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Can Giles Bounce Back?

There’s been some discussion recently on the value of Brian Giles. Specifically, did his 2006 season (.263/.374/.397) represent an aberration or the beginning of the end? Giles turns 36 in January, so it’s tempting to believe that the latter is the case. However, there is precedent for a player performing at a very high level [...]

Chris Young, Development of Tall Pitchers, and Enjoying the View

Back before the season started we were trying to get a handle on some of the unknown new Padres, among them right-hander Chris Young. Spurred by a Bruce Bochy quote, I asked whether tall pitchers take longer to develop. What I found at the time is that “there isn’t real solid evidence that taller pitchers [...]

A Few Quick Thoughts

Oh boy, Baseball Reference has added 2004 stats. Check out the Padres page. You can see that Sean Burroughs compares well to Edgardo Alfonzo and Brooks Robinson at the same age, among others. You can also find weird pieces of information. For example, you probably know that Ryan Klesko hit just 9 homers this year, [...]