World Series IGD: Cardinals @ Tigers, Game 2

first pitch: 5:05 p.m., PT
television: FOX
matchup: Jeff Weaver (8-14, 5.76 ERA) vs Kenny Rogers (17-8, 3.84 ERA)
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Another day, another Cardinals starter with a 5+ ERA. I’m out of town this week, but feel free to chat about the game or anything else. Enjoy!

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  1. The players and owners have apparently reached a new labor deal.

    No mention in the article of compensation picks for teams that lose free agents, which I have heard they were discussing ending.

    It’s great that they worked things out early without public antagonizing, and there is no threat of baseball being canceled next year.

  2. That’s great news. What a change from prior years! Very interested in the details once they’re available.

  3. So, what does Rogers have at the base of his thumb? Looked like pine tar to me.

  4. off topic

    have you guys seen this? Baseball crosswords at B-R . . .

    Yes I am a baseball nerd.

  5. Also off topic, ESPN is reporting the Shawne Merriman is being suspended for 4 games for violation of the steroid policy.

  6. This game is frustrating. I dislike the Cardinals since they’re bad and don’t really deserve to be in the World Series. Plus, they beat the Padres, Jeff Weaver is a bad pitcher, Tony La Russa is a bad manager, and Pujols can be rather ungentlemanly at times. However, I despise Kenny Rogers, and the whole him cheating thing didn’t really help his case. Unfortunately, baseball hasn’t invented a procedure whereby both teams playing in a given game lose.

  7. What do you think the over/under is for Todd Jones blown saves in this WS is? I wonder how much “over” action they’d get at 1.5 :-)

  8. Sorry about the double-is … what’s the over/under on gramatical and/or spelling errors in one of my comments???

  9. ESPN reviewed tapes of Rogers’ starts against the A’s and Yankees and found a similar brown substance on his hands for both games.