IGD: Padres vs Phillies (16 Aug 08)

Padres vs Phillies
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 741
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. Good news on the Dykstra thing I wonder what made the Pads change their mind on his health…he only singed for $300K less than what they originally offered him. Would have been nice to sign Kipnis as well but what are you gonna do when your 4th round pick is demanding 1st round money.

  2. #1@Steve C: I guess they think he’s worth hanging onto, rather than taking the pick next year.

  3. #1: probably the bad press and the lashing they were getting in the media for A) drafting a broken player and B) not being able to sign a first rounder even though both were diametrically opposed to each other.

    To be honest this draft seems to have been a good one minus Dykstra and I’m really keeping an eye on Tekotte as my one prospect who’ll run up the ranks.

  4. #3@Loren: Who’s about Dykstra it seems like ever Doctor other than the Padres Doctor gave him a clean bill of health…and to be honest after the last few first round injury debacles i have little faith in the Padres Doctor…

  5. #4@Steve C: the other doctor “cleared him to play.” That’s far from voicing an opinion on his long term prognosis as he battles a degenerative hip condition that felled Bo Jackson of all people.

    Still I don’t know why they were so cautious. The original deal was for only $1.4M, and he signed for $1.15. For a team that throws money away on retreads, veteran utility players, and 4.5M on backup catchers, I would have just signed him for 1.4 and been happy to see what happens. It’s not like our system is deep in advanced hitting prospects. Hopefully he has a very good start over the next few seasons and the team can exploring dealing him if they are truly worried about his long term prospects.

  6. Headed downtown to meet up with Geoff and Didi for tonight’s game.

    I fully expect a minimum of 200 in-game discussion posts tonight, with plenty of non-game related commentary regarding women and booze. I’ll be checking when I get home, and I’d better not be disappointed!!!

  7. someone gave me a free bottle of premade jose cuervo gold margaritas….i think im going to use that. im not sure if it will be worthy of a padres game worth of drinking but it cant hurt to add it with the regular beer intake.

    im going to need some much better stuff i just worked the ticket office lobby at the Aztecs Family Day today.

  8. oh and the aztec cheer team changed in the back of the ticket office today, does that count towards the women section?

  9. Why is this guy pitching tonight? Just for the heck of it?

  10. #11@Kevin: “Because because because because. Because of the wonderful things he does. ”

    No good reason, at all.

  11. Right-hander Cla Meredith was optioned to Portland to make room for Reineke. Meredith is 0-3 with a 3.99 ERA in 60 relief appearances.

  12. OT: The Chargers ‘second string’ is holding up ok to the Rams. 6-0 Chargers in the 3rd qtr.

    Did someone mention tequilla?

  13. #13@Kevin: Ummm, YIPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you all know how I feel about Merideth. I’ll say no more.

  14. #15@Turbine Dude: It’s odd they sent him down, because there are certainly worse relievers on the team.

  15. #16@Kevin: To me, that doesn’t matter. I don’t think Merideth has any place in the bigs.

  16. #17@Turbine Dude: He has been good, independent of your distaste of him.

  17. #18@Kevin: He was good for a year. After that, forget it.

  18. I’m drinking Smithwick’s tonite.

  19. Reineke has done much better the second time through the order.

  20. #19@Turbine Dude: He had one incredible year. Last season, his ERA+ was 115, clearly above average.

  21. #22@Kevin: And then….?

  22. I think Gerut IS our CF for next year. At least I hope he is.

  23. Surely Meredith is more valuable than Wilfredo. And what’s the deal with Falkenborg? Is he supposed to start games?

  24. #25@Geoff B: Clay’s ERA+ this year is 98, Will’s is 87.

  25. #23@Turbine Dude: So he should not be out of the majors. He has a solid track record.

  26. #27@Kevin: I wouldn’t call it solid or impressive by any means.

  27. OG with the bases juiced. C’mon!

  28. giles says hello.

  29. Wooooohooooooooooo! OG with a 3 run double!!!!!

  30. Sweet stroke, Giles.

  31. Sloppy, Adrian.

  32. #28@Turbine Dude: I didn’t say it was impressive. You said he shouldn’t be on a major league roster. I’m not dealing in extremes.

    A great season, an above average season and a below average season isn’t great, but it’s certainly solid.

  33. Padres baserunning has been awful this year. Is that just what happens when you have a bad season: everyone gets sloppy?

  34. #36@Kevin: I was way off on that.

  35. A win would be nice, for Reineke and for the team. Lets hold ‘em down.

    Nice punch-out of Howard.

  36. Phelps won his 8th gold medal in Beijing.

  37. #39@Geoff B: That beats Mark Spitz right?

  38. #40@Turbine Dude: Yes. Best all time.

  39. #5@Bruce: Bo Jackson? I don’t know what problem Dykstra has, but I thought Jackson’s problem was caused by a football injury. How are they related?

  40. I just sent Bob Scanlon an e-mail addressing this issue.

  41. Trevor up in the pen?

  42. #43@Turbine Dude: What does Scanlon know about the Olympics and/or swimming?

  43. OT: How bright was it to put the ‘beach’ in a place where a home run could konk your kid on the head?

  44. #46@Turbine Dude: Couldn’t think of a better place for it. Chlorinate the gene pool on a regular basis, imo.

  45. #45@Pat: Dude, I’m talking about the Dykstra issue.

  46. Oh sweet! If they don’t sign Jody for next year, I quit.

  47. #48@Turbine Dude: Good thing you were so clear about it.