IGD: Padres vs Cardinals (19 May 08)

Wil LedezmaPadres (16-29) vs Cards (26-20)
Wil Ledezma vs Todd Wellemeyer
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

It is difficult to remain optimistic when there is no obvious reason for hope. Even if I continue to believe that the Padres’ true level of ability is 85 wins, that gives them 61 wins the rest of the way, which puts them at 77-85 to end the season. Obviously that doesn’t fit anyone’s definition of a contender.

Assuming the Padres continue on their present course (or even improve some) and finish with their first sub-.500 record in the Petco Park era, management will have some difficult questions on its hands: Which kids are ready, and when do we give them a shot? Which veterans might have some value to teams that have an eye toward post-season play (hint: it’s a pretty short list)? And the most important, from a systemic standpoint: How did we so badly misjudge this team’s capabilities, and what lessons can we learn from the experience?

Some problems are obvious, especially in hindsight. But others are not so easy to answer. Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with Larry Borowsky at Viva El Birdos:

I can’t accept that Josh Bard and Khalil Greene, who are (or should be) in their primes, are this bad. I don’t see any reason for Greene to hit like Jeff Blauser or Jay Bell at age 27 and Rey Ordonez at age 28. There’s just no room for that in my view of the way things work in this world.

As Bjork once said (when she was still with the Sugarcubes), “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

So it’s the middle of May, and already I’m thinking about how challenging the coming winter will be. I shouldn’t be thinking about these things so early in the season, but the team is giving me precious little choice.

Meanwhile, tonight’s scheduled starter, Jake Peavy, is out with a sore elbow. Quoth The Franchise:

It’s not normal soreness, which is why we’re going to have it looked at. It’s been about for three or four starts now that I’ve felt a little something. It’s sore all the time.

Ledezma makes his second start of the season Monday night in Peavy’s place. I honestly am good with any on-field outcome so long as Peavy is healthy. The Padres could lose 20-0 tonight, and if Peavy’s MRI shows no structural damage, I’ll call it a victory. That’s how bad the season has gotten.

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  1. Lester with the no hitter!!!

  2. CF Gerut
    2B Iguchi
    RF Giles
    1B Gonzalez
    3B Kouz
    SS Khalil
    LF Hairston
    C Bard
    P Ledezma

  3. Thoughts about the SP match-up?

    Wellemeyer has been worse on the road, but mainly victimized via the HR. Petco should help with that. Advantage STL.

    Ledezma, in limited duty, has been OK, but poor control. In the interview, the STL guy said they have been very patient this year. Advantage STL.

    I think SD at home is pretty even with STL on the road, but Petco helps Wellemeyer a lot more than Ledezma (who has only given up 1 HR), so thinking STL has the edge. Hope not, but that is my “analysis”.

    Other thoughts on the match up?

  4. #3@jay: Well, STL has to have the matchup advantage if you’re just looking at starting pitchers. Wellemeyer has been OK, but has been in the rotation all year. Coming off bullpen duty, Ledezma is probably lucky to go 5 even if he pitches strikes.

  5. #3@jay: I think we are going to get our proverbial clocks cleaned tonight.

  6. I think Ledezma will be effective for 4.

  7. Scotty helping the Card’s cause.

  8. How frustrating is it when your own moron fan reaches over the fence to interfere with a fielder? ugh.

  9. Seriously, was that not the Padres season in a nutshell right there? Play an out into a two run homerun on an 0-2 pitch thrown right down the middle.

  10. Khalil walked, everybody drink.

  11. #11@Geoff Young: I’ve been drinking constantly just trying to forget how bad this season has been so far!

  12. #11@Geoff Young: Not much risk of a DUI, playing that game.

  13. Edmonds doesn’t make the catch Jody just made.

  14. Why would you pitch out 1-0 to a guy with 12 homers at the plate and a guy with control problems on the mound?

  15. Ledezma’s AAA all the way.

  16. Nice. All three runs for the Cards are scored by the Padres.

    For those of you not watching on 4SD, Henn is up in the pen. (rthyme) not intented.

  17. I am beginning to think, that there is a large gap between Jake Peavy and Will Ledezma.

  18. After 3 innings Ledezma’s huffing and puffing like he’s thrown 100 pitches. On the last out he recorded (groundout to Green) , he almost blew the play by deflection when he threw his body at the ball in sort of half contorted lunge.

  19. #18@Field39: You can’t get there from here. ;-)

  20. Nice at-bat by Iguchi. Runs would be good here.

  21. Nice DBL for Gooch there.

  22. OK, that sure did suck.

  23. That’s the problem with Petco Park. It’s so small even a guy like Cesar Izturis can go yard.

  24. Kouz had made two outs on two pitches, tonight. Isn’t that special.

  25. Oh great…PMac is in the game. Albert on unknown roids?

  26. That ball was crushed!!!

  27. Even the camera men are drinking to forget.

  28. Martini night here………..

  29. #29@Oside Jon: Rootbrewskis for Danny, eh?

  30. Geez, even when they score a run, it turns out ugly.

  31. #30@Turbine Dude:
    Milk actually…but good idea for this Friday!!

    Giles makes another baserunning mistake (my opinion)

  32. I doubt Ledezma will ever be a decent MLB pitcher. I wish it was like last year when he was the worst pitcher in the bullpen though. :(

  33. #33@Zagz: Same goes for Germano.

    When is Hensley going to be healthy enough to pitch? Would rather see him out there than Ledezma/Germano.

  34. Pujols with the highest OBP this year, why even pitch to him?

  35. And I’m still watching this game because…?

    Win or lose, I just love baseball…

  36. Ohhhhhh…..should I just go to sleep? Early morning meeting…..I’m fading here…..

  37. #37@Oside Jon: I also have a 6 AM meeting with my boss tommorow.

  38. #36@Turbine Dude: I keep thinking that if they can come back from a big deficit and win, it good get them on track. Yes, I am well grounded in reality.

  39. #38@Turbine Dude:

    I gotta be in Banning at 8AM. Ouch

  40. Again another shattered Maple bat.

  41. #39@Field39:
    Ha ha. It’s nights like these I go to sleep and hear they won tomorrow. I like your positive thinking. =)

    Odds? 25-1

  42. #40@Oside Jon: Where is Banning?

  43. I feel this could be a long, long season, although my wife just said we should buy tickets for Friday. Having gone to hardly any games this year I thought, “Great idea!!!”.

    Go to Pokez or whatever for dinner, then head to the bpark for some (hopefully) entertainment.

  44. #43@Turbine Dude:

    Banning is in Riverside County. Out on the 60 and 10 freeways. Conducting underground storage tank training for the County of Riverside and some San Bernardino people. Hot as hell. Worse than Lake Elsinore as far as baseball is concerned.

  45. #45@Oside Jon: Good luck my friend. Better you than me!

  46. See post #35.

  47. Albert again……loves Petco today.

  48. Can it get any worse?