IGD: Padres @ Giants (9 Apr 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (5-4) vs Giants (2-6)
Justin Germano vs Jonathan Sanchez
7:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

I was so busy whining about sloppy baserunning and the 12-man pitching staff this morning that I forgot to mention Adrian Gonzalez‘s spectacular 3-5 double play in Tuesday’s contest. It was a thing of beauty.

You know what else is a thing of beauty? A win. How ’bout we get one of those tonight…

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  1. Out of curiosity, what do people think about the idea of intentionally walking here?

    The run on first won’t matter no matter what and you set up the potential for an inning ending double play. Seems like a no brainer to me but I don’t know.

  2. GUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Re: 201 I thnk with bell on the mound it won’t matter if it was meredith or Trevor I would say yes.

  4. Nice play Ig…Nice positioning coaches!

  5. What a play by Iguchi.

  6. @#$%^&&**&^%$$$%^$$#@#$%^&*&*&^&****^%$#@

  7. well that was painfull.

  8. Edmonds is terrible. Unbelievable.

  9. Edmonds catches that a couple years ago…

    And no, Harriston does not get that.

    Goodnight everyone…See you soon.

  10. edmonds should have had that. tough play, but he was inches from it

  11. This team doesn’t deserve to contend in the West. Un-freaking-believable.

  12. Shades of Brady Clark.

  13. Edmonds was there. Just couldn’t catch it. I’d blame the loss on him, but the offense could only manage 4 hits and 0 runs. That’s 2 runs in 20 innings. Piss-poor.

  14. Man, that seriously sucks. Gut check.

  15. You know who does get that…Cameron…just saying. (and yes I know he would have been suspended no matter what but you get the point)

  16. If this team is going to win on pitching and D then they will need a better CF.

  17. That was ugly. Those last two loses were nearly as painful as the two to end the season as at least those were to good teams, not to one that is going to lose over 100 games this season.

  18. Ed lots old. Does Camy catch that. No offense and a shaky bullpen, when does football camp start?

  19. Meet this season’s NOG/Vinny Castilla/Joe Randa.

  20. 213: I was thinking the same thing! You can possibly pin this game on CF play and pin the Colorado loss last year on CF play. Edmonds is likely not the full season solution out there.

  21. So much for the West this year. Jesus Christ. Horrible series. We can hit, but not when it matters.

  22. What might be more concerning is the lack of extra-base hits. Pitching looks great though…disappointing but it’s April,. The panic button is not out yet.

  23. So much for the sweep of the lowly Gigantes.


  24. Man, Bell got rocked tonight. No K’s, three hits allowed, and two hard liners caught to save him before he finally gave up the deep fly ball. All of this against some really bad Giants hitters.

  25. So far, the Padres’ record is exactly the same as their Pythagorean expectation.
    You know, who is also like that? The Snakes. Yup, they are scoring runs…lots of them.

    2-4 in the division so far and nowhere to go but up. Good news, Justin Germano is good again…for now. Didn’t throw too many pitches and striking out more than walks and hits. Good job, Justin.

    Now, free P-Mac! Sit Edmonds until he’s fully healthy. My concern is that having two recovering OFs side by side playing the vast outfields of the NL West will certainly cost the Padres some games this year. So far, it’s looking grim out there. My second concern of having back-end rotation guys are alleviated so far…do my delight.

  26. 225: It’s called going to the same well one too many times.