IGD: Padres vs Rockies (16 Aug 07)

Game #120
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Clay Hensley (1-3, 6.18) vs Elmer Dessens (1-1, 6.60)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

Clay and Elmer… Sounds more like a pre-school art class than a big-league ballgame, but whatever. Go Padres!

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  1. Nice catch Sledge.

  2. 51: Yeah, I was a little nervous about that myself.

    Damn, how many shallow flys have we hit tonite?

  3. #48 – If Giles was having just a little bit better of a year than he would would be in there everyday but his performance has been shockingly bad (what is he hitting since the slide in late May-it must be about a buck eighty ?)
    Blum seems to be “on” for nearly every plate appearance – even when he gets out he usually hits the ball hard and has been a better contact hitter this year than in the past.

  4. I’d take some Secret Pop right now…

  5. Ugh, come on guys.

  6. God, you can’t even script that even worse. Son of a bitch Padres.

  7. This is going south really quick.

  8. No one throwing in the pen ? Surprising to say the least.

  9. 5th innning and we’re giving up all sorts of runs….did David Wells start this game??

  10. Matty V just echoed my thoughts…

  11. I’m done for the nite. 4 games back and tied with the Rox, here we come.

    Seriously, what’s it gonna take right?

  12. Well, it looks like another starter will get a shot at the 5th starter spot. Who will get the next crack ?

  13. 62: I’m only 38 and I throw a mean knuckleball…think they’ll give me a tryout?

  14. This has just turned ugly – not just the game, but the season. I have remained hopeful, hoping that Arizona’s terrible RS/RA would catch up, but this Padres team is so inept in so many places that it doesn’t matter. I’m going to cross my fingers for a shot at the WC, but I really do think this is the ultimate low point of the season – losing a series at home to the team nipping our heels.

    I am a Padres fan but I just can’t get with this current team. Good night and good luck.


  16. holy buckets……Cameron just went huge yard…..

  17. Oh Cammy!!!!!!! This game just turned North!!!!

  18. That looked like a titleist

  19. #66: ‘Huge?’ No, Giagantic!

  20. Was he swinging a Big Bertha?

  21. LaForest gets another start (or two) over the weekend. We need some lightening in a bottle !!

  22. Ok so I shut off the game, and we start to rally? WTF? I’ll take it though.

  23. OH YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  24. SLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SANTA MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 72: turn the game back off….you’re bad luck… :-)




  29. Everybody bats….everybody hits… :-)

  30. Who are the guys with the bats, and why are they wearing Padre uniforms?

  31. Kouz just stole second…. awesome….


  33. Okay, it worked -
    the old “negative reinforcement” trick.


  35. that ball was smoked, yo

    OK, LaForest, you can stay a while

  36. And the ride never ends. Damn you all for giving up so early. But maybe that is our mojo!

  37. You like that Laforest swing, hanging in there against the lefty ? Laforest starts tomorrow. We may have our Jack Cust after all.

  38. You’re killing them Petey!

  39. pitching and 3-run bombs…yeah baby. ok, even if the pitching ain’t so good, the hitting is f’n sweet. cmon bullpen, this is on you now.

  40. 6 runs this inning, sheer awesomeness. OH PETEY!!

    Quebecois rock!

  41. Let’s get some ‘laugher’ mojo going here.

  42. that’s awesome – how often does someone get 2 AB in one inning as a pinch hitter? make the most of it, NOG

  43. And NOG with a DBL!!!! Who’d have thunk it?

  44. I love baseball..

  45. Ok, now I know something is going on. NOG with a 2-out opposite way double?

  46. We need a BroBI

  47. BROBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. wow that’s a hell of an effort by Sullivan. props.