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OBG08: Wolf, Prior, and Others

OBG08: Le Menu Josh Bard/Michael Barrett Adrian Gonzalez Tadahito Iguchi Kevin Kouzmanoff Khalil Greene Scott Hairston Chase Headley Jim Edmonds Brian Giles Jake Peavy Chris Young Greg Maddux As a reminder, we’re looking for your individual best guess on how these players will perform in 2008. Attempting to compensate for other guesses that you don’t [...]

OBG08: Brian Giles

What to say about Brian Giles? His power is pretty much gone (except when he visits Cincinnati — that’s July 21 – 23 if you’re keeping score at home), and last year his walk totals took a dive. He also played all season with a bum knee that required surgery. Giles is 37 years old, [...]

Why I Hate Prospect Lists

Like Jayne Cobb’s hat, they make me look like an idiot. Here’s my list from 2003: honorable mention 11-20 1-10 A few lowlights: #18: Mike Nicolas In 2003, Nicolas likely will serve again as Rusty Tucker’s primary setup man, this time at Double-A. He already has the ability to put the ball past hitters; if [...]

More Spring Training Thoughts

We’ve got the spring training meetup poll going over there on the right. With very few precincts reporting, so far it looks like folks want to get together in the desert sooner (Feb 29 – Mar 2, or Mar 7 – 9) rather than later (Mar 14 – 16, or Mar 21 – 23). Typically [...]

Did Giles Bounce Back, and Where Does He Go from Here?

As part of the book-writing process, I’m going through pretty much everything that we’ve covered here at Ducksnorts over the past year or so. One question we asked last November was whether Brian Giles‘ 2006 was a blip or the beginning of a slide. Among other things, we looked at a slew of historical comps [...]

First Projections for 2008

Dan has posted 2008 ZiPS projections for the Padres (hat tip to Ben B. in the comments). Some key names: Hitters Player BA OBP SLG Josh Bard .281 .366 .401 Adrian Gonzalez .284 .351 .511 Matt Antonelli .254 .337 .376 Kevin Kouzmanoff .289 .345 .492 Khalil Greene .249 .300 .442 Scott Hairston .243 .317 .405 [...]

Can Giles Bounce Back?

There’s been some discussion recently on the value of Brian Giles. Specifically, did his 2006 season (.263/.374/.397) represent an aberration or the beginning of the end? Giles turns 36 in January, so it’s tempting to believe that the latter is the case. However, there is precedent for a player performing at a very high level [...]

Elias Player Rankings

Following the lead of Jim McLennan at AZ Snakepit, here are the Padres 2005-06 Elias player rankings: Hitters Brian Giles 83.333 A Mike Piazza 76.923 A Mike Cameron 71.333 A Todd Walker 70.996 A Dave Roberts 66.000 A Khalil Greene 62.434 B Josh Bard 54.762 B Ryan Klesko 53.778 B Josh Barfield 49.134 C Adrian [...]

Greene Day

The big news, of course, is that Khalil Greene has won the shortstop job. Rey Ordonez abruptly and unexpectedly left camp, essentially giving Greene the nod. It should be said that Greene was making a strong claim on the position even before Ordonez left (which may also have been a contributing factor to Ordonez’ departure). [...]

Petco Pix

Spent three hours touring the park yesterday. Initial reactions: The stadium has a very open feel to it. The marketing folks have been saying that Petco takes advantage of what San Diego has to offer and they’re not kidding. Where the Q felt a bit monolithic and claustrophobic (particularly after the lone view of Mission [...]