IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (31 Jul 07)

Game #105
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Justin Germano (6-5, 4.20) vs Brandon Webb (9-8, 3.23)
pre: Padres.com

Remember when Justin Germano was pitching well? Yeah, that was great. Go Padres!

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  1. Well, this seems like a turning point kinda game and series, doesn’t it? Trading deadline done. New hitting coach, new bench, August baseball round the corner, and this is it. Are we going to hit, are we going to win series like in May and June, can the bully hold without Liny, can NOG and AGON start hitting? One thing I know is we have to start hitting better.

  2. I wouldnt worry about Marcus, I dont see him getting too much PT. Gonzo already started hitting, I am sure he will heat up with the august weather. The ‘pen was overworked, Scott from ’05 will be missed but at this point we didnt need him and he’s not doing any better in Brew town. Lets just get back in 1st by sweeping the D-Backs

  3. bradley had to be the pick up of the year. Guy works the count, walks hits and had good speed and defense. All he needs to do is stay healthy

  4. Question for all you outside of SD. I am moving out of SD tomorrow. What do you all use to watch the Padres. Is season ticket worth it? I would use MLB.tv but mlb.com hates Macs.
    Let me know how you all follow our Padres

  5. I think the question tonight is, who are we seeing for a last night in a PAdre uniform?

    It’s been said that Ensberg, Mackowiak and Ledezma are all planned to be on the roster as of tomorrow. Does Geoff Blum get DFA’ed, who moves down (Hampson/Thatcher?) and who else gets squeezed off the bench?

    An interesting 24 hours will ensue but I think the Padres did well this summer acquiring players and we haven’t even touched on Shea Hillenbrand who has a clause in the contract after 10 days will require a callup.

  6. 5: With the way Blum has been swinging the bat since he has been playing everyday at 2B, I dont see them DFAing Blum. It would be nice if they moved to 11 pitchers, DFA Brocail.

  7. I hope we just release Hillenbrand

  8. Cameron just missed catching a home run and then stole a hit from the next batter.

  9. S. Drew tags Germano. 2-0 D-Backs

  10. 6: Hopefully they can look past the recent small sample and cut Blummer.

  11. What are the odds of Hensley getting an “audition” start in CY’s spot to see if they replace Germano with Hensley?

  12. 10: I like Blum, and he has done a good job when he gets consistant AB’s. He did well last year too. This will probably be his last year, he will finish it out as a Padre. He has been great in the role he has had and he has looked good at 2B. I would rather him be starting over Marcus and say goodbye to both at the end of the year.

  13. I hope we don’t add Ledezma to the active roster. He has good stuff, but has been pretty bad this year so could definitely use some time in AAA to work stuff out. Interestingly, he has also made some starts earlier in his career.

  14. Ever since we got Barrett, Bard has been playing well. The threat of Barrett taking his playing time made him step it up or something. I like seeing Bard out there, he has good ABs

  15. We should keep Germano around just to pinch hit…

  16. 12: Geoff Blum is just a really bad hitter who doesn’t play either middle infield position at a league average level. I don’t see what he brings to the table.

  17. 16: .995 at 2B and .962 at SS is below league average?

  18. 17: What stats are you quoting there?

  19. I was referring to the pbp metrics.

  20. Career FP

  21. 20: That doesn’t penalize him for all the balls he never gets to.

  22. 20: FP is a notoriously unreliable statistic as it is dependent on errors (which are human interpretation, not objective). For example: Khalil gets to X number more balls than Blum. Because of that, he makes more errors. However, with Blum, those balls are just singles.

  23. I’m listening to the game from NYC tonite (just got back from the Yankees game where 7 of them homered, unreal). How are we looking so far tonite?

  24. 20: Look at his ZR.

  25. Germano’s looking pretty good actually.

  26. 25: Good. I read that Cameron almost robbed the HR?

  27. FP doesnt penalize Khalil for the balls he doesnt get to either, so when he half asses a play he doesnt get penalized (At least its a single for Blum and not an error so the runner advances to 2B). I know if I use the more basic statistics, you are just going to tell me they are not good enough. They work for me and its stuff I can understand easily and dont have to pay for. I didnt say Blum should be the starting SS, I said he is doing much better thn Marcus right now and is worth keeping on the team till the year is over. They you say goodbye to Blum and Marcus.

  28. 5 k’s in 3 innings is crazy for Germano.

  29. Exactly what plays does Khalil half-ass? That’s about the most ridiculous assertion I’ve heard in a long time. Knock Khalil all you want for his offensive inconsistency, but you’re starting to blur the lines once you begin to attack his defensive hustle.

  30. 28: i was just going to say that. Besides the couple hard hit balls in the 2nd he’s looked good

  31. 27: Zone Rating is free on ESPN and it’s about as basic as it gets and it’s way, way more useful than Fielding Percentage.

  32. QERA of 2.47 for Germano tonight. Looks better than the 6.00 actual ERA he’s sporting.

  33. 29: Dont get me wrong Khalil makes some amazing plays, but then alot of balls up the middle it looks like he gives up on them right away. Maybe I am used to the effort most the time, so when he just watches it roll up the middle it looks like he is half assing it. Also he seems to concede the run quite a bit, i dont know if that is his call or management though.

  34. 27: And what do you mean they “work for you”? Why would you choose an inferior metric when superior metrics are readily available from places as easy to find as ESPN.com?

  35. Brandon Webb has massive platoon splits. .533 OPS against to righties, .800 OPS against to lefties. It would be a good game to have Mackowiak.

  36. 33: “When in doubt, get an out.” I’m pretty sure that’s a managerial philosophy.

    So, let me ask you this. If the same bat is hit up the middle and both Rafael Furcal and Khalil Greene don’t react, does that mean Khalil half-assed the play?

  37. 35: Those splits are, in fact, massive.

  38. Wow, all Webb’s outs in play have come on fly balls. Very weird for him.

  39. Blum’s ZR for 2B and SS are above league average unless I am not reading it right .807 2B .839 SS?

  40. 36: When you play so many close games shouldnt you try to get the guy at the plate more often though?

  41. 34: Because I am used to going to other places than ESPN.com and looking at FP I guess. Its easy for me to understand, I see ZR now but I am not sure I understand it…

  42. #16 Explain this to me – Blum is 10 for his last 30 with 5 walks and you indicate that he is a “bad” hitter who brings little (and believe me, he is not a good hitter but a rather average one but even I have to admit that he deserves a roster spot) and you are perturbed when the Padre’s release a guy in Branyan (saying that he is a “good hitter” ) who has been hitting a buck sixty since April and had walked only once or twice in his last 50+ ap’s. Look, Blum has stepped up his game at the right time and remember, the Padres do not have a viable option to back up Khalil at shortstop.

  43. Dang I didnt realize Khalil’s OBP was down to .269. The whole team has got to start having better at bats.

  44. 40: Again, it’s a management philosophy. I don’t think the players have much say in it. If you’re pulled in, you’ll probably look home. If you’re at regular depth, you probably won’t.

  45. Angry, angry, pissed. AG just swung at a ball that would have hit the top of his feet. Camy swung an missed. The oly guy who can hit is MB and they just pitch around him. What is wrong with the FUCKING hitting on this team. Its killing me.

    Sorry for the swearing but its soooo frustrating. We can’t hit. MB is the only guy capable of working a count.


  46. Germano also has a large platoon split, but it’s a reverse one. .776 OPS against by righties and .625 OPS against by lefties. About half the plate appearances against him have come from each side, so the sample size isn’t that small. His BABIP is significantly lower to lefties, but so is the ISO power he gives up. I’ve read that Zito has had success in the past by limiting BABIP to righties because of his big curveball, and he’s another guy with a reverse split.

  47. 42: Are you seriously quoting me his last 30 AB? Blum has a .284 wOBA this season. League average is .333. His career numbers are also poor. As for Branyan, I’m tired of explaining that to you.

  48. 44: i understand its the management philosophy but wouldnt you think with the amount of close games we play they might change that?

  49. Could anyone compare Khalil’s K rates and BABIP from this year to last year? I really feel that he is K’ing less and putting more balls in play, but I’d obviously like to see the stats behind it.

  50. 47: Lets just all agree that Branyan has been replaced with a better bench at the deadline.
    As far as Blum, I guess we see his usefulness recently, but with no other option at SS if KG gets hurt (which hopefully doesnt happen but is likely) he has gotta stick around for his versatility and he has been playing well recently.