IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (9 Aug 07)

Game #114
time: 5:10 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-3, 1.82) vs Joel Pineiro (1-2, 5.31)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

I’m still floored that Joel Pineiro didn’t work out as Boston’s closer. With his track record, who could have seen that coming? Oh, wait; I think the answer is everyone. Naturally he will dominate the Padres.

In less cynical news, Chris Young returns to the mound Thursday evening. Here’s hoping the oblique injury and subsequent layoff don’t come with any lingering side effects. It would be real nice to leave St. Louis with a split. Go Padres!

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  1. With the Dbacks and Rockies rolling, and even the Dodgers winning today, Wells being cut loose, losing a close game yesteday, today feels like a downer. But, every game counts, so here’s to hoping for a nice, simple win.

  2. Wow, not a very pretty lineup today. Both Blum and NOG are starting, and OG and Jenga have the day off. Ensberg instead of Kouz at third, but at least we have a chance to win because Bard is starting behind the plate.

  3. Glad to see Hairston in there tonight.

  4. If Piniero had been able to only close games against the Padres lineup, apparently he would have been quite effective.

  5. Glad to see us jump all over Pineiro…

  6. 12 pitches, 4 strikes is not a great sign, but at least he survived.

  7. I’m back from my east coast swing … NYC + Cooperstown + DC + Shuttle launch yesterday … whew … I’m hoping to get time to post HOF pics this weekend …

    After 1 full …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 12-4; J Pineiro 12-8.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 1-2; J Pineiro 0-2.

    Batters faced – C Young 4; J Pineiro 3.

  8. Welcome back LM.

  9. This looks a little better for CY.

  10. OK, really, our hitting is depressing. I love our team, but the collective anemia we can exhibit challenges my enthusiasm.

  11. Thru 2 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 23-11; J Pineiro 28-16.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 1-4; J Pineiro 0-5.

    Batters faced – C Young 8; J Pineiro 7.

  12. I think the humidity is having something to do with some of these well hit balls not going out. They seem to die mid-air.

  13. Thru 3 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 37-20; J Pineiro 43-27.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 2-4; J Pineiro 1-6.

    Batters faced – C Young 11; J Pineiro 11.

    … these numbers make it look like CY is back :-)

  14. Why can’t we be hitting some of these doubles in the same inning, or at least hit them with no outs?

  15. The Cardinals have a special ability to group their hits in one inning. It’s a lot more effective than the Padres’ strategy to get one in each inning.

  16. Boy, that’s one of those times that I bet LaRussa wishes he had batted his pitcher 9th…

  17. Thru 4 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 58-34; J Pineiro 55-34.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 2-6; J Pineiro 2-7.

    Batters faced – C Young 17; J Pineiro 15.

  18. We’ve got to win this damn game. CY has given up one run so far, he dserves a win.

  19. #18: Yeah, looks like the good ‘ol CY is back on his game. We just need to get some offense going here.

  20. Great. Terrible base running and he hurts himself. Awesome.

  21. Hairston is hurt and it doesn’t look good. Possible oblique or ribs. Yikes.

  22. #20: Yeah, that pretty much sucked.

  23. For those watching the game, anything looking good about our offense that might not come through on the Gameday? It looks like we are sending a lot of shots to the track and getting some nice doubles. Not going very deep in counts, and not hitting with men in scoring position (which is a bit of luck, in my book).

    Three “buy low” plays by KT and co, right now (some are early), not paying dividends:
    NOG, Ensberg, Barrett; Ensberg and Barrett might still come around.

    The 4th, Bradley, looking good but the health concerns that kept others away seeming quite relevant.

  24. That doesn’t help. Just when we were finally going to get a leadoff guy on.

  25. 23: That’s the thing with buying low. Frequently, you’re going to get nothing, but since you gave up nothing it’s really not a problem. Occasionally, like with Bradley, you’ll get a huge return that makes it all worth it.

  26. We’re starting to look like Oakland right now with everyone getting hurt.

    OT, did anyone see last nite’s Mythbusters? It’s all baseball myths. I’m only 15 mins in, but I highly recommend it to anyone.

  27. Ugh. Another hard hit ball for naught. I swear to god we’ve been so unlucky this series.

  28. Apparently the Giants just traded Mark Sweeney to the Dodgers

  29. Thru 5 …

    Pitches-strikes – C Young 75-43; J Pineiro 63-41.

    Ground balls-fly balls – C Young 3-7; J Pineiro 4-8.

    Batters faced – C Young 20; J Pineiro 18.

  30. 20/21 … tell me/us more about Hairston’s play … looks like he tried to stretch a single into a double?

  31. I wonder if we can scratch out a run against Cy Young tonight…

  32. I wonder if they put in Ankiel right now to re-start his pitching career, what would his pitching line be against us? Depressingly good, if fear.

  33. Ankiel would throw a freaking no hitter against us with 10 walks.. and we’d lose 1-0

  34. I fear, not “if fear”

  35. What is happening in the game, Yahoo is not updating…

  36. I’m so proud that the Padres can contribute to lowering the league ERA on both sides of the ledger….

  37. Rick Ankiel? Troy Percival? It’s like a freakin’ zombie flick…

  38. there we go…we can’t hit anything off the pitcher..maybe we can take out a couple of Cardinals fans..

  39. #30: Hairston lined a sharp single to left and was looking for two right out of the box. About three-quarters of the way to second base, he clutched the lower left side of his torso and was out easily. Hairston was removed from the game and replaced in LF by Terrmel Sledge.

  40. wow…this is really a depressing offense..

  41. #30: Hairston grilled a ball to left and was waived on to 2nd. The throw to 2nd beat him by about 8 ft. He slid, was tagged out and got up in pain holding the lower side of his left rib area. Exactly when and how he got hurt wasn’t clear.
    That’s what I saw.

  42. I like Mack, but his free swinging hurts right now when a pitcher is just mowing through us. According to GD, 4 of the 5 pitches he swung at were balls.

    This is really painful.

  43. 40: There’s tons of stuff good happening; the problem is, almost all of it is happening when we’re on defense, and the five good things that did happen on offense all happened in different innings

    Unless you were referring to this inning specifically, in which case, yeah, it pretty much sucks.

  44. #30: Hairston update: “Injured left oblique; will be re-evaluated tomorrow.”

    #43: It was a brutal at-bat. Be glad you didn’t see it.

  45. We have NOG and a pinch-hitter due up next inning, so the probability of scoring then is pretty much 0. At least we’ll have the best hitters up in the ninth.

  46. Yadier is Spanish for “Death to Padres”…

  47. Not that I disagree with the trades, but there may be some panic inching into the Padres’ front office. The future of Colorado and Arizona have arrived, and it looks pretty fearsome. This year is probably our best shot at winning the division over the next few (not saying we won’t, but youth will served soon), and none of our gambits are playing out very well.

    On a barely related note, I don’t like Ensberg. Yeah, 2 HR’s, but hating his 0 BB / 9 K’s. That does not count tonight’s flailing. Hopefully this will be a reverse jinx, but a lot of my frustation with our lame hitting seems to surface whenever he is penciled into the line up.

  48. Well, so much for a series split. God, I can’t believe how terribly ineffective we’ve been in this series.

  49. Did CY get squeezed on the Duncan AB? GD suggests two of the balls were strikes and ball 4 a borderline pitch.