IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (18 Apr 07)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m. PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: David Wells (0-1, 7.00 ERA) vs Brandon Webb (1-1, 5.21 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com

Not that you’ll hear anyone complain, but I’d like to know what the schedule makers were thinking here:

Date Time (PT) Location
Apr 15 5:05 p.m. Los Angeles
Apr 16 5:05 p.m. Chicago
Apr 17 11:20 a.m. Chicago
Apr 18 7:05 p.m. San Diego
Apr 19 12:35 p.m. San Diego
Apr 20 6:05 p.m. Denver
Apr 21 5:05 p.m. Denver
Apr 22 12:05 p.m. Denver

What, no game in Ulan Bator on Monday?

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  1. 98: Cut him up like cake.

  2. Hoffman in for non-save situation.

  3. Wow, we go to Hoffy … wonder if Bud thought about letting KCamy go another inning?

  4. 99, 83: Nope, I was late to the party too, not getting here until the second.

    Apparently Black’s not planning on going 14, though, because Cameron only goes 1.

  5. 103 … I guess with the 4-5-6 hitters coming up, you go to Hoffy … cool.

  6. 104 … I hope we do go 14 … then let Blum hit … either way we win … either he comes thru and we literally win … or he blows it and bust the myth …

  7. LynchMob – can you throw me a bone here? How was Arizona’s first run Mike Cameron’s fault?? (it looks like you were blogging at that time)

  8. Oops, Hoffy diggin’ a hole …

  9. Consecutive walks by Hoffman, a rare happening.

  10. 107 … I’m just “watching” at http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/gamecenter/live/MLB_20070418_ARI@SD … all I know is that Drew led off the game with a “double to center” …

  11. Whew … trouble averted …

    If I’m Bud … I’m thinking about when to use McAnulty … and I’d like to see him hit for Laforest … even with short bench … and especially if KK gets on …

  12. The San Diego gun has Hoffman’s changeup coming in 12 mph slower than his fastball.

  13. PMac was optioned to AAA before the game…

  14. 107 … I guess you need to wait for Richard to come back on-line … based on #6, he was watching … and didn’t like what he saw …

  15. Sorry Lynch, no McAnulty today. He got sent down for relief help, I believe.

  16. 113 … GAA … that’s right … bummer … so Cruz will hit in Hoffy’s spot …

  17. Way to get it started, Pete! I never doubted ya :-)

  18. Blum’s AB looks like a success … in that he did not GIDP …

  19. It’s up to OG … be ORANGE, dude!

  20. Allright, Mike, follow the example of Brian and find the orange deep inside of you.

  21. Mike is due….please….please!

  22. C’mon MCamy … be ORANGE too!

  23. Eh, all he could muster was a dull grey …

  24. Now who pitches? Thompson? The new guy? Yikes!

  25. Carillo’s line tonight for Portland = 5 IP, 1 H, 5 BBs, 2Ks, 1 ER … mixed …

  26. Linebrink has no control over his non-fastball pitches, and very little over his fastball. And as I type this he gets a nice curve over for strike 1.

  27. Marsh…
    Wasn’t really a misplay by Cameron, just a late break on a short fly.

  28. Linebrink does the job …

    Yahoo’s box score is back on-line … here’s a summary of the pitching thru the top-o-10th …

    Pitches-strikes – B Webb 106-75; B Lyon 14-10; D Wells 85-60; K Cameron 13-8; T Hoffman 21-11; S Linebrink 13-7.

    Ground balls-fly balls – B Webb 10-1; B Lyon 2-0; D Wells 10-7; K Cameron 1-1; T Hoffman 1-1; S Linebrink 1-2.

    Batters faced – B Webb 34; B Lyon 5; D Wells 26; K Cameron 4; T Hoffman 5; S Linebrink 3.

  29. 128 … thanks, jessse … but that begs the question … how does a “short fly” turn into a “double”?

  30. 128: thanks. 130:good question.

  31. Stephen Drew was hustling, unlike Giles when his fly was dropped, and made it into 2nd while Cameron got to his feet (he laid out to try to catch the short fly).

  32. Geoff Blum is our best pinch hitter? Does Matt look at stats? How can you follow this team regularly and hold this opinion?

  33. On to the 11th … we’ll see what Cla has left in the tank …

  34. Bonds just HR’d to tie up the Gi’nts game vs Cards …

  35. 133 … Blum is clearly the most “clutch” … he’s “Mr. 14th Inning”, right?

  36. Wow – old news, I guess, but Buerhle tosses the no-no tonight… I kinda thought that we would be the first team no-hit this year…..

    oh, and A-rod with his 9th dinger… wow….

  37. In case you didn’t notice … Buerle with no-no vs Rangers tonight … best part: his only BB was to Sammy, whom he then picked off … so he faced the min 27 hitters :-)

  38. Our bully ROCKS … Cla gets us to bottom of 11th … just 1 run, boys, just 1 run!

  39. 137: The Nationals are the team most likely to be no-hit.

  40. 136: Ah, ok. I propose we save Blum every game until the 14th inning so he can win the game then.

  41. 140: good point.

  42. 141 … YES … GREAT IDEA!

  43. I have a bad feeling about this…

  44. So, we get to Thompson …

  45. Figures that he’d catch the brick-glove-disease that seems to be going around the dugout …

  46. Wow. What a great play all around.

  47. Great, great double play. Kouz to Greene to M. Giles at first. Great throws by Kouz and Greene.

  48. that was a ridiculously talented play by Kouz… I mean, you never actually practice the underarm throw to 2nd base off a bunt down the 3rd base line…

  49. Kouz’s play just saved us a run…