IGD: Padres vs Rockies (15 Aug 07)

Game #119
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-4, 2.02) vs Ubaldo Jimenez (1-2, 6.57)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

In case you haven’t voted in the poll, we need to come up with a song from the late-’70s or early-’80s that the Padres can adopt as their theme. Remember how the White Sox used Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” en route to a World Championship in 2005? Right now, Aerosmith and Boston are leading the charge, but don’t forget REO Speedwagon (yeah, right; I’ve been trying for years).

In other news, Wednesday night’s starter for Colorado, Ubaldo Jimenez, won his first big-league ballgame on July 29 against the Dodgers, pushing him past the Expos’ Ubaldo Heredia as MLB’s all-time wins leader for pitchers named “Ubaldo.”

Way to go, big guy; way to go…

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  1. And the all-time losses leader … 2-1 over Heredia :-)


  2. Off topic, but Drama from Gaslamp Ball asked the ChiSox writer who started the Greene/Bell rumor what he thought. His response, including his justification, is completely hillarious.


  3. OT … Mariano Rivera gets torched again …


  4. Down on the Farm … Antonelli and Headley both get hits in the 1st & 2nd innings …


  5. Nice pitch CY!

  6. OT … check out the winning pitcher of this game … and his season ERA …


  7. Nice 1st inning by CY …

    - K. Matsui struck out swinging
    - T. Tulowitzki struck out looking
    - M. Holliday struck out swinging

    … perhaps that’s what a “Munk shoot” is? :-)

  8. Alrighty, great start… next up: 24 more strikeouts in 120 more pitches…. can’t beat that….

  9. Seriously, Geoff Blum’s going to come crashing down to earth, right????

  10. Mark Grant’s euphimisms leave a lot to be desired.

  11. Thru 1 …

    Pitches-strikes – U Jimenez 18-12; C Young 15-13.

    Ground balls-fly balls – U Jimenez 1-0; C Young 0-0.

    Batters faced – U Jimenez 4; C Young 3.

  12. 15 … yow, that’s big news … the article also says this …

    Indications were that big-league veteran Elmer Dessens, recently released by Milwaukee and signed to a minor-league contract by the Rockies, will replace Cook in the rotation in Thursday’s series finale against the Padres.

    … yummy!

  13. CY’s ERA is back under 2 now :-)

  14. In LA, Penny touched for a run in the top of the 2nd …


  15. Thru 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – U Jimenez 28-21; C Young 24-19.

    Ground balls-fly balls – U Jimenez 1-2; C Young 0-1.

    Batters faced – U Jimenez 7; C Young 6.

  16. Uh oh, looks like Matt Bush needs Tommy John.


  17. Anbody watching this game on TV? Whassup with CY walking Ubaldo?

  18. 20 … this “news” was in the UT on Monday … along with news that Nick Schmidt has been shut down for a month with elbow problems …


  19. 20 … OK, here’s something from Corey Brock’s blog that’s interesting …

    In other news, a scoring decision from July 21 has changed the five earned runs Cla Meredith allowed to no earned runs. His ERA went from 3.97 to 3.18 just like that.

    … wonder what took so long to make that “decision”???

  20. OT … interesting comments about Joyner …


    … and a record setting grand slam by Pete Laforest!

  21. Nice try Blummer.

  22. OT … I missed what put Barrett on the DL …


    … and I’m never sure that it’s a good thing if/when a CT scan of your head comes back “negative” :-)

  23. Thru 3 …

    Pitches-strikes – U Jimenez 50-35; C Young 38-28.

    Ground balls-fly balls – U Jimenez 1-3; C Young 0-3.

    Batters faced – U Jimenez 12; C Young 10.

    … good thing Blum’s got Ubaldo’s number!

  24. That corner is a right fielder’s nightmare.

  25. Nice catch by OG to end that half.

  26. Whew. Nice work CY.

  27. Sometimes I get the feeling that CY is just trying to keep the game exciting for him… I mean, it was seemingly no effort at all to pitch out of that jam….

  28. the ut site said he’s having an mri, it says nothing of confirming it’s a ligament tear. at any rate, it’s bad news. kid looked promising.

  29. 32 … sorry for the ‘tude in 22 … just the tone of Brock’s blog made it sound like he had a fresh/new scoop rather than an update on a story that started on Aug 9th … I wish the Padres had a better rep at mlb.com … that’s all …

  30. Thru 4 …

    Pitches-strikes – U Jimenez 63-43; C Young 67-44.

    Ground balls-fly balls – U Jimenez 2-3; C Young 1-5.

    Batters faced – U Jimenez 15; C Young 15.

    … CY’s getting out-pitched now!

  31. OT … ‘stros up 3-1 on dogs after top of 4th …

  32. 22. No worries dude. Just passing on the info. I think the site is generally good. Anyway back to the game!

  33. Maybe luck is on our side tonite?

  34. CY strands ‘em again.

  35. At Portland, Stansberry with HR #11 … and Thompson has pitched 5 decent innings …


  36. Just got back from dinner; good to see that CY is up to his usual shenanigans.

  37. Wow. Walked our pitcher. Nice.

  38. Man it must be tough to pitch to a guy with a strike zone the size of Rhode Island.

  39. Where the hell has Matty V. been of late?

  40. Let’s see some of that new OG-power!

  41. …open up the porch door…

  42. Does Ubaldo fear the B(l)um on deck???

  43. That could have been big if it dropped and took a nasty hop.

  44. For your between innings amusement … the game notes at mlb.com indicate that this game is the deciding game in the 223-game series between the teams (ie. so far, the Padres and Rox have split their first 222 meetings) …


  45. Whoa, did Quis just mention the Bill James Historical Abstract on air? Nice…

  46. Thru 5 …

    Pitches-strikes – U Jimenez 78-50; C Young 80-54.

    Ground balls-fly balls – U Jimenez 3-4; C Young 2-7.

    Batters faced – U Jimenez 19; C Young 19.