IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (28 Jul 08)

Padres vs Diamondbacks
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 748
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. Maddux is getting pretty deep …

    Pitches-strikes – M Owings 69-39; Y Petit 32-24; G Maddux 81-52.

    Ground balls-fly balls – M Owings 3-4; Y Petit 1-1; G Maddux 5-6.

    Batters faced – M Owings 18; Y Petit 7; G Maddux 22.

    … I’m nervous …

  2. #50@Masticore317: If you posted your story about talking to McAnulty @ Cooperstown, I think I missed it … what happened? I remember you went up for the HoF game that got rained out … I think I remember you took/posted some pics …

  3. The Prof. balked. But as soon as he did, he immediately said “My fault.” His first since 2000.

  4. Will the Thrill, now?

  5. Jesus, Ledezma is just so bad. I know teams like him because he’s left-handed and throws hard, but he’s just not any good. He’s going to give up this lead….I hope not, but I have little faith.

  6. I’m not sure that Ledezma or Thatcher deserve to be in the majors. Do we need a lefty that bad that we keep bringing these guys back?

  7. and using him as a LOOGY is the wrong way to use him.
    And he just proved me wrong by K’ing Montero.
    I’ll watch the game now and be quiet.

  8. It appears the professor knows that he is being traded (he would likely have to approve it). He tipped and waved his cap as in “thank you all for the cheers, I am gone”…Vasgersian seemed to know something was up as well.

  9. Can’t figure out who would trade for Maddux -most press seemed to have him waiving his no-trade only to a West Coast team, and I can’t imagine the Dodgers wanting him that badly, or the Angels. It would be nice if the Pads could turn Maddux into a decent prospect, though, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  10. Thank you, Tony Clark.

  11. And the trade of Tony Clark pays off for the Padres!

  12. Nice to see Clay Hensley back. Can anybody tell me what his velocity is like? MLB.com had one pitch at 93 and there’s no way that’s legit. He didn’t throw that hard before he got hurt.

  13. I think Hensley will be a better bet out of the pen.

  14. #62@David Coonce: Gameday registered his two pitches at 89 mph.

  15. #61@Ben B.: A MadFriars commenter went to the Storm game on Sunday night and reported “Evan Scribner looked really sharp” … and took some good pics …


  16. #65
    Thanks. That’s pretty much right where he was at before the injury; seems more reasonable. I had high hopes for Hensley after that one good half season (2006); maybe he becomes a useful reliever/spot starter type.

  17. Matty is still talking about a Maddux trade.

  18. Every time Drew gets on base I think, “How’s Matt Bush doing these days?” When not getting in bar fights, Bush is currently rehabbing from TJ surgery after being shifted to the mound. AFter flaming out as a hitter. If he wasn’t the worst number 1 draft pick in baseball history, I’m not sure who was. It was a terrible pick not just becauise Bush didn’t pan out; that’s not fooreseeable. It was a poor pick because everybody thought Drew was a better choice, and the Pads front office passed on him simply because of money issues.

  19. It looks like Orlando Hudson pulled up (was he dogging it?) on that 7th inning groundout/fielders choice. By the way, he was out.

  20. #69@David Coonce: Fortunately he doesn’t get on base all that often, with a .313 OBP in a great hitters’ park.

  21. OT: I’m wondering what the wife of the guy who dances around in a friar robe and a fedora thinks about what her husband and if he has a real job.

  22. #69@David Coonce:

    What about every time he doesn’t get on base? What you are saying is true but how many starting lineups would Stephen “.312 OBP” Drew even crack? What’s his defensive rep?

  23. #72@Turbine Dude:Clerk in a comic book store.

  24. #73@Stephen:

    True, he’s not “great.” But he made it out of single-A; there is certainly value in being a major-league starting shortstop. His 312 OBP is roughly 65 points higher than Khalil Greene’s. Drew’s defense is average.

    FWIW, The Padres also passed on Jered weaver and Jeff Niemann that draft, both because of perceived bonus demands. And the kicker? They paid Bush 3.1 million anyway.

  25. #38@LynchMob:


    Whole Huffman at bat, hits homerun on ball on outside corner. Some kind of strong to get that pitch out of the park. Listen to Terry Kennedy razzing at the end “get in the dugout”

  26. Oh yeah, and Drew may have cost the Padres a pennant last year. April 25th, bottom of the ninth, two out, walk-off two run homer by Drew off Hoffman. Do you remember how many games the Padres missed the postseason by last season?

  27. And now, up to bat, bases loaded….
    Stephen Drew


  28. David, I don’t remember seeing you in the DS blog before. But, damn glad you are here. :)

  29. Man, Bell has not been Bell recently…

    Overworked this year? Maybe?

  30. #76@JP: Thanks for the video, very cool. I can’t believe Huffman homered to left on that pitch.

  31. #78@David Coonce: All things considered, I would have preferred Verlander.

  32. #79@Turbine Dude: Thanks.
    Frankly, this season I’ve just been too damn busy and too damn defeated to post….right now I have the flu, summer flu, can’t sleep and am watching the game on the computer. I’m glad to see the level of intelligence here is just as high as when I last posted! With the season out of reach, I may just be a more regular poster here.

  33. #81@Ben B.: I have a few more I will post as well. Buschmann looked good tonight. I like Blanks a lot — manager of SA a pretty intense guy in Masse ( I liked that Masse hated to lose this particular game )

  34. #76@JP: A 3-1 fastball to Huffman? He reaches for it … and “it’s outta here” … nice! THANKS for posting … nice to see the whole AB … well done! I feel like I was in Frisco ;-)

  35. 2004 Major League Draft:
    1. Matt Bush
    2. Verlander
    3 Phil Humber
    4. Jeff Niemann
    5. mark Rogers
    6. Jeremy Sowers
    7. Homer Bailey
    8. Wade Townsend
    9. Chris Nelson
    10. Thomas Diamond
    12 Jered Weaver
    15 Stephen Drew
    17 Scott Elbert
    18 Josh Fields
    22 Glen Perkins
    23 Phil Hughes

    Throw out the Rice Pitchers – Niemann, Humber and Townsend(they always get overworked in College and hurt in the majors), and allow for the fact that Nelson , Rogers and Diamond are probably busts, and you still have a whole bunch of guys better than Bush. Elbert, Hughes, Bailey, Sowers or Perkins would be the Padres’ best pitching prospect right now, and it wouldn’t even be close.

  36. #80@Richard D.: Not sure why Bell pitched tonight, other than Black not trusting his other 15 relievers.

  37. Only Hoffman and Hampson didn’t pitch tonight.

  38. #85@LynchMob: You don’t want to be in Frisco. It’s awfully hot right now.

  39. #87@Kevin: He wants a win, for Greg’s last start.

  40. #88@Kevin: Shoot, I spoke too soon.

  41. Way to manufacture a save opp, Bryan Corey.

    In his past 11 games, Corey has given up 12 runs in 9 2/3 innings. Can we get rid of him now?

  42. Four nights in a row?

  43. Great strikeout. Two outs.


  44. Just for fun, here’s the Padres #1 draft picks this decade:
    2000 – Mark Phillips, lhp. Bust (adrian Gonzalez was the first overall pick, by the Marlins, so this draft can’t be considered totally awful for SD)
    2001 Jacob Gautreau, 1B. Bust.
    2002 Khalil Greene, ss. Work in progress.
    2003 Tim Stauffer. Bust
    2004 Matt Bush. Bust
    2005. Cesar Carillo. Bust
    2006 Matt Antonelli. Too soon to tell; I think he’ll be a utility player in the majors
    2007 Nick Schmidt. Probably a bust.
    2008 Allen Dykstra. Probably won’t sign.

    That’s not a great track record with drafts; it seems that going with signability guys hasn’t worked for San Diego this decade.
    (I know there’s a game going on, I’m just curious myself.)

  45. Hoffman pitched three innings in four nights for four saves.

  46. http://tinyurl.com/63sko9

    Inman working on his delivery in dugout

  47. Yay Padres; this season has been trying but at least we’re holding our own against Arizona.