IGD: Padres @ Mariners (17 May 08)

Randy WolfPadres (16-27) @ Mariners (16-27)
Randy Wolf vs Erik Bedard
7:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 181

Nice job by Trevor Hoffman on Friday night. For those who remain unclear on the dangers of judging a man based on an eight-game sample, here’s a clue:

Trevor Hoffman’s Last 24 Games
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference and are through games of May 15, 2008.
8/28/07 – 9/25/07 8 8 6 0 1 6 1.13 .207 .233 .241
9/28/07 – 4/11/08 8 7 12 1 5 10 12.86 .375 .447 .688
4/13/08 – 5/16/08 8 8 5 1 1 10 1.13 .179 .207 .321

And, no, you don’t want to go reaching any conclusions based solely on this most recent stretch either.

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  1. Bud Black doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Wolf had a baserunner on almost every inning, two baserunners for some of them.

  2. #49@Kevin: I guess when you are 9 flailing away at the breaking ball in the dirt doesn’t annoy you as it does when you are older! :)

  3. #51@Kevin: Bud wants someone to go seven innings, one day.

  4. 47: That to me was worse than sticking with Maddux the other day at 2-0 before it went 4-0. Pitchcount was climbing, but more importantly, why take the risk? Let Wolf leave with a good start and let the bully get him the win. It’s a “win-win”. Sigh. Bud Black really gets under my skin sometimes.

    aside: Wolf really was throwing the ball well.

  5. Oops! @$*&^

  6. The Cla hanging slider might be the best pitch for a hitter in baseball. Since that didn’t go out by much you could probably say that Beltre missed it!

  7. Okay, well, so, um, I guess Cla wasn’t the solution I had hoped for….of course, different scenario (tied facing beltre vs. starting the inning against Burke).

  8. #53@Field39: That’s his problem. He has arguably the best 1-2-3 combo of relievers in the game.

  9. That was a ridiculously nice play by KG. unbelievable footwork and balance.

  10. LeBlanc got absolutely rocked again tonight up at Portland. His ERA is about 10. Back to San Antonio for LeBlanc ?

  11. #60@JP: He can bunk with Antonellie.

  12. I’m going to stand by my previous postings that I really dislike side arm pitching. Once you’ve seen it, it’s too predictable.

    #46@shieldon oside: Hey Danny, tell your dad to get you your own laptop and WiFi so you two can blog at the same time.

  13. I think if my last name was Putz, I would consider changing it.
    What a Putz.

  14. Can A-Gon strike twice in one night?

  15. Damn, just didn’t get it elevated enough. Weird night for Adrian, drove in the only 2 runs yet also made 5 outs tonight (21% of the teams outs).

  16. Gooch and Agon hit two peas for outs. Gooch is seeing the ball well now…….The top of the order is producing but the bottom is still flailing. Let hope Barrett gets back soon and Huber and PMAC’s replacements offer more, which won’t be difficult. Also, lets find out about Myrow once and for all –Pads need to move Clark….

  17. Why did Black just put one of the slowest runners in the roster in to run for Clark?

  18. We gave it a good fight in the ninth but not enough.

  19. Putz just overpowered Kouz there. Fastballs right down the middle and Kouz just couldn’t catch up with them.

  20. #62@Turbine Dude:

    Ha ha that’s funny Turbine Dude, and now that I think about it we’re already set up to do that. Maybe for the game manana.

  21. #70@Oside Jon: Jon, the family that blogs together, stays together! :) LOL
    I love seeing Danny in here.

  22. Are Huber/Hairston/Pmac really a better choice than Headley, in left?

  23. #72@Field39: Only if his bat is hot. I’m not that impressed with Huber. I also think they need to move Tony Clark out of the roster.

  24. I’m stoked to see Danny interested in the game. This is a good way to combine technology and the pastime. One of GY’s statements in the comments policy is to keep it clean so kids can be amongst us. I drop a *&^% every once in a while myself but I feel this is a safe place online.

    Good night all.

  25. #71@Turbine Dude:
    Above post should’ve been address to TDude……..my mistake.

  26. Hairston is a guy that I can more patient with because of what he showed last year.

  27. #76@JP: I have to agree with that. I’d be willing to give Scott more play time. I think he is still developing.

  28. #67@Turbine Dude: And Huber as a pinch runner last night. Obviously, no one on the bench has any speed at all. Next ! Auditions are on for bench spots —-golden opportunity in San Diego for a no name, washed out prospect to to gain a second chance win a job.

    This was a golden opportunity for Callix Crabbe, as we need a Bip Roberts type of guy to ignite, that can play 3 or 4 positions….might as well bring in another young Crabbe-like project to audition…..

    Whoever we bring in to fill the spots of Huber and/or McAnulty will hopefully have at least average speed !

  29. #78@JP: I miss Ricky Henderson! Especially when he talked about himself in the 3rd person. “Ricky gets on!”

  30. “Kevin, this is Rickey. Calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to play baseball.”

  31. Antonelli had two hits tonight. Hopefully he will battle back –this will be a good test for the guy.

  32. #80@Field39: That’s funny. But that’s how Ricky really talks!

    “Hey Boch, don’t worry. Ricky always gets on.”

  33. There should be about 20-30 Estes related comments tomorrow. Should be a blast.

  34. Joakim Soria Signs Extension- off mlbrumors.com

    Royals closer Joakim Soria signed a three-year contract extension with an additional three option years tonight. The terms are not yet known.

    Soria, 24 years old tomorrow, would’ve been arbitration-eligible starting with the 2010 season. Assuming the contract starts in ’09, it appears to buy out two arb years with an option on the last. Then the Royals have options on two free agent seasons. If Soria’s deal is similar to that of Manny Corpas, Soria might get around $7MM guaranteed for the 2009-11. I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

    Soria’s lights-out start to the ’08 season seems to demonstrate improvement upon his fine rookie year. Will the Royals try him in the rotation one of these years? Also, are they discussing extensions with Zack Greinke or Brian Bannister? Nothing has been reported yet.

  35. #80@Field39: Ha! That and the Jon Olerud story are two of my all-time favorite Rickey moments:


  36. #52@Schlom: Greene is a fun player to watch. He’s an excellent fielder who made another great play tonight.

  37. #62@Turbine Dude: The deliever seemed to work for Dan Quisenberry, who was the best reliever in the game for five seasons.

    Kent Tekulve had about eight All-Star level seasons and began the 1980s revival of the submariner-style pitcher.

  38. Add Bruce Sutter and Jeff Reardon to the list.

  39. Also Dennis Eckersley

  40. #88@Kevin: Neither Sutter or Reardon were sidewinders or submariners.

  41. #90@JP: No, but the D’Backs are sidewinders.

    Get it?

    Ok, that was pretty bad.