IGD: Padres vs Rockies (15 Aug 07)

Game #119
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-4, 2.02) vs Ubaldo Jimenez (1-2, 6.57)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

In case you haven’t voted in the poll, we need to come up with a song from the late-’70s or early-’80s that the Padres can adopt as their theme. Remember how the White Sox used Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” en route to a World Championship in 2005? Right now, Aerosmith and Boston are leading the charge, but don’t forget REO Speedwagon (yeah, right; I’ve been trying for years).

In other news, Wednesday night’s starter for Colorado, Ubaldo Jimenez, won his first big-league ballgame on July 29 against the Dodgers, pushing him past the Expos’ Ubaldo Heredia as MLB’s all-time wins leader for pitchers named “Ubaldo.”

Way to go, big guy; way to go…

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  1. Man, Cameron just doesn’t do well on 3-0 counts.

  2. Nice AB by Blum, nothing to show for it. Cameron hacks at a pitch out of the zone 3-0 and eventually hits a weak popup for out #2. Terrible approach against a pitcher who is having trouble finding the plate.

  3. This isn’t as bad as having Bobby Linvingston or Joel Pineiro make you look bad. This guy has a live arm, no shame here.

  4. Shit, c’mon Cla. We need you right now to sack it up.

  5. Marcus would have made that out :-(

  6. Bad luck for Cla there. He gets two grounders, but the first is too slow to turn the DP and the second just sneaks past Blum at 2B.

  7. Ouch……down by 2 runs…back to the old days……….no way to win when down at Petco.

  8. Not that it is Blum’s fault, but NOG is certainly a much better defensive player and probably gets to that

  9. If we can get a guy on base in the ninth against Rox closer M.Corpas we have Termel Sledge coming up !

  10. Frustrating sequence there. With two on and nobody out, Kouz makes a terrific diving stop but bounces the throw to Adrian, who can’t hang on to it. Bard then makes a strong throw to try and nail the runner stealing but Khalil drops the ball. A wild pitch and ground ball wide of second base later, it’s 3-0. Sigh…

  11. I walked…..up to Sledgey Roid

  12. Damn, good pass by Sledge. Up to Kouz…

  13. So much for that. Better luck tomorrow…

  14. Yeargh. An unlucky game by the home team. We played well and had good ABs (killed the ball tonite) but had nothing to show for it.

  15. How did El Hombre look?
    For all the critisms that Khalil been getting, he’s still a SS that’s a pretty good player. El Hombre hit .229 with 3 HRs and 5 RBIs in his last 48 ABs.

    Adrian Gonzales has been slumping badly. There have been signs in which he looked like he was getting out of slumps but so far, no prolonged success.
    Is he looking bad with his approaches or has pitchers really figured out how to pitch to him?