Padres Pick Up Black’s Option

Bud BlackThe Padres have picked up manager Bud Black’s option for 2009 and reportedly would like to extend his contract even further. Quoth GM Kevin Towers:

We thought he had a great year and he’s only going to get better and better. He’s a pro, he’s smart, he represents the organization very, very well. The players like him. The longer he’s here and the more people get to know him they’re going to realize he’s a special guy.

I’m generally pleased with the job Black did in his rookie campaign, and it’s clear now that he was the right man to take over when Bruce Bochy bolted to San Francisco. Here’s what I said about Black when the Padres hired him in November 2006:

According to his Angels bio, Black hasn’t managed at any level. How much does that matter? Eh, the difference between “has fresh ideas” and “lacks experience” is about the same as that between winning and losing.

Was Black perfect? No. Nobody is. In the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual, I take exception to moves he made (or didn’t make) in games on April 18 and July 3. But that’s twice in 163 games I felt compelled to whine about his decisions. I’m pretty sure I can live with that.

One aspect of Black’s brief tenure that I’ve enjoyed so far is the home runs. If you read many season previews right now, they’re spouting a bunch of nonsense about how the Padres have no power. It’s okay, they’re not well informed. They should be, but they’re not.

Anyway, I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but check out what’s happened under Black’s watch in terms of the big fly:

Padres Home Runs by Manager
    Home Runs Games
Manager Games Padres Opp Diff Wins Losses Pct
Stats are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
Bud Black 163 171 119 +52 89 74 .546
Preston Gomez 496 371 364 +7 180 316 .363
Greg Riddoch 394 307 304 +3 200 194 .508
Bob Skinner 1 1 1 0 1 0 1.000
Jim Riggleman 291 249 255 -6 112 179 .385
Roger Craig 323 168 182 -14 152 171 .471
Steve Boros 162 136 150 -14 74 88 .457
Alvin Dark 113 81 96 -15 48 65 .425
Jerry Coleman 162 67 97 -30 73 89 .451
Frank Howard 110 32 64 -32 41 69 .373
Jack McKeon 357 254 295 -41 193 164 .541
Don Zimmer 304 210 269 -59 114 190 .375
Larry Bowa 208 141 210 -69 81 127 .389
John McNamara 534 279 373 -94 224 310 .419
Dick Williams 649 392 532 -140 337 311 .520
Bruce Bochy 1926 1747 2085 -338 951 975 .494

Gomez and his .363 winning percentage remind us that outhomering the opposition ain’t the end-all and be-all. That said, Black’s Padres were the first to outscore the opposition at Petco Park. Here’s hoping Black can build on his initial success in ’08 and make the “experts” feel a little sheepish for picking the Padres to finish fourth in the division.

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  1. KG with 2 hits and a walk today … whew …

    And Yefri Carvajal with a hit today … sneak preview of 2011!

  2. Texas’ catcher (Laird) with an SB off Rusch/Bard … and the beat goes on …

  3. Like Tom, I like the addition as a RH bat off of the bench. I also agree that PMac might be the most likely to go. We need that backup CF and I think that probably gives Gerut the advantage over PMac.

    Maybe we can be a little creative and lose Rodriguez instead of P-Mac. Barrett can be a reserve at 3B, P-Mac and Huber at 1B, Crabbe at SS and 2B as well as CF…When Edmonds gets back, Hairston is your reserve CF and also maybe an emergency 2B/3B. If Khalil or Iguchi gets hurt, we’ve got lots of guys at Portland (Stansberry, Rodriguez, Robles, etc) that could coem up for 2 weeks.

  4. Don’t know if this was mentioned, but Germano was names the “official” 5th starter.

  5. P-Mac aint helping his case with an error today. The game has completely fallen apart today in the 8th with the Rangers scoring 6. Ridiculous.

  6. 22: Based on articles from the past couple days …

    Will Ledezma is 90 percent to make the team.

    Carlos Guevera, Justin Hampson are probable to start the season on the disabled list.

    This means the last spot is down to Enrique Gonzalez and Kevin Cameron, and Cameron has had limited work because of injuries.

    Germano named fifth starter:

  7. If anything I think Huber could spell the end of Jody Gerut as opposed to P-Mac. Bud Black hinted at such in his 1090 interview last night. When asked if Gerut would be the left fielder if Hairston was in center on opening night Buddy said he thought it would be P-Mac in left because as good as Gerut has been P-Mac has been better. I really don’t see the benifit of keeping Gerut over P-Mac. I don’t see Gerut holding any edge because he can supposedly play center. With his 2 questionable knees I think Center is beyond his reach at this point. P-Mac is younger has a lot more upside (IMO) and is out of options. He seems to be the exact guy the padres system is all about and I can honestly see him contending for the RF job next season. I really don’t see the 08 Padres without P-Mac on the team.

  8. Seems like Huber was a converted catcher and has been playing 1B and some OF since. Looks like a pretty good stick.

  9. The fact that Gerut has come back at all to play this season is pretty amazing. He hasn’t played in a major league game since August of 2005. I was trying to think of a batter who had missed two seasons in a row to injuries and came back and was productive and couldn’t come up with anyone. Moises Alou has missed two seasons but they were years apart, anyone else come to mind?

  10. Just FYI, my spam filter seems to be eating URLs with sandiego.padres in them. Uh, hello, this is a Padres blog.

    Anywho, I’m trying to catch these as they happen. Eventually the problem should correct itself.

    Stupid computers…

  11. 60 … How about that Hamilton guy that played for Reds last year (and HR’d in yesterday game vs Ranger, iirc)?

    61 … OK, so I won’t link to Corey’s article at about this, but he says …

    The move likely means Huber will replace infielder Luis Rodriguez as the team opts to use Callix Crabbe as it’s primary reserve infielder.

  12. 62: Sweet. No disrespect to Rodriguez, but Greene shouldn’t need much time off the first couple months.

  13. #62, 63: Yep, that is great news. :-)

  14. At first, I was thinking Rodriguez would be sent down, leaving Crabbe as the only backup, which is OK because if anything happened to Khalil, L-ROD could be recalled the very next day. After I put some more thought into it, my guess is that Gerut or P-MAC are more likely to be gone, conisdering that is what’s going to happen anyways once Edmonds is ready to play. Even if Edmonds starts the season on the DL, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to miss that much time. Once he’s activated, Gerut or P-MAC are out of here anyways so why even keep the odd man out here for just one or two weeks. Then again, Towers can make another deal in the next day or two and we’ll be talking about a whole different scenario.

  15. Havent seen a link for it yet, but 1090 reported Padres 1st manager Preston Gomez is in critical condition after getting hit by a truck at a gas station in Blythe.

  16. Actually, found the link right after I posted.

    I’m hoping for the best for him.

  17. Huber projected to .255/.322/.420 with the Royals according to PECOTA. His 75th Percentile was a more respectable .269/.338/.453.

    I like the acquisition quite a bit. I don’t see a ton of upside, but he seems like he can be a quality (just above average) bat that can play more than one position.

  18. maybe huber’s knee situation is improved enough that he goes back to catcher, and we’ll learn of a michael barrett trade tomorrow morning. occasionally the padres try to save money…

  19. 67: Just read that news on Baseball Musings.
    I hope he’ll recover. All best wishes for the family.

    58: Yes, it was. Good catch.

    Like Huber. He should hit. What does this mean for P-Mac?

  20. Good for Justin G. I hope he has a good year. And Free P-Mac. He seems like such a good guy; I really hope he can have some success, finally. :-)

  21. TK @ UT’s blog answers several questions …

    LRod is out … KCam is out … but EnGon is in.

  22. It’s been a while since I checked the “Friar John” blog at … now I see he’s resurfaced … and has lots o’ good info & links …

    … including this shoutout on March 24th …

    One of the top independent Padres bloggers, Geoff Young of Ducksnorts, quizzed longtime U-T beat writer Tom Krasovic.

    … “one of”??? ;-)

  23. ESPN’s Tim K predicts Mark Prior’s return date as June 1st …

    … GY, poll topic? (Alternative: who plays for 2008 Padre first … Headley or Prior? :-) )

  24. 73 … FJ says most recent media reports suggest this will happen …

    Jim Edmonds, Justin Hampson, Carlos Guevara, Clay Hensley, Mark Prior and Tim Stauffer will start the season on the disabled list

  25. #75: Edmonds hasn’t happened yet, but the others have. Prior and Stauffer are on the 60-day DL.

  26. The Huber acquisition seems like a direct response to our worries about a right handed pinch hitter off the bench. Huber fills that role nicely and the loss of Rodriguez doesn’t cost us much. I’d guess that when Edmonds comes off the DL the less impressive of Gerut and McAnulty gets sent down or lost on waivers or placed on the DL, because Edmonds is a lefty. When Headley’s ready to come back up full time, Huber would get sent down, because Headley can hit righty. This of course assumes no other injuries which is a ridiculous assumption.

  27. Corey Brock today says this …

    If Edmonds goes on the disabled list, the likely starters in the outfield will be Giles in right field, Hairston in center field and McAnulty in left field.

    … and we all know that Edmonds is going on the DL, right? Right …

  28. 78: Corey must have meant “When” not “If.”

  29. MadFriars summary of today’s moves …

    Bottom Line: the Padres have 26 active players in Major League camp, while the 40-man roster now stands at 40.

  30. A *great* look at the financial (ie. service time clock) details about Chase Headley …

    Bottom Line: Headley logged 19 days with the Padres last year and needs 153 more days to complete his first service year. To do it in 2008, he must be called up before April 29.

  31. Bass didn’t do well again today …

    … I’ve not seen his name on the “cuts” … prolly cuz he was never “up” … so I’ll look forward to seeing him in Portland …

  32. There’s a rumor at MadFriars that Edmonds had 3 hits, including an HR, in the minor-league game he played today … hmmmm …

  33. One more “poll” suggestion … pick the date/month that Huber first plays catcher for the Padres … I’ll bet he don’s the tools of ignorance in April :-)

  34. 82: That’s also on

  35. Sounds like the Padres will try anything to stay healthy…

    Gerut = Electric Shcocks
    OG = Running underwater
    Edmonds = Running Hills
    PMac = Drinking Green Goo
    Hariston = training for the iditerod

  36. 11: Dammit LM, I’ll hear no more talk of Paul McAnulty and “major wood”!!!

  37. Looks like Reyes may even be headed for AAA…GM wants to keep him, but coach/mgr wants him demoted…sounds like we really do have a trade possibility.

  38. Re: 80 so it looks like opening day is set.

    Time to order my P-Mac shirt!

  39. 87: Heh. My Battalion Commander in boot camp was Lt. Col. Woodie, which means before he picked up rank he was Major Woodie for many years. It must have been hell having Major Woodie “call you on the carpet” and trying to keep a straight face.

  40. Running late, shooting for 8:30 a.m. PT.

  41. 91: Unacceptable! :-p