IGD: Padres @ Brewers (29 Sep 07)

Game #161
time: 12:55 p.m. PT
tv: FOX
sp: Chris Young (9-8, 3.13) vs Dave Bush (12-10, 5.16)
pre: B-R.com

Now would be a fantastic time for the good Chris Young to make an appearance. Go Padres!

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  1. Let Tomko starts the game with Peavy in the wing tomorrow.

    Tough lost that game. So, now both Linebrink and Thatcher are touched up but their former teams. Still a good trade by KT. The Padres could have put the game away and didn’t need Trevor in the end. Who’d have thought TGwynn Jr. ended up golfing a very nice change-up to tie the game.

    Very exciting. Looking forward to the game tomorrow.

  2. That’s a good point, do you start Jake tomorrow and give yourself the best chance to not have to play Monday?

    Or do you save Peavy for either Monday’s play-in game, or game 1 of the LDS?

    Interesting decision for Buddy.

  3. Now that AZ knows it’s won the division, I hope the lineup card isn’t torn up last minute for scrubsville.

  4. sucks to be Trevor right now.

  5. Even though it’s a small sample size, Trevor has never been all that great in big games. He tried his best to blow last years division clinching game, and was just more succesful this year.

  6. 305. Good point (see Brosius, Scott – Game 3 1998 WS)

  7. And the All Star game implosion and Opening Night at Petco 2004.

  8. Okay, by my literal back-of-the-envelope calcs…

    32 different combinations of outcomes for games remaining that matter to the Pads chances….

    Good news, in 25 (78%) of those possibilities, Padres are outright WC and open the playoffs @ NYM or PHI

    In 3 combos (9%), Padres play game @ COL on Monday to determine WC

    In 3 other combos (9%), Padres have playoff game for WC on Tuesday, against loser of a Monday playoff between NYM & PHI – that Tues game would be either @ NYM or home vs PHI

    In final possibility (3%), Padres have Monday playoff @ COL, and must win to go to a 2nd playoff game either @ NYM or home vs PHI to determine WC

    Got it? They’ll be a quiz next period…

  9. 308: There’ll

  10. whabout all three games vs LA in ’96? whatbout the NLDS and NLCS in ’98?

  11. Rox win …


    … well, technically, they are only up 4-0 after 1 inning … but this game seems over … recalc your odds, dprat …

  12. And, oh yeah, we should all be pulling for ARI to beat COL now. At least once. Too bad COL is already up, 4-0 today, after 1.

  13. Tomko is 7-2 all-time against the Brewers with a 3.70 ERA … per the today’s AP game story on yahoo …

  14. Okay, LM, if you insist…

    If COL does win today….

    We’re down to 16 possibilities…

    In 11 of them (69%), Pads win WC outright

    In 3 (19%), Pads have playoff @ COL on Monday for the WC

    In 1 (6%), Pads playoff Tues against loser of PHI/NYM playoff game, either @ NYM or home vs PHI

    In final possibility (6%), Pads must win 2 playoff games, 1st on Mon @ COL, 2nd on Tues either @ NYM or home vs PHI

  15. Okay, I’m going to stop doing any more of this, ’cause Clay Davenport (who’s just a tad smarter than me) is doing it in a far more sophisticated model here all weekend:


  16. 314 … thanks, dprat … 8 of those 11 good outcomes are a Padre victory tomorrow … hmmm, still a chance Padres have to 2 pre-playoff games! yikes!

    Draft news: Tampa Bay clinches #1 pick … http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/draft/?p=236

  17. It’s probably too early to give this game to Colorado, considering it is Mark Redman pitching for the Rockies in Coors Field. Then again, the Diamondbacks have one of the worst offenses in the league.

  18. 5 straight change ups to Gwynn? Is that Bard or Hoffman? At least do one fastball to remind them to look for it.

    Horrible loss. It would really suck if we were within 1 strike of the post-season to have to go home.

    Basically if the Padres lose tomorrow, you can almost guarantee a playoff series.

  19. Definitely a tough loss. Hopefully the Padres will come out swinging today and obliterate Milwaukee.