IGD: Padres @ Giants (9 Apr 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (5-4) vs Giants (2-6)
Justin Germano vs Jonathan Sanchez
7:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

I was so busy whining about sloppy baserunning and the 12-man pitching staff this morning that I forgot to mention Adrian Gonzalez‘s spectacular 3-5 double play in Tuesday’s contest. It was a thing of beauty.

You know what else is a thing of beauty? A win. How ’bout we get one of those tonight…

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  1. Gosh, throwing out a guy trying to steal second is very satisfying.

    Way to go Bardo

  2. Wow, they threw a guy out.

  3. edmonds made a good play in center and bard threw a man out? in the same game?

    buy a lottery ticket

  4. I really don’t think it is all Bard … they steal on our pitchers

  5. 153: lol. Maybe this means Hoffy will be lights out?

  6. Germano’s ERA on the season: 0.00

  7. Hey Phantom…I got nothing but love for you man…

  8. Germano has pitched an awesome game. Still only thrown 82 pitches.

  9. Germano is kicking ass (kind of). Too bad we can’t support him. Looks like 2006 when Jake would pitch a gem and get 2 hit support. I know Germ is no Peav

  10. Will they pinch-hit now?

  11. C’mon Pads, pick up Germano. He deserves a win with his performance tonight.

  12. 157: I hear ya, I just get very frustrated at times. We’re both pretty passionate about our sides and we both believe we have gobs of evidence in our favor. It’s not personal, even if I snipe like it is at times.


  14. Re: 140
    They had to wait until the top of the 8th to burn their ony backup INF.

  15. 164 .. still have Huber

  16. 164: Pinch running him would have definitely been a better use.

  17. Re: 166

    Do they really need Rusch AND Ledezma.

  18. RE: 165 Huber can’t play 3B, 2B or SS…

  19. Re: 165

    Crabbe is the only 2B/3B/SS. Huber Is more like a right handed Fick.

  20. Re: 167 when you have an ex pitcher as both your GM and Manager, yes.

  21. 167: Yes, yes they do. They need someone to sit there and not ever pitch. It gives the guys that are pitching someone to bitch about.

  22. Re: 170

    And an ex-lefty to boot. :(

  23. C’mon..big hit right her AGon…Lead this team.

  24. Re: 172 no I think Buddy is still left handed.

  25. haven’t you heard, there have been a rash of bullpen benches and equipment stolen. with this many relievers, there will always be someone to keep watch.

  26. Man they are killing me tonight!

  27. Re:174

    Yiu still have your sense of humor. A true Padres fan.

  28. Re: 176

    I once got a rash from a bullpen bench myself.

  29. I think Edmonds would have been hit by Lewis’ throw had he not swayed left to evade the tag at home.

  30. Bell pitch 2 innings tonight?

  31. thank you OG

  32. Man Giles still play D!

  33. Great play by Brian Giles. Wow.

  34. Just got home and turned the game on. GREAT Catch OG! Now, let’s go, it’s the freakin’ SF bullpen, let’s get some runs!

  35. Germano’s gotten 1 run of offense in his 2 great starts. Poor guy.

  36. 187: That’s really sad.

    Note to Padres: This guy shut you down yesterday.


  38. what’s irritating about games like this is it feels like one guy (pitcher) holding down the fort while 8 guys bungle their jobs. I don’t get that frustrating sense of injustice with slugfests.

  39. Embarassing…Kouz, I expect more out of you than that.

  40. Walker reminds me of a young Scotty Linebrink.

  41. What a terrible swing Jimmy E…

    And you look frumpy in that Uni.

  42. Shocker…KG swinging and missing…at a slider…on the first pitch.

  43. well time to watch the rest snuggled in bed … night all

  44. Christ. Walker has totally shut us down.

  45. what is Edmonds wearing under his uniform? That was a painful inning. How are the Padres playing 2 extra-inning games against the Giants? Terrible!

  46. Good news for the Pads…Bengie Molina is as slow as AGon

  47. Re: 197 It’s still the 9th dont count your chickens yet…

  48. Heath Bell just saved a run!