IGD: Padres @ Phillies (24 Aug 07)

Game #127
time: 4:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (9-9, 3.90) vs Jamie Moyer (11-6, 4.12)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer both made their big-league debuts in 1986 with the Chicago Cubs. Moyer’s first game came on June 16. He beat Steve Carlton and the Phillies, 7-5, at Wrigley Field. The first batter Moyer faced, ex-Padre Ron Roenicke, doubled but was left stranded when Mike Schmidt rapped into a 5-4-3 double play started by Davey Lopes.

Ryne Sandberg and Gary Matthews each collected two hits in support of Moyer, as did ex-Padres Keith Moreland (technically he was still a future Padre at this point) and Jerry Mumphrey. Leon Durham hit a two-run homer and Lee Smith collected the 122nd save of his career.

Maddux got the call 2 1/2 months later, taking the loss in a September 2 game started by Moyer. Maddux served up a solo homer to Billy Hatcher (traded by the Cubs in December 1985 to Houston for the aforementioned Mumphrey) with one out in the 18th inning that gave the Astros an 8-7 victory. Nolan Ryan had gotten the start opposite Moyer.

Others who played on the ’86 Cubs include Shawon Dunston, Chris Speier (Justin’s dad), Terry Francona, Rafael Palmeiro, Dennis Eckersley, Rick Sutcliffe, and Ed Lynch (former Cubs GM). Ronald Reagan was president and the Soviet Union still existed, as did the Berlin Wall.

The #1 song of the year according to Billboard was the dreadful Burt Bacharach offering “That’s What Friends Are For” (Burt has done some fine work, but this is not an example of it). The top television show was “The Cosby Show” and the #1 movie in America was “Top Gun” (followed closely by “Crocodile Dundee”).

You understand, right? If you’re nodding your head, then you’re old like me. Oh well, at least I have time for a quick nap before “Murder, She Wrote” starts…

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  1. How many of those high (over) priced FA’s is Maddux having a better year than ? Suppan, Schmidt, Zito, Weaver, etc.

    All those that complained about the Maddux signing –calling it second rate and rationalizing it as a PR move that won’t bring much value “on” the field —citing it as an example of the Padres being cheap or thrifty w/o really caring much about improving the team.

  2. Poor Ledezma, he can’t even get into this game.

  3. God damnit Blum. Get off my TV!

  4. I’m too embarrassed to make a comment.

  5. The Phillies bullpen has Tom Gordon, Antonio Alfonseca, and Joe Table. That is an awesome pen, regardless of performance.

  6. Those fans that clamored for the ‘big bat’ –challenging the Padres to spend millions to show committment —may have found it with Milton Bradley who incidentally came for cheap.

  7. I was just about to post that I hope that Mesa doesn’t buzz him inside again….

  8. Hey guys, save some for tomorrow!

  9. Wow. Ridiculous.

    Never get injured again Milton.


  10. Milton Bradley: Pick-up of the year?

    I mean, even better than Cust, right?

  11. Khalil goes opposite way again, love it.

  12. And all the starters now have a hit, bar Maddux.

  13. Come on Kouz – have a five-hit game…

  14. Pitching and three-run bombs. Awesome.

    A statistical comparison of Cust v. Bradley with their new clubs would be interesting. I’d imagine Cust would have an edge based on having played more due to not getting hurt.

  15. #111 We gave away Cust for absolutely nothing. We got Bradley for a promising young arm with really good, closer like stuff in Brown.

  16. 111: Oakland and the Padres have definitely done a good job helping each other this year. Sending Cust to them, getting Bradley here, and then Andrew Brown has been very good for them too.

  17. 4 DPs tonite, and we still have 13 runs.

  18. Despite Bradley’s injury, he gives you something in the field, which Cust does not.

    Holy crap Bardo! I hope we can continue to hit all series.

  19. I don’t blame the Pads for getting nothing for Cust, I do question why he was not given one more crack before they moved him. He was out of options anyway, so why not get a look see before essentially giving him to the A’s.

  20. I would take Bradley all day long over Cust on a NL Team.

    Wouldn’t have minded Cust get 100 ab’s when B.Giles was down though. Oh well, this is big time hindsight expertise. I don’t like Sledge much so I was hoping, agter Cust got hot at Portland in early May, that it would have been time for Cust to get a sniff.

  21. 120: Worst move by the Pads this year. That or signing Wells.

  22. A Ledezma sighting! These are like more rare than K-Cam sightings!

  23. Barring an eleven run ninth by the Phillies, the final offensive line for the Padres: .468/.519/.830. Yeah, that’ll get the job done.

  24. 124: Amazing how much those GIDPs help that line….

  25. 124: That’s incredible that over half of our batters reached base.

  26. The game is over. Your team has lost. STOP FOULING!!!

  27. How’s that for pitching to contact? Two Ks and no BBs….

  28. Merv Rettenmund has got to be really confused about now.

  29. With Hensley and Stauffer throwing the next two –I would be very happy winning one more and ending a very difficult road trip–one that the Padres usually crumble on. 4-2 road trip. Heck, last year at this time the Padres went into New York and got swept !

  30. Just to think, on the start of this trip, we were saying a split would be good. We now have a decent chance to come home with a winning record.

  31. Re: posts 1 & 2

    thanks for making me feel so old… I was lugging refrigerators for Sears and seriously contemplating going to college after all. Nothing like a 120 degree afternoon in the back of a trailer to make you reconsider school…

  32. AZ falls to the Cubs. We’re just 2 games back. If we can go into the series on Monday just a game back, we stand a good chance to pick up some ground.

  33. Good to see Adrian start to get hot along with Kouz and Bard. It would be good if they kept it up the whole series

  34. Our team batting average went up 2 points with this game making it better than both the White Sox and D-Backs. its just good to see us not at the bottom.

  35. Regarding MB’s bat throwing:

    “I thought I flew out to left,” Bradley said of his homer in the fifth. “The bat broke. This park is a joke.”

    It looked like frustration to me as well. 3 run HR on a lazy fly out; love it.

  36. Great news!

    The Padres are no longer last in the league in team BA:


    That’s nice, because I was really tired of hearing about it.

  37. Two things.

    Can anyone give the batting breakdown since Joyner took over?

    What happens if we have to DL Marcus? Stansberry? Or do you think they’d take a chance with Antonelli?

  38. Also, I think Brady Clark is just about ready to replace Sledge. At least I hope he is.

  39. Stansberry, I bet. I don’t think we’ll see Antonelli this year.

  40. 140 – agreed, but maybe there’s a small chance Antonelli is the choice. Who knows, if he started out hot he could be the man down the stretch at 2B.

  41. I saw Antonelli play live, I can honestly say that he is not ready. He needs another year in the minors to get stronger, as physically, he just doesn’t look like a major leaguer quite yet. Stansberry will be the guy and he can also play SS or 3B.

  42. Just watched the MLB.com highlights. Who is that moron in the Phillies booth? Sounds like an ex-ballplayer. He himself calls the play at second a “body block,” then goes on to defend it, saying Giles/Padres are crying about it but it’s just hard-nosed baseball blah blah blah. Pretty clumsy looking “slide.”

  43. 142 – I have no problem with Stansberry coming up. He’s probably useful as a pinch runner, etc as well as he has good speed. Not sure how his SS defense is. I don’t think he played much SS before this year, if any. I’m not sure where to find stats on such.

    143 – I didn’t see the game, but if the play was deemed interference I think it’s fair to say it’s not a defendable play.

  44. 137: I said that 2 posts earlier

    143: Its Gary Matthews I think.

  45. 145
    you sure did, and I missed it. Saw it on the Pads website today and was so excited by it, I immediately came here to post it!