IGD: Padres vs Pirates (18 Sep 07)

Game #150
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (12-10, 3.91) vs Tom Gorzelanny (14-7, 3.45)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

— Sun Tzu

Or even 162 battles. Go Padres!

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  1. Dogs (with Boomer on mound) @ Rox are 3-3 after 2 full (in 2nd game of day-night DH) …


    … Wells has thrown 48 pitches in the 1st 2 innings … nice … and the Dog bully has already worked 2.2 IP today …

  2. And the Cards are up 3-1 on Phily after 3 …


  3. Good work putting together the lineup by Black tonight. He gives OG a day off against a tough lefty, putting Clark out in right, and NOG gets the start at second. Good hitters hit at the top of the lineup; bad hitters hit at the bottom.

  4. SD4 Trivia question to easy tonight.

    Who threw out the first MLB pitch at Petco Park?
    A. Woody Williams
    B. David Wells
    C. Jake Peavy

    Obvious answer is A because Wells and Peavy weren’t even Padres when the Park opened.

  5. 3: Marcus has hit worse than Barrett and Clark for us though, he should be hitting 8th.

  6. 5 … btw, my kind of game … 3 blown saves! … and the Padres win!

  7. I forgot Wells was here that year. Wow, a lot of us tricked on that one. Majority chose Williams.

  8. 1 … Holliday dings Wells for a pair … Rox now up 5-4 after 5 …

  9. 7: Wasn’t that the game when Gary Payton robbed Barry Bonds of a homer and the Pads won 1-0? I haven’t checked your link, but that’s my recollection (of course, I might have thrown three different memories into one recollection….)

  10. Okay, so I’m not on the Barret-bashing-wagon, but I am a little disappointed to see him starting behind the plate tonight. Maddux has been throwing so well lately with Bard behind the dish, that I really hate messing with that kind of mojo…

  11. 2 … Philly’s tie it up 3-3 in top of 6th …

  12. 11: Okay, so I checked the link. I think my memory is mostly right except I forgot about the blown saves. Oh well.

  13. 8 … D-backs with 4 quick ones … up 4-0 on Gi’nts after 1st …

  14. 14 … and you forgot Jay Payton’s first name … but it’s an interesting typo, assuming that the “robbed” happened with a “glove” :-)

  15. Dink, dink, dink … hey, what’s with Bay batting 6th?

  16. Mad Dog has good placement tonight, but the bloopers are dropping in the wrong places.

  17. 16: Holy Crap! I can’t believe I typed that. I really meant to type Jay Payton. Wow. I need more sleep….

  18. Philly starting to scare me….we really need them to lose tonight.

  19. This is nice havin’ KK in the 3-spot with the first 2 guys getting on!

  20. 20 … Mets lose … if they keep that up, we won’t have to worry about Philly :-)

  21. 1 – Dogs get 3 … now up 7-5 after 5-1/2 …

  22. I like seeing Gorzelanney struggling in the 1st inning. Good indication they will have to go to the pen early.

  23. Are you guys ready to get pissed off at Barrett for blowing this opportunity? Because I sure am!

  24. 22: Except we’ll have to worry about the Mets….

  25. 25 … good ‘nuf, huh?

  26. All right, Barrett! Way to avoid being a scapegoat for at least one at bat.

  27. Any chance NOG takes the first pitch?

  28. 29 … hmmm, RBI single by NOG … how cool is that? I’d say he had a better than 20% of getting a hit in that situation … and it happened!

  29. It would be sweet if A-Gon could get 4 dingers and 13 RBI before the end of the season. I’d love to see his season totals as 30hrs and 100RBI. I think that would do a lot for his “PR”…

  30. Ouch, how bad are the Cardinals right now? It’s September, and Adam Wainwright is PH’ing in the bottom of the 7th …

    On the bright side, he got a single!!!

  31. The Yankees are now 2.5 back of the Redsox.. Holy Crap!

  32. After 1 …

    Pitches-strikes – T Gorzelanny 31-17; G Maddux 20-15.

    Ground balls-fly balls – T Gorzelanny 1-2; G Maddux 2-0.

    Batters faced – T Gorzelanny 8; G Maddux 7.

    … that inning by Gorz makes Maddux’ not look so bad!

  33. Thank you AGONZO!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Another chance for Barrett to fail us miserably.

  35. This time he comes through (at failing us miserably). Good thing the pop out came with two outs and the deeper fly out with one.

  36. Barrett, uuuggg. Take him out, hes a jinx.

  37. Joe Mauer. Answer to AFLAC trivia on 4sd?

  38. SOrry Freddy Sancheze.

  39. Mauer was the AL’s.

  40. #39: OK, I’ll jump on your bandwagon now after that.

  41. Glad Mad Dog was able to get out of that one.

  42. Let’s rock-n-roll in this 4th!!!!!!!

  43. Phillies up 4-3 in the top of the 10th

  44. #39: I’m now *definately* on your bandwagon!!!!!!!!!!!
    Barrett just f*cked up a bases loaded situation when he had all the opprotunity against a struggling pitcher. Grrrrrr.

  45. I officially dislike Barrett with a passion. 3 times with bases loaded and swinging on first pitch. Idiot!!! Take pitches — it builds tension.

  46. We’ve had 13 base runners in 4 innings. Some extra base hits would help us convert those to runs more efficiently.