IGD: Padres vs Pirates (19 Sep 07)

Game #151
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-7, 2.77) vs Ian Snell (9-12, 3.92)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

Chris Young is 1-4 with a 4.30 ERA in 10 starts since the All-Star break. Opponents are hitting just .161/.273/.294 against him during that stretch. Wait, do you smell something? I think it’s a disconnect.

Ian Snell, meanwhile, is giving a clinic on second-half meltdowns. He is 2-7 with a 5.40 ERA in 13 starts, and a much more sensible .302/.363/.511 opponent batting line.

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  1. phils 0
    Cards 0 4th

    A Phils loss would releave a little pressure because in baseball, you can’t win every day. Right Philly?

  2. On the scoreboard …

    – Mets up 5-3 in 6th
    – Brewers up 2-1 in 4th

  3. On the scoreboard …

    – Mets up 5-3 in 6th
    – Brewers up 2-1 in 4th
    – Cubs losing 2-1 in 4th
    – Dogs & Rox tied at 1-1 in 2nd

    The Cubs & Brewers are worth keeping an eye on because we want them to separate … the sooner one or the other clinches, the better the Padres will be during that final series with the Brewers.

  4. heading for the yard… taking the kids for a night out with Dad. Keep the fires burning, boys…

  5. Bundle everyone up, gonna be cold down there.

  6. 4 … in reality, you do more good down there than we can up here … GO!

  7. 1,3 – Phillys up 1-0 … Rox up 3-2 …

  8. OT: Just in case nobody knew, today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrrgg, matey! Baton down the hatches fer a full deck swabbin’. Grab ye cutlasses and use ‘em like their after yer rum and bounty!
    Go Padres!!!

  9. Ian Snell any relation to Steven Snell, Murphy Brown’s secretary??

  10. Cubs and Reds tied in the bottom of the 7th…

  11. 9 … the guys that started this are friends-of-friends … just a coupla joe’s from nearby Albany, OR … check out their web site …


    … they’d been doin’ this for a while when Dave Berry “discovered” them … good fun!

  12. 12: Didn’t realize they were local cats..(I’m in Medford and soon to move back to Molalla.)

  13. Memo to Padres’ pitchers … do *not* pitch to Matt Holliday during upcoming series @ Coors …


    … Rox up 4-3 thru 5 …

  14. was that a straight triple CY gave up or bad defense? Nice back-to-back strikeouts to end the inning.

  15. Followup from last night … Adam Wainwright is a *hitter* …


  16. #9….aarrgghh. Let us seeeee what theee Pirates can offffferrrrrr. Let them walk the plank matey. Starboard or Port side doesn’t matter. 6 straight….let’s get it done.

    Also….explain the (Turbine Dude) to me…..bare with me I’m new to D’Snorts.

  17. 13 … you a rodeo dude, RD? that’s what i think of when i think of mollala … though i’ve not been …

  18. OT … Cust with #24 tonight …


    … and I’m glad that it appears we, as a group, as past gnashing our teeth over Jack … and can simply root for this former-Padre … all the while focusing on our own pennant race.

  19. 17 … no one can … nor should … explain the Turbine Dude … except to say that it’s my understanding he works for one of those aerospace companies you drive by on I-5 near the airport …

  20. How is having B(l)um in the 2-hole better than having Hairston in the 2-hole? Yuck … and chin up!

  21. Thru 1 …

    Pitches-strikes – I Snell 20-12; C Young 17-13.

    Ground balls-fly balls – I Snell 0-2; C Young 0-1.

    Batters faced – I Snell 6; C Young 4.

    … 2 runs in bottom is nice answer to 1 run in top …

  22. 20…Lynch Mob…Thanks for the “heads up” on Turbine Dude. SOunds like I better not know what he does. Good for our Natioanl Security.

  23. #17: When I first discovered DS, I signed on as Rick S. I was confussed with Sutcliff and soon changed my moniker to Turbine Dude. Realizing agter meeting Geoff and some of the other DS peeps it was easier for them to recognize me if I just signed on with my name. However, I needed to incorporate the two to avoid confussion. Ergo, Rick Schroder (Turbine Dude).
    I work at Solar Turbines in R&D Test Engineering Group.
    Hope that clears everything up for you.

  24. Ouch, just watched Griffey collapse after charging a ball, he had to under hand it to second base. Looked like a groin. All that talent and his body is too tight. Too bad.

  25. Linebrink works his magic in the 7th for the Brew-ha’s …


    … now 2-2 tie in 8th …

  26. Thru 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – I Snell 31-16; C Young 30-22.

    Ground balls-fly balls – I Snell 2-3; C Young 2-1.

    Batters faced – I Snell 9; C Young 7.

    … yow, we GIDP a lot …

  27. #24 Thanks for the clarification. I used to work for a Magnetic Company that would sell Soft Ferrite and Magnets to a company called “Capstone Turbine” and other aerospace comps. that’s why I was interested in the “Turbine Dude”. Plus anything Dude in a sports realm equals something cool so……

    Anyways……Thanks again for clarification. 4 friends of mine are at the game tonight. They had a ticket for me but I’m at home due to massive workload.

    Go Padres.

  28. 14 … Holliday just got plunk’d … let’s see if Helton makes ‘em pay!

  29. 26 … blown save alert! Lidge gives up 2-run HR in 9th … Brew-ha’s now tied with ‘stros …

  30. Thru 3 …

    Pitches-strikes – I Snell 45-25; C Young 54-38.

    Ground balls-fly balls – I Snell 4-3; C Young 3-2.

    Batters faced – I Snell 12; C Young 14.

  31. Could this 2007 NL Race be compared to AL 1967 Race ? http://www.1967alpennant.com/

    Wow, this last two weeks may take 3 years off my life.

  32. #32: JP, I think I’ve reached retirement age already!

  33. Looks like we get the Twins, Tigers and Mariners at Petco next year accoridng to padres.com

  34. Thru 4 …

    Pitches-strikes – I Snell 55-33; C Young 66-46.

    Ground balls-fly balls – I Snell 5-4; C Young 4-3.

    Batters faced – I Snell 15; C Young 17.

    … a bit quite … here … and during Padre ABs …

  35. Gi’nts add 2 … now up 4-3 in top of 5th …

  36. 32 … nice link, thanks! That ’67 WS was killer too!

  37. Hawpe with a 2-run shot … Rox now up 6-5 in 8th !!!

  38. We have no real threat for throwing out base runners…..why do we play the game of “I’m trying to hold you on 1st base”. I know why but if we can’t throw out forget about it. Move on.

  39. Cards win, Cards win!!!!!!!!!

  40. Phillies lose. Gotta win tonite to get us some breathing room.

  41. Cards beat Philly with run in bottom of 10th!

  42. The Dodgers are toast. Earlier burnout than I would have ever expected.

  43. Zito sucks … D-backs back on top … 5-4 … and counting … in bottom of 5th …

  44. Hairston’s cleats got caught in the dirt.

  45. Black just got off the Bullpen phone. Does that mean we won’t be seeing CY in the 6th?

  46. Thru 5 …

    Pitches-strikes – I Snell 69-40; C Young 85-58.

    Ground balls-fly balls – I Snell 7-4; C Young 5-5.

    Batters faced – I Snell 19; C Young 22.

  47. 43 … Dogs lose!

  48. In the 6th (both games) we’re down a run and DB is up a run. Arrrr.

  49. I hope we can leave CY in for the 7th.