up. I love his power to right center, he knows he can hit it out there and doesn’t have to get pull happy.

  10. I don’t think Kouz has left much doubt that the Bill James predictions of a few .320/.390/.550 seasons may happen despite playing in Petco

  11. If Headley and KK are both in the lineup, you have to move Kouz. Neither is graceful or fast, but Headley has the better glove at 3b. From LF a throw that’s five feet off-line is still caught without problem by the cutoff man.

    It’s an open question whether either of them is athletic enough to play in the garden, at least at home. If the answer is no, then send Headley to Portland to retain or improve his trade value and make a decision at the end of the year. Or trade Headley this winter when his value is high.

  12. 2: There was alot of Padre/NL West Coverage on ESPN last night. Alot compared to the usual nothing at least.

  13. This is going to be one of the most interesting off seasons in the franchises history, peculiarly if they continue to play well win at least 1 post season series.

    -There would be a ton of pressure from fans and the 5 media types in San Diego to bring everyone back, although this same team most likely regresses a ton next season.