IGD: Padres vs Astros (31 Mar 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (0-0) vs Astros (0-0)
Jake Peavy vs Roy Oswalt
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

It’s beginning to look a lot like Opening Day. What better time to bust out an esoteric table:

Jake Peavy: 2007 Starts by Percentage of Pitches for Strikes
Str/Pit GS IP/GS H/9 HR/9 BB/9 K/9 ERA W-L RS/G RA/G
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
>.66 10 6.80 5.16 0.40 2.51 11.25 1.72 8-1 6.70 2.60
.63-.66 15 6.60 7.64 0.45 2.36 9.00 2.36 6-4 3.73 2.87
<.63 9 6.30 7.31 0.79 3.65 8.89 3.81 5-1 6.44 3.78

Throwing strikes is good. Apparently so is having your teammates score lots of runs.

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  1. 97: Almost of all them should be 7th inning guys. Bullpen by script is stupid.

  2. 101: I agree, basically 2 spots should be fairly stagnant, mop up guy and closer.

  3. Great performance by Jake, picking up right where he left off.

  4. Gotta like our #1 pinch hitter option this year.

  5. This kid Wright looks like he should still be in Middle school..

  6. I think him and Lincecum are in the same class.

  7. Backe v CY tomorrow. Backe’s their #2? That’s some dropoff from Oswalt.

  8. hey…”Pen-Ultimate”. that’s kinda clever.

  9. What the hell was Tejada thinking?

  10. enjoyed watching cla a few times here in ‘zona…

  11. PADRES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. No one got to do “Death, taxes, Hoffman?” Nice win!!!

  13. a little more reserved than game one win last year, eh?… and about 2/3 comments. In any case, i hope they do well!

  14. 69: Candace is a girl and led the women’s Stanford team to the Final Four…Stanford men were knocked out in the Sweet Sixteen

  15. Oops…meant to say Stanford men were knocked out in the Elite Eight…my bad

  16. Ok last post I swear…Stanford men were knocked in the Sweet Sixteen…these late nights at ESPN are killin me

  17. 117: Yes, I knew that. Sorry. She is a WOMAN.

  18. Latos is on the shelf with a sore shoulder. They say it is not serious but?


  19. Just returned home from Petco. Terrific game; hopefully many more just like it.

  20. Is there something to our top minor league pitchers having arm trouble? Schmidt, Latos, Stauffer, Carrillo, Bush…sorry had to throw that in there…all go down with arm injuries…those are some high draft picks, spread out over a few years. I guess those five are not statistically significant, but those five do represent some serious draft positions in our organization.

  21. re 121: Yeah bad luck

  22. Mark…don’t you think that if we have 5 of our top few draft picks all go down with injuries in a short bit of time would at least point to something more than just luck?

  23. re 123:


    Seriously, what could it possibly point to? Is Moores instructing them to intentionally draft players who are already hurt(Stauffer, Schmidt) or to take players that the magic oracle has told him will get hurt in the future(Carillo, Bush) in an attempt to save money.

    By the way, too soon to add Latos to that list. Plenty of guys miss 1 start when they are in A ball without any long term effects.

  24. 118 … and, just for the record, it’s Candice Wiggins …


    … and she’s been an AWESOME basketball player @ Stanford!

  25. 125: I know, I follow the sport closely.