IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (28 Jul 08)

Padres vs Diamondbacks
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 748
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. Maddux is getting pretty deep …

    Pitches-strikes – M Owings 69-39; Y Petit 32-24; G Maddux 81-52.

    Ground balls-fly balls – M Owings 3-4; Y Petit 1-1; G Maddux 5-6.

    Batters faced – M Owings 18; Y Petit 7; G Maddux 22.

    … I’m nervous …

  2. #50@Masticore317: If you posted your story about talking to McAnulty @ Cooperstown, I think I missed it … what happened? I remember you went up for the HoF game that got rained out … I think I remember you took/posted some pics …

  3. The Prof. balked. But as soon as he did, he immediately said “My fault.” His first since 2000.

  4. Will the Thrill, now?

  5. Jesus, Ledezma is just so bad. I know teams like him because he’s left-handed and throws hard, but he’s just not any good. He’s going to give up this lead….I hope not, but I have little faith.

  6. I’m not sure that Ledezma or Thatcher deserve to be in the majors. Do we need a lefty that bad that we keep bringing these guys back?

  7. and using him as a LOOGY is the wrong way to use him.
    And he just proved me wrong by K’ing Montero.
    I’ll watch the game now and be quiet.

  8. It appears the professor knows that he is being traded (he would likely have to approve it). He tipped and waved his cap as in “thank you all for the cheers, I am gone”…Vasgersian seemed to know something was up as well.

  9. Can’t figure out who would trade for Maddux -most press seemed to have him waiving his no-trade only to a West Coast team, and I can’t imagine the Dodgers wanting him that badly, or the Angels. It would be nice if the Pads could turn Maddux into a decent prospect, though, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  10. Thank you, Tony Clark.

  11. And the trade of Tony Clark pays off for the Padres!