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Winning Is Better Than Knitting

Winning is so much more fun than losing, n’est ce pas? Every starter except Jim Edmonds and Chris Young collected at least one hit on Wednesday in the Padres’ 4-2 victory over Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park. Tadahito Iguchi broke out of a season-long slump with four hits, while Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Kouzmanoff each [...]

Gee, I Still Don’t Understand Sample Size

The Padres need to go out and get more hitters. I know this is true because I keep hearing it. I also know it’s a complete load of garbage. What they really need is for the hitters they already have to start performing up to their capabilities. Padres Hitters: 2008, 2007, Career     2008 [...]

IGD: Padres vs Rockies (17 Apr 08)

Padres (8-7) vs Rockies (6-8) Jake Peavy vs Jeff Francis 7:05 p.m. PT Channel 4SD AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189 MLB, B-R The evolution of teams running wild against the Padres:   Year Inn SBA/9 CS% Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference. 2004 1441 0.59 .266 2005 1455 0.74 .210 2006 1463 1.08 .148 2007 [...]

Life’s Sweetest Reward

The season is extremely young, and we shouldn’t place too much faith into three weeks of stats, but have you noticed that the Padres are beating their Pythagorean? Yeah, they’ve scored 49 runs and allowed 57, which is more indicative of a 6-9 record than the Pads’ actual 8-7 mark. Again, it’s early and we [...]

Cold and Windy, with a 100% Chance of Victory

I’ve been advised that dwindling attendance at Petco Park shouldn’t worry me. This, of course, only worries me more. It’s early, and this may all be in my head, but I don’t think so. The ballpark was dead (heck, the entire Gaslamp was dead) on Tuesday night. It’s possible that 20,825 bought tickets, but there’s [...]

IGD: Padres vs Astros (31 Mar 08)

Padres (0-0) vs Astros (0-0) Jake Peavy vs Roy Oswalt 7:05 p.m. PT Channel 4SD AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184 MLB, B-R It’s beginning to look a lot like Opening Day. What better time to bust out an esoteric table: Jake Peavy: 2007 Starts by Percentage of Pitches for Strikes Str/Pit GS IP/GS H/9 [...]

Padres Pick Up Black’s Option

The Padres have picked up manager Bud Black’s option for 2009 and reportedly would like to extend his contract even further. Quoth GM Kevin Towers: We thought he had a great year and he’s only going to get better and better. He’s a pro, he’s smart, he represents the organization very, very well. The players [...]

The Year Jake Peavy Turned Hitters into Matt Walbeck

I recently picked up the Bill James Gold Mine 2008. There’s tons of great stuff in here, as you’d expect, but two items in particular have captured my imagination (so far): the “record of opposing batters” James presents for certain pitchers, and the “comps” he offers of team batting records to individual career batting records [...]

Matched Pairs: Batters

I’m addicted to Baseball-Reference’s PI tool. For grins I ran a search on everyone who has accumulated 1500 or more career plate appearances with the Padres (39 in total) and ordered them from top (Fred McGriff) to bottom (Enzo Hernandez) according to OPS+. Then I looked for “matched pairs” — guys who have the same [...]

Did Giles Bounce Back, and Where Does He Go from Here?

As part of the book-writing process, I’m going through pretty much everything that we’ve covered here at Ducksnorts over the past year or so. One question we asked last November was whether Brian Giles‘ 2006 was a blip or the beginning of a slide. Among other things, we looked at a slew of historical comps [...]