IGD: Padres vs Pirates (18 Sep 07)

Game #150
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (12-10, 3.91) vs Tom Gorzelanny (14-7, 3.45)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

— Sun Tzu

Or even 162 battles. Go Padres!

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  1. Walk off two run homer by Todd Helton to win the game 9-8 in Colorado tonight.

  2. I’ve been a Barrett defender before but he’s been awful so far for the Padres. He just hasn’t hit at all. At least they are winning tonight, no help from him. He’s batted with 9 runners on base, driven in one and made four outs. That’s pretty damn bad.

  3. Even bloopers would really help with runners in scoring position. I wish our batters would quit going to the plate thinking they are going to hit a GS in Petco.

  4. 4-4 in St. Louis.

  5. Barrett will be on the postseason roster (if they make it) just because they don’t have another catcher. I’m guessing they are regretting designating LaForest now.

  6. The Cards have tied up the Phils 4-4 in the 10th

  7. Damn, I wish Black would have left Maddux in for the 6th!

  8. Sometimes I think when the Padres have the bases loaded they should do the opposite of what everyone hopes for:BASE HIT HOME RUN WHATEVER.

    Maybe they should just BUNT — just to mess stuff up and not hit into a double play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Viva Khalil……….

  9. #59: Jon, I tend to agree with that. What is Danny’s assertation of that theory?

  10. If Barrett comes up with men on base again, I vote he gets PH’d for … even if it’s just Colt Morton … stop the madness!

  11. #59 – That assumes that Barrett could get a bunt down. He’d probably pop it up to the pitcher.

  12. Yahoo is saying Adrian was IW’d … huh?

  13. Thats what MLB Gameday says too

  14. 1st was open after Cameron advanced on Kouz’s ground out…

  15. At least Barrett had a decent at bat before he killed the inning this time

  16. I like kouz hitting third, good to see the kid get rewarded. The .270 BA is nice to see too.

  17. Wow marcus didnt swing at a single pitch!

  18. Michael Barrett is f’ing useless. At least Khalil is getting some runs across on my b-day.

  19. Jebus Padres, how many men are you gonna leave on base? Heat’s not available tonite, how about we convert some of these hits into runs?

  20. 1 run was kinda of pathetic from that inning

  21. Perfect inning for Claw

  22. 60,61,62…..Ha guys how are you doing .I just stared school 3rd grade. My dad says i got to go to bed. maybe i talk tomorrow.

  23. OK Danny, good night. Good luck with 3rd grade and enjoy while you can.

  24. What is our LOB at now?

  25. Despite what the bevy of runners left on tonight would imply, the Padres have hit much better with runners on base than with the bases empty this year.

    Empty: .238/.304/.396
    Runners on: .265/.342/.425
    Runners in scoring position: .270/.353/.438

    The Padres have actually been really clutch this year.

  26. #75: Shitty

  27. 76: I must miss all the games that they hit well with runners on. Good to know they are actually getting it done.

  28. Owings pitched a complete game. 5-0 d-backs

  29. Can of corn to Bay. Let’s get out of this game while the gettin’s good.

  30. KG’s got the Pirate’s # tonight and now Barrett will f*ck it up.

  31. I’ll start the chant: FREE COLT MORTON!

  32. Barrett is just awful… Why did we drop Laforest again?

  33. Wow, Barrett has been nothing short of worthless since coming to the Padres.

  34. Let’s hope Trevor can spin some magic to get this game over.

  35. Seems like Adrian should have had a play on that first single.

  36. Padres win! Padres win! Padres win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Remember when Trevor was washed up and done when he had that rough stretch in August?

  38. Then he pitched against SF and PITT.

  39. Barrett is about as bad a catcher as I have seen in a while. Sposed to have a decent bat but hasn’t shown it yet. Thank got Padre Majo is stronger then the Barrett Curse this night. Now, sit down Michael Barrett down at the end of the bench and don’t make a peep.

  40. 90
    I was initially excited about the Barrett trade, not so much now. He’s terrible — he’s made quite a few bonehead plays. And he never walks . . . and I mean never, like Vinny Castilla never.

    Bard has to be the everyday guy at this point.