OBG08: Brian Giles

Brian GilesWhat to say about Brian Giles? His power is pretty much gone (except when he visits Cincinnati — that’s July 21 – 23 if you’re keeping score at home), and last year his walk totals took a dive. He also played all season with a bum knee that required surgery.

Giles is 37 years old, so a rebound is far from assured. Still, if he can stay healthy, I expect a slight uptick: 600 PA, .282/.382/.432. This could be wishful thinking on my part, but I’m feeling a little froggy today.

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  1. BTW, the Padres are close to signing Khalil to two-year $11 million contract.

    At least that takes care of arbitration.

  2. Giles: 555 ABs .266/.388/.404

    About the Greene signing…what does this change in terms of future potential trades of Greene? If he is traded during his arbitration years, does that mean that he’s just eligible for arby with his new team? Are there any limitations there?

  3. 4: I think this means that Khalil probably won’t be traded in the next two years. This still leaves room for them to sign him to a longer-term deal next winter.

    The way I see this situation, this could be a way for each side to get a better sense of Khalil’s true value before comitting to a longer term. Khalil may think he’s worth more than what the Padres were offering for 4 years, and putting up a monster 08 will force the Padres’ hand if they want to keep him. The Padres may think the exact opposite, and might hope that Khalil puts up a similar year to last year, which won’t exactly give him extra bargaining power.

    I could totally be misreading this situation, but there’s a thought. Glad that he’s locked in for two more years. Next season, let’s extend him.

  4. .275/.375/.450 500 PA’s

  5. Giles 550 PA’s .290/.391/.420
    Glad they signed my favorite Padre for 2 more years.

  6. With five precincts reporting: 552 PA, .280/.384/.424.

  7. 400 AB, .270, .350, .440

  8. Brian Giles…400 PA, .240/.320/.390

  9. maybe its just me, and dont get me wrong i really like mike sweeney and think he’d be an asset to some team.

    i just dont see him being much of a fit for us. he can only play first base and pinch hit? i mean we need an outfielder that can pinch hit not a 1Bman. thats arguably one of our strongest positions. why would be bolster that position when we have a sizable gap in talent in the OF. i’d rather have murton, lofton, nady or even P Mac hold down the last bench/PH spot simply because we can put them in the OF on a bad day.

    im pretty sure sweeney would look like klesko in the OF. hes a talented batter but he doesnt fit our squad.

    any thoughts?

  10. 650 PA, .280/.360/.415. Assuming health. Which is a big assumption.

  11. Giles hit 13 HR despite missing over 40 games. He was also playing through an injury so I think he can do better. However, he is a year older and the injuries can take a toll on an aging player so I won’t expect much more power. I will predict slight increases in several categories, though.

    .280/.385/.422; 14 HR, 32 doubles, 85 R

    The Pads need to show Khalil the money. I say we lock him up now for four more years at market value, no SD discount. I did some research on the team’s history at SS and it has been ugly without a steady player at the position.


  12. Re. 13: “The Pads need to show Khalil the money…”

    Yeah… They tried to but Kahlil wouldn’t do it…

    (from Geoff’s link on #2)

    “The Padres had been seeking to sign Greene to a three-or four-year deal with an option to keep him a Padre beyond the end of the 2009 season, when the shortstop first becomes eligible for free agency.”

    Giles: .282/.382/.405

  13. Giles: .270/.370/.420, 520 PA’s

  14. With 11 precincts reporting: 526 PA, .275/.372/.419.

  15. 502 PA, .264/.383/.421

  16. 534 PA, .273/.378/.392 for Giles.

  17. Preview NL West.
    No mention of Kouz or CY.

  18. Preview NL West.
    No mention of Kouz or CY.


  19. 550 PA’s .283/.381/.380

  20. 550 PA .260/.345/.400

  21. 21: CY is mentioned “Peavy, Chris Young and Greg Maddux lead the rotation, with Randy Wolf likely to follow.”

  22. 24: Oops, thanks for the correction.

  23. Giles:

    600 AB’s: .280/.395/.390

    Power says” Good bye cliff, I’ll miss you” but the OBP is still very real

  24. 500 PA, .270/.365/.410