IGD: Padres vs Cardinals (19 May 08)

Wil LedezmaPadres (16-29) vs Cards (26-20)
Wil Ledezma vs Todd Wellemeyer
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

It is difficult to remain optimistic when there is no obvious reason for hope. Even if I continue to believe that the Padres’ true level of ability is 85 wins, that gives them 61 wins the rest of the way, which puts them at 77-85 to end the season. Obviously that doesn’t fit anyone’s definition of a contender.

Assuming the Padres continue on their present course (or even improve some) and finish with their first sub-.500 record in the Petco Park era, management will have some difficult questions on its hands: Which kids are ready, and when do we give them a shot? Which veterans might have some value to teams that have an eye toward post-season play (hint: it’s a pretty short list)? And the most important, from a systemic standpoint: How did we so badly misjudge this team’s capabilities, and what lessons can we learn from the experience?

Some problems are obvious, especially in hindsight. But others are not so easy to answer. Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with Larry Borowsky at Viva El Birdos:

I can’t accept that Josh Bard and Khalil Greene, who are (or should be) in their primes, are this bad. I don’t see any reason for Greene to hit like Jeff Blauser or Jay Bell at age 27 and Rey Ordonez at age 28. There’s just no room for that in my view of the way things work in this world.

As Bjork once said (when she was still with the Sugarcubes), “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

So it’s the middle of May, and already I’m thinking about how challenging the coming winter will be. I shouldn’t be thinking about these things so early in the season, but the team is giving me precious little choice.

Meanwhile, tonight’s scheduled starter, Jake Peavy, is out with a sore elbow. Quoth The Franchise:

It’s not normal soreness, which is why we’re going to have it looked at. It’s been about for three or four starts now that I’ve felt a little something. It’s sore all the time.

Ledezma makes his second start of the season Monday night in Peavy’s place. I honestly am good with any on-field outcome so long as Peavy is healthy. The Padres could lose 20-0 tonight, and if Peavy’s MRI shows no structural damage, I’ll call it a victory. That’s how bad the season has gotten.

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  1. Thanks GY. :)

  2. Wow…..the site comments just got cleaned up like a nice winter storm washes the trash out to sea.

    Moving on….

  3. #44@Oside Jon: So Jon, is it a done deal? Are you going to be at the game Friday? I was contemplating getting tix for this weekend. If so, maybe we could hook up and I could meet you and Danny in person.

  4. I went into this season a little less optimistic then some and because of that I believe I am farther along in my misery. I am actually only frustrated as opposed to the anger I felt earlier in the season (earlier? It’s only May). I am now more concerned about corrections that will have to be done to improve for next year. Like GY was saying, this will be a rough winter. I just don’t feel the options seem to be there. This is what I am frightened of now, not each game, although I will not stop watching any.

    OT: The comment section tonight was a beautiful reminder of why streakers or fights never get shown on camera. Ignore and they seem to go away :)

  5. #54@Turbine Dude:

    I’ll know tomorrow. Gonna make our decision Wednesday. Will let ya know via ducksnorts manana!!!

  6. #56@Oside Jon: Right on.

  7. Anyone watching postgame? They cut me off on Extra Innings, I want to know what’s up with Peav.

  8. #58@Bryan S: Live interview with Black… Saying at least two weeks. MRI was fine. No surgery needed. On DL for 15 days retro-active from Thursday past.

  9. Is anyone else a little uneasy about them not giving MRI results for this long and the general cryptic answers (more so than usual) given by Black? This is just weird.

  10. I have moved from anger to frustration to acceptance really. They are surprising me with how bad they are. Bad and also bad luck. Its like a cursed season and if Jakes hits the DL, well.

    I’m to the point all RS and Yankee fans hate about SD fans, that point of resignation. Where fans throw up their hands and, hey, its SD, a great out door town, lots to do, so the Padres being bad isn’t that big a deal, just like the olden days.

    I like the cardinals, a classy org with a lot of history and Albert is a true 5 tool HOF player.

  11. The season is cursed indeed.

  12. re: Tonight’s drinking.

    I had one Miller Lite and two Schiltzs, the beer that made Milwaukee famous.

  13. Geoff, if a “wholesale” change takes place like Kevin Towers hints is possible, who do you think is first to be moved of the veterans?
    As a huge, huge Khalil Greene (even through this present nightmare) what I’m really getting at is, do you think Greene is a possible guy to be shipped out – be it in the eyes of Towers and Co. or by other teams (like the Chicago Cubs like we’ve heard about in months past). I’m almost hoping his offensive woes continue so he becomes untradable. And yes, I know how ridiculous it is to hope that…

  14. #61 PM; I agree, the Cardinals have always been a great franchise. Looking back to the 1920s, their only decades of mediocrity were the 1950s and 1970s. Like the Yankees and O’Malleys Dodgers, there seems to be a “Cardinal Way” that exists from the front office down to the minor leagues. A great organization.

  15. #66@Keith in New Jersey: Good question. I think the guys most likely to have value that aren’t part of the core are Maddux, Wolf, and Giles (although we may have to bite the bullet on some salary with him), maybe Khalil. Trading Khalil would be an extremely radical move, though, as there is nobody in the organization who could step in at shortstop. With the others, it’s important that we temper our expectations in terms of possible return. The last time Maddux was traded, he fetched Cesar Izturis.

  16. Thank-you Geoff for quelling my fears about losing Greene for the moment. The word radical, and the fact there is not another reliable SS in the organization seemingly, makes me think/hope Greene stays in San Diego which would make me a happy camper. I’m headed to San Diego in early August to catch the Padres-Giants series at Petco. It sure would be nice to see my favorite player in uniform on his home field instead of at Shea Stadium, Yankee Stadium, or the worst place on earth, Citizen Bank Park, where he’s still called “Spicoli” by Phillies fans.
    Then again, speaking about radical decisions… Thatcher gets the call-up????????