IGD: Padres vs Rockies (16 Aug 07)

Game #120
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Clay Hensley (1-3, 6.18) vs Elmer Dessens (1-1, 6.60)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

Clay and Elmer… Sounds more like a pre-school art class than a big-league ballgame, but whatever. Go Padres!

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  1. 98: Great call Rick!!!!

    Keep it up boys!!! This must be kharma for the awful calls all nite.

  2. BroBI’s are good…very very good…

  3. 98: you need it you got it

  4. #64 – Where’s David ?

  5. It’s always interesting coming into an IGD in the middle and read the ups and down without ever seeing the actual score.

    Have to like the touchdown and safety in the bottom of the fifth.

    I like the way this one is heading.

  6. Not a bad inning. I think our guys are smelling play-offs and starting to step up again. Also, I think the roster changes have worn off, mentally.

    I’m going to bed now (not really, but just saying that seems to help).

  7. Brady Clark signed to minor league deal by Pads, sent to Triple-A

    Why not ? He will help in September. The Pads have no depth in the minor league’s in the outfield and Hairston’s injury recovery will be tricky.

  8. #96: I love baseball, too!

  9. I miss Hairston. He would of had a field day tonight!

  10. C’mon Cla, we need a tailor-made ground ball here.

  11. 110: Man I’m totally off tonite. Let’s go K-Cam!

  12. Keep it on the ground for a DP guys.

  13. Get him out of there Bud!

  14. Let’s just hope we can keep the bats going for the rest of the game.

  15. wow…when did this game get moved to coors field?

  16. well, Cameron (Kevin) didn’t acquit himself too well. we need a DP here, quickly.

  17. C’mon Hammy, get one more.

  18. Now this game is heading North East.

  19. God damnit bullpen.

    What the hell’s going on tonite?

  20. Whew! Finally.

  21. I don’t like this two run lead thing.

  22. 121: Totally with you there. This game is stressing me out.

  23. I should be in bed right now counting the seams on a baseball.

  24. Stichtes

  25. Thanks Trevor. Now I can go to sleep.

  26. Big win tonight. Star of the Game is Pete Laforest.

  27. Gutsy victory tonite. We definitely needed this.

    Nice game by Petey. I’d like to see more of that in the future.

  28. Just got back from the game; very strange. I haven’t watched on TiVo yet, but was the umpiring as bad tonight as it appeared from Section 300? Looked like the second base umpire botched the call on Sledge’s catch in the first, and the the third base umpire later erred in our favor on a bunt play. Also, the plate umpire seemed to have a liberal outside corner, particularly to right-handed batters.

    Ah, well; a win is a win. I’m even willing to forgive the “Padre fan” behind me who kept rooting for Colorado to score so she could have her Trevor Time…

  29. Geoff:

    I thought the calls low and away to righties looked pretty bad from section G in PC…

  30. 129 – Geoff, you are right – the home plate ump especially was all over the place on strike calls. Big zone, but worse, inconsistent. Fortunately, the outcome of the game didn’t hinge too closely on any particular piece of umpiring.

  31. I can’t get on to the server at my blog… durn WordPress!…. I’ll write it up tomorrow I guess…

    I’m very encouraged that the boys responded so well to Clay’s bad inning. Hensley just didn’t have it tonight and gets a victory, Young was awesome last night and gets a no decision.*shakes head* baseball will drive ya nuts…

    Congrats to Trevor for further extending the 30 Save seasons record. Thank you Pete for providing a spark…

    Oh, and all with ticket stubs get to go to Hooters for free wings. Tells you how often we score ten runs, I didn’t even know that promotion existed.

  32. I believe all 13 runs in the 5th (both teams) came with two outs. Weird game.

    Sledge’s double against a leftie? Amazing.
    Cameron’s no-doubt jack? Timely.
    LaForest’s jack against a leftie and the rally starting walk? Stunning.

    Still 3 back, but nice to win a series against this very good team. We get Houston at home, Arizona gets at Atlanta.

    Williams v Peavy
    Oswalt v Germano
    Albers v Maddux

    On paper we have a strong edge in two of those games. Let’s build some momentum…; Matt V I am so with you; last 10 games against teams not STL? 8-2. Then the 1-3 vs STL just kills us.

    Go Pads.