IGD: Padres @ Astros (22 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (9-11) vs Astros (8-12)
Jake Peavy vs Brandon Backe
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188


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  1. I know loading the bases wouldn’t be ideal but can Valverde get one in the ribs anyways?

  2. Of course Tejada is going to have a good year. He somehow fit two years into this one!

    Is there anyone decent in the bullpen right now?

  3. Valverde is a prick.

  4. Glad to see Silent L pulling the same crap he did to us last year.

  5. AGon is due up 5th this inning… he is a single away from the cycle

  6. what gets me is that the a-hole Valverde gets to do his song and dance routine now unless we get 4 more.

  7. what’s with the green hats?

  8. #106@Jefe:

    What gets me is the series sweep at the hands of the Astros and the new loss added to the loss column. Valverde is annoying but we don’t get pissed when Jake is jumping and screaming and fist pumping do we?

  9. Another night, another loss, this is getting very old.

  10. #108@KRS1: That goes without saying. And yeah, Jake is intense, but not an a-hole about it. See comment #84 for one of the reasons why Valverde gets his rep.

    We have some big problems with the bullpen right now. Time for a shakeup. Not sure what that could / should entail, but there are bigger and brighter minds than mine who post here. All I know is that something has to change, and soon.

  11. Would have sure been nice if the Pads went hard after Matsui and paid more instead of settling for Iguchi.

  12. Massui hasn’t exactly been an offensive force, outside of Coors.

  13. #111@JP: Matsui had a 87 OPS+ last season. Iguichi had a 92.

  14. #110@Jefe:

    Jake isn’t an a-hole about it because we are Padre fans. Trust me I work with 2 Dodger fans and a Giants fan and they think he is more than an a-hole and they always bring up his “bush league yelling and his tobacco stained mouth”. I know what you mean about the difference between the 2 but I would imagine he rubs fans of other teams about the same way that Valverde does us.

  15. #112@Field39: Is Coors that much of a factor in inflating Matsui’s numbers ? He is a slash hitter who I believe would hit .275 at Petco w/ 25 stolen bases….

    It’s early and I am guilty of exploiting 20/20 hindsight when I throw out the Matsui over Iguchi possibility but wow, does Iguchi look lost at the plate or what ?

  16. 115: Unfortunately, that could be said of most of our starters.

  17. Our only stolen base threat in this lineup seems to be Jim Edmonds. How sad is that.

    Kouzmanoff is not a 4th place hitter at this point and it shows just how incredibly weak this lineup is for him to be penciled there daily. Kouzmanoff is a 6th or 7th place hitter on most teams.

    Bard is dead tired and Towers seems to be stuck on the “in house candidates” mode at all positions and has not lifted a finger to get a veteran in here to help. Meanwhile, they burn Bard in April. Needless to say, if Bard gets hurt than we are talking disaster.

  18. #114@KRS1: If someone has a problem with a ballplayer’s tobacco stained mouth, then you can pretty much disregard the rest of their opinions on baseball, well except maybe which uniforms are the prettiest

  19. #117@JP: Kouz may not be hitting well 3 weeks into the season, but last year as a rookie he had an .873 OPS after the first month of the season. There’s no team in the league that has a guy like that hitting in the 6 or 7 spot, especially when you consider that Kouz played half of his games at petco.