OBG08: Tadahito Iguchi

Next up in our community projections is newcomer Tadahito Iguchi. The veteran second baseman possesses a broad base of offensive skills, but his power has declined each year since he arrived in North America.

Iguchi is 33 and will play half his games in a park that suppresses offense, which suggests that a reversal of this trend is unlikely. I’ll go with 550 PA, .263/.343/.391. What sayest thou?

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  1. BA’s Jim Callis ranks each team’s #1


    Chase Headley comes in @ 26 (and Callis gives away that they have him ranked #50 overall).

    I definitely agree that he shouldn’t be a top 15-20 guy overall but on this list I would have him ahead of Jordan Schafer (ATL), Elvis Andrus (TEX), and J.R. Towles (HOU)…

  2. Well anybody who has Towles ahead of him has got to be kidding himself…..high end for Headley definitely looks like something along the lines of .320/.380/.500 in Petco that’s an all star level of performance. Towles would be lucky to see anything close to that in Houston, realistically based on performance Headley could be in the top 15 without much argument.

    On Iguchi, I’m a little bearish overall:

    400AB’s .250/.330/.370

    He starts losing AB’s to Antonelli around July/August. He’s been hitting more FB’s lately, which isn’t such a good thing in Petco

  3. Also, anyone know what the lineup is going to look like? It would be nice if they hit Iguchi 8th where he belongs instead of 2nd like they have talked about.


  4. #3. Bud Black has said, on first blush, that Iguchi will likely hit No. 2 behind Giles.

  5. 635 PA’s .270/.350/.380

    Re: 3

    I think it will be something like this to start the year:


  6. I say 510 PA, .265/.345/.420

  7. I’m not sure what Iguchi is going to do but I’m ecstatic that GY is posting again on weekends. Now I can officially start getting excited about the season.

  8. Iguchi: .267/.345/.404 in 466 plate appearances

  9. #7: Thanks, bud. :-)

    With five precincts reporting, we have Iguchi at 512 PA, .263/.343/.393.

  10. 575 PA, .250/.320/.380. I see no reason for him to bounce back in this park, but I’ll b happy to eat crow if he steps up and hits.

  11. 547 PA, .264/.343/.371. Not great, but better than what we had last year and a little above an average second baseman’s production in Petco.

  12. .264/.340/.390, 540 PA’s

  13. I think Antonelli is going to come up after the All Star Break.
    With that,

    435 PA’s .267/.340/.387 for Iguchi. Of course, if the Padres are not contending that late in the season, I don’t know if Antonelli will come up.

  14. 550 PA, .250/.330/.360

  15. 625 PA, .275/.345/.415, with a fair number of doubles.

  16. With 12 precincts reporting: 530 PA, .263/.340/.389.

    Anyone else care to make a guess?

  17. I’ll take the under on that – I like the BA & SLG numbers, but I’ll do cartwheels if turns a .340 OBP…

    Call it .262/.325/.389

  18. Prediction : Iguchi loses some of the season to injury 480 PA ~

    .273/.370/.411 – he will have a good year offensively

  19. May I recant ? He is not that selective .273/.350/.411

  20. .250/.350/.390

    500 PA’s cuz he loses some to antonelli in sept.

  21. .260/.330/.400