IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (28 Jul 08)

Padres vs Diamondbacks
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 748
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. Gottta get up early. See you all tommorow….

  2. Jody Gerut: .285/.359/.426

  3. #100@David Coonce: Gotta do our part to help the division winner finish under .500.

  4. #103@Ben B.:
    Agreed; then people can finally stop giving the 2005 Padres so much grief for only winning 84 games or whatever it was.

  5. It is selfish of me, because I know that Maddux is getting towards the end and deserves to go out a winner… but Greg has been a wonderful player to watch and it wouldn’t bother me to see him finish the year and maybe even come back for another. Mad Dog is a class act.

  6. #75@David Coonce:

    KG is godawful.

    I’m sure there were plenty of times Drew didn’t come through last year that contributed to a Diamondback loss. I’m not sure what cherrypicking one game – albeit a hugely frustrating one from a Padres POV – proves. I’d say Hairston’s antics cancel it out.

  7. http://tinyurl.com/5tawzs

    See former Padres All Star Catcher-now Missions coach, Terry Kennedy at the end of this glimpse into the Missions dugout (Matthew Buschman congratulated at the beginning – Kennedy at the end)

  8. #106
    Sure. I agree. But when a team misses the postseason by a single game, it’s easy to go through that whole season and find moments – Drew’s walk-off HR, Gwynn, Jr’s triple, etc. And you’re certainly right – The Padres won games they may not have thanks to Hairston. But the point I was trying to make is that in 2004 san Diego was bound and determined to draft a SS with the first overall pick in the draft, and they picked the wrong one, and they did it knowing it was the wrong one; not a single scout or FOT at the time rated Bush ahead of Drew. The Padres blew it, and it bit them on the ass, years later.

    Imagine if San Diego had picked Drew and he had been successful; it may have allowed the Padres to trade him for help last year, or trade Khalil Greene, or move one of them to third, or….the possibilities are endless.

    But the point is that Drew is a major leaguer, and Bush isn’t and will almost certainly never be. There is a value in having a major league player that you developed yourself; look at how few the Padres have for an example of how hard it is to develop your own talent. (San Diego currently has 3 homegrown players on its major-league roster)

  9. #108@David Coonce: Were they determined to take a shortstop? I’m really asking.

    I thought they were determined to draft someone who was signable.

    Plus, Greene was clearly better last year.

  10. Adrian: .281/.353/.518

    Adams: 1.93 ERA, 44 Ks, 11 BB in 37.1 innings

  11. Greg Maddux: “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I really don’t. I hope I stay. You’d rather stay if you’re welcome. I like it here. The losing part stinks but the baseball is still baseball. It’s still fun to come to the park every day.”

    Maddux passed Phil Niekro for 10th place on the all-time strikeouts list.

  12. #109@Kevin:
    Apparently yes; media reports at the time had them focused on Bush vs. Drew as their final choice. And they picked the “signability” guy, which they’ve done every single draft this decade, with disastrous results. Spending money in the draft is thebest investment a team can make, and the Padres can’t seem to figure that out (although their Dominican signings this year do show that they are coming around) It does seem odd that they were focused on a SS since they had drafted shortstops first in 2002 (Greene) and 98 (Kevin Nicholson). Perhaps they were planning to move Greene to third?

    With park effects, yes, Greene was way better last year. But he’s been dreadful this year, batting just 220/260/340 or thereabouts, and showing a complete lack of patience. If I were to pick a SS for the next five years, I’d take Drew. And I have been one of Greene’s biggest defenders.

  13. #112@David Coonce: I see — on the issue of the shorstop obsession.

    As for Greene vs. Drew, Greene’s 2008 season was impossible to predict.

    Drew certainly is/was a better prospect. But he is 25, and I’m not sure he has done much to further the notion that he will be great.

    Drew in 2008: .271/.311/.466
    For his career, after 1,132 at-bats: .263/.320/.429

    I’m not saying Greene is the answer, and I can’t defend the Padres’ drafts, but I’m sold on Drew.

  14. #113@Kevin: Shoot, not sold on Drew. I hate when that happens.

  15. TinyURL.com/6pw4k3

    T.K trying to fire up his players.

  16. http://tinyurl.com/6pw4k3

    T.K trying to fire up his players.

    Try this. Sorry

  17. #116@JP: Good stuff tonight, JP.

  18. Got a few more up my sleeve. I’ll try to get them all up tonight. I’m a teacher on summer break.

  19. http://tinyurl.com/5nr5eg

    Buschmann completes 7 shut out innings and TK feigns injury after Buschmann fist smash

  20. http://tinyurl.com/5wob7b

    Kyle Blanks nailed by rehabbing Benoit fastball

  21. #3@LynchMob: Hayhurst has a less “polished” blog for his hometown newspaper:


    Even a multi-part story about torturing a teammate with the lure of big money from Japan.

  22. Lastly, Ranger super prospect 20 year old Elvis Andrus wins it in the 8th


  23. I have a question: Why is Melky Cabrera so untouchable. He’s in his third full season, and these are his career numbers: .269/.331/.378.

    If he was doing that in the Padres outfield, he would be garbage. But he plays for the Yankees. Granted he’s 23, but it seems the Yankees wouldn’t trade him for Pujols.

  24. #52@LynchMob: PMac was signing autographs and stupid me forgot to bring a pen of any sort so I just chatted with him very briefly, but the one thing I did mention was the “Jack-Anulty” nickname and he totally cracked up!