IGD: Padres @ Cardinals (8 Aug 07)

Game #112
time: 5:10 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (7-8, 4.20) vs Kip Wells (4-13, 5.58)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

I’m fighting a battle with Excel that I cannot win. This chart was supposed to be useful; instead, it’s just… colorful?

Kinda reminds me of a Dead show I once saw in Vegas. Santana opened; we slept in a tent at a rest stop on the way home. That probably wasn’t the best idea.

Go Padres!

Padres OPS by Position, 2005 - 2007

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  1. I think that chart is actually pretty cool. My first thoughts are: OG used to be awesome; despite the clamoring for the re-signing of Roberts, LF is hitting much better this year; our catchers were incredible last year.

  2. The steady improvement from Khalil Greene is really encouraging.

  3. I like the chart. Encapsulates the fact that we haven’t had an elite level hitter to pull us along this year, even if our hitter last year was Piazza/Bard and Adrian.

    Also shows how much the Marcus Giles acquisition has sucked. When we traded Barfield it was Kouzmanoff that was the worry, not Giles.

  4. That SS improvement must be a result of Blum playing better as a backup this year, because Khalil’s OPS is down from last year. His slugging is up, but his OBP is down more than 50 points. Overall, Khalil has actually had a downward trend, with his career year coming his rookie year, and this year being his worst yet.

  5. I don’t know if this is any help, but if you have a program like Adobe Illustrator, you can save the Excel graph as an image, and then trace over it in Illustrator while you create something more elastic. It ultimately depends on whether you’re comfortable with the output quality of graphics from Excel: they’re too ugly for me.

  6. We only have two positive outliers from the mean this year? That’s pathetic. Especially when you consider the mean is set at about .720. Or worse.

  7. Geoff,

    What’s the LF OPS without the dozen or so games from Bradley?

  8. Where can I go to find out the percentage of times hitters swing at the first pitch? It seems like Adrian swings at every single first pitch ever, but always misses or fouls it off.

  9. Nice AB by Adrian, terrible defense by Encarnacion.

  10. #7: Working on it, hang on a sec…

  11. #7:

    overall: .262/.352/.467
    w/o Bradley: .244/.333/.444

  12. Back to square one with no outs.

  13. Looks like another busy day for the bullpen.

  14. Our defense is looking like the Bad News Bears this inning.

  15. #8: Go to the player page at B-R.com and click on “Show or Hide” next to “Pitch Data Summary”; Adrian has swung at the first pitch 33% of the time this year. Others:

    Bard: 33%
    Kouz: 32%
    Cameron: 31%
    OG: 22%
    Khalil: 18%

  16. 14: Yeah, in the first Act of the film.

  17. 11:

    So, .777 w/o Bradley. I’d call that a return to the mean while raising the mean to maybe .730.

    We’re down to one positive outlier, which is offset by 2B’s negative.

    Trouble ahead, trouble behind…

  18. Great escape job by Maddux to limit the damage, but he’s now thrown 25 pitches. Hopefully he can make it through 5, and Black will pull him quickly.

  19. Nice escape act there by Maddux, with an assist to the plate umpire and NOG.

  20. Barrett sure has been awful since coming to the Padres.

  21. Wow, terrific play by OG to double Kennedy off first!

  22. For a cheap laugh, listen to Jerry Coleman attempt to pronounce “Encarnacion”. He’s about 0 for 6 so far.

  23. Holy crap. Maddux with a leadoff double.

  24. Ugh. Way to run ourselves out of this inning.

  25. Too bad this lineup can’t hide Brian Giles’ and Black can write him into this lineup on a daily basis. This lineup doesn’t have enough to wash away OG’s unbelievably bad offensive numbers. His fielding is a joy to watch, his hitting approach makes me want to close my eyes. His situation reminds me a little of the Jody Reed situation/controversy the Pads had in 1996 as to whether he should be in the lineup daily –great field and weak bat—but as weak as Reed’s bat was that year OG’s hitting has even been worse.

  26. Shit. Getting guys on and leaving ‘em. The San Diego specialty.

  27. Nobody else in here tonite?

  28. This lineup tonight is terrible. The bottom HALF seemingly has a combined OBP of .270. I guess it is no coincidence that Jenga brings a whole different dynamic to the offense and having him go down helps explain why we are making two pitchers with a combine loss total of 23 looks like Cy Young. I am getting sick of saying that the other pitcher is tossing a good game when everyone else in the league lights these guys up like torches. It was one thing when it only happened at Petco, but now that it is happening on the road, it is embarrassing.

  29. NOG is terrible. Huge uncontrolled hack at the first pitch. Pops out to the catcher. 2 outs once again after the leadoff bat got on and has gone no further.

  30. Silent L’s hot bat just wasn’t hot enough. Grrrr.

  31. Dunno what it’s gonna take for this team to start scoring some runs today. We’ve hit some balls very hard and have gotten nothing for them.

  32. KT is not in the position to waive Marcus Giles, especially after the recent ax jobs. The Pads are in a pickle in regards to the second base position .

  33. 32: If jenga comes back, I give the job to Mackowiak full time. His defense can’t be any worse than Blum’s.

  34. Nice inning by Cameron.

  35. Nice inning for KC.

  36. Nice inning by K-Cam. Way to mitigate that double.

  37. Tim Redding lives! He’s pitching tonight for Washington. And he’s sporting a 2.43 ERA (21 IP). 14BBs in those 21 IP, however.

  38. Down on the Farm : AA – Matt Antonelli has hit two homers tonight and Colt Morton knocked in two more.

    AA – Pete Laforest hit two homers #28 & #29 (including a grand slam) and Brian Myrow hit another.

  39. Good thing Mike can run.

  40. 39: Pete Laforest is hitting like .230. He’s worthless.

  41. Cameron was safe!

  42. #38. I saw that Redding was scheduled to pitch against SF. I assumed, looking at the schedule, that he’d be giving up the record breaker to Bonds.

  43. Dodgers were shut out again tonight in Cincy; they are now in fourth place.

  44. Whew, caught a break there. Let’s get some runs.

  45. Looks like early season Cameron returned for this inning, complete with the nerve-wracking escape.

  46. Bucs have taken a 5-4 lead and knocked B Kim out of the game. I think it’s a four team race.

  47. Sigh. After a great AB by Adrian to start the inning, KG and KK hit lazy fly balls on a total of two pitches.

  48. 48: But they were fastballs right down the middle.

  49. Epic at bat by Milton Bradley. Is he limping as he walks to first?