IGD: Padres @ Astros (22 Apr 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (9-11) vs Astros (8-12)
Jake Peavy vs Brandon Backe
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188


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  1. It’s too bad the bullpen had to give up so many runs earlier.

  2. Dear God, Dancing Man is up in the Houston bullpen… :(

    But Gonzo goes off the wall! Broke is in trouble…

  3. put the panic back in the box (for now) :D

  4. Howdy all…got out of bed to see AGon hit a triple…clearly I am sleepwalking and having a dream.

  5. 5 inches to the right and that is a HR.

  6. I would have blown a fuse if Adrian got tagged out.

  7. Gonzalez needs one more at bat. He’s got a double, a triple, and a home run so far today.

  8. I had turned off this game when Thatcher came in. I’m keeping the game off.

  9. And here comes the Dancing Man… :(

  10. there isn’t a reliever i despise more than Valverde. His antics just rub me the wrong way. Now we have a chance to stick it to him. c’mon boys!

  11. Fantastic…Edmonds is coming up with their closer coming in. C’mon old man…just lift me a fly ball.

  12. Minute Maid Park has got to be the stupidest ballpark in the majors. That silly yellow line running all over the outfield wall. If you are right of the line it is a homer, if it is to the left, it’s in play? What is that? There was a play right on that line that was disputed in the ’05 world series too. And what is that little hill in centerfield? With a flag pole in the middle? And a toy train? It’s just silly.

  13. #62@Geoff B: It is actually a cool park to go to. Fits in very nicely downtown and is laid out very attractivly…just say’n…

  14. fly ball Khalil. no grounder. please

  15. WOOOHOOO Edmonds draws a walk…

    KG coming up. Hmmmm, me thinks sliders away are coming.

  16. DUDE!!! How is he safe??? We’ll take it!!!

  17. I think we just got a bad call our way guys.

  18. That’ll do…way to go KG!!!

  19. #38@JP: There were very few last night, right?

  20. Adrian never got tagged and touched the plate while he plows the catcher over!!!!!! Eff Houston.

  21. #65@Coronado Mike: LOL – yeah he ‘drew’ an intentional walk to set up the DP…hey, at least he got on!

  22. Wow….that is a frigg’n great call from a bad angle…he got it right. Crazy.

  23. Replay looked like no tag, Matt and Mud concur…no way to tell for sure, but from that front view it looked like Towles pulled the ball out before the golve touched Adrian. NICE!!!

  24. #72@Jefe: Little Victories my friend…little victories.

  25. Adrian and his piano, crashing into the catcher. Oh my.

  26. You know, it’s great KG got the run in, but how ’bout a base hit, Khalil? All these SFs leave me dissatisfied.

  27. Funny, with the way Edmonds is running these days, I don’t know if a single scores him…it might take extra bases

  28. I still don’t know why you’d walk Hollywood Jim. He’s the winning run, and all we needed from Khalil was a fly.

  29. Really Valverde…you are gonna dance at the end of that inning? Really?

    I am all for guys showing emotion, but dude, your team just gave up 4 earnies on 4 hits and you allowed the tying run to score…you want to shake your fist and jump up and down? Bush.

  30. 84: Ahh, the one thing we agree on! The douchiness that is Jose Valverde.

  31. Hairston in for Edmonds.

  32. 84. I’m with you. There’s celebration (Jake) and then there’s over the top. Valverde goes too far, it’s all a little too me-first, look-at me…

  33. #85@Phantom: We agree on all kinds of things Phantom…just not one BIG thing.

    Nothing but love… ;-)

  34. #84@Coronado Mike: That could be one of the reasons why the DBacks said bye bye to him. Leading the league in saves last year obviously wasn’t enough for them to keep him around.

  35. Haven’t we learned to not walk Jose Cruz by now?

  36. That was so un-Bellish.

  37. Bard looks tired..at the plate and in the field. Barrett injury was a bit of a blow… Padres have to give Morton more starts. Bummer.

  38. 91: Wheels have been ready to fall off the Bell bus for awhile now.

  39. Goddamit! We come back from a 7-3 deficit to be down by 2 now. Ack!

  40. Well, that about does it for me…I got up and checked the score in time to see the triple…I am going back after that poor single.

    Bell…where did your velocity/control go?

  41. #91@Turbine Dude: possibly, but very typical of this bullpen in general.

  42. When Erstad hits a rammy cackle these days, you know its not your night.

  43. That hit just sealed this game. Tejada is just to hot.

  44. Tejada is going to have a monster year in that bandbox.