IGD: Padres vs Rockies (17 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (8-7) vs Rockies (6-8)
Jake Peavy vs Jeff Francis
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

The evolution of teams running wild against the Padres:

Year Inn SBA/9 CS%
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
2004 1441 0.59 .266
2005 1455 0.74 .210
2006 1463 1.08 .148
2007 1484 1.27 .096
2008 135 1.20 .167

Of course, if you don’t put guys on base, they can’t run on you. Go get ‘em, Jake!

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  1. homerun rusch

  2. Can Obsession kill a cowhide?

  3. #639@Richard: I’m not sure that OPS+ can accurately account for the extreme effect of Coors. Plus what is the average OPS+ for LF now? He might be awesome at home but he’s terrible on the road — he’s the anti-Khalil with the glove.

    Padres give away another one (with an assist by the home plate umpire). But hey, one game can’t matter, can it?

  4. Good night, good morning, all.

  5. Rusch decides the game at the plate. Who would have batted Colt .45?

  6. Damn you, Alfonso Marquez. You stole this game, you stupid bastard. Goodnight all.

  7. #646@Didi: survey says, no.

  8. that just sux

  9. It’s been fun, folks … a bummer game to remember … see y’all next time …

    Storm drop’d their game in the 12th … bleh …

  10. Good night comrades.

  11. thanks y’all, couldn’t have gotten through this game without ya

  12. Damn. Sucks to run out of position players.

  13. Our #1, 2, 4, and 5 hitters went 2 for 32 with 3 walks and a sacrifice bunt. Oh, they struck out 9 times and left 10 men on base.
    In contrast, the pitchers went 2 for 6.

  14. it was fun staying up with everyone.

    g’nite all

  15. #651@Kevin: I didn’t know Morton was used.

  16. #396@Kevin: Really? We should keep a 7 man bullpen because we have to anticipate that our 3rd base coach will forget he’s being paid to know who is running, and because in the same game the home plate umpire will have a capricious strike zone?

    If we have another player on the bench, that player pinch-runs for Clark and this game goes in the W column.

  17. 664: Wasnt Colt still on the bench at that point?

  18. #665@SDSUBaseball: Another position player instead of the 12th pitcher / 7th reliever. You wouldn’t use Morton to run for Clark because it was too likely that the pitcher’s spot would come up that inning. But if you didn’t carry 7 relievers, there’d had been an extra person, probably an infielder, to PR for Clark.

    Looking back, they could have pinch-ran with Germano or Meredith. But the 12 man staff is an abomination when you play almost 100 games in three of the best pitcher’s parks in the NL.