Me, Elsewhere: Slightly Less Epic, But Still Impressive

My latest at Hardball Times responds to a reader request for great pitchers duels in more recent times. Specifically, it covers 1980-2010. I had to lower the standards somewhat, but there are some great games here, including a few in which the Padres participated: Orel Hershiser vs Andy Hawkins, 9/28/88; Andy Benes vs Bret Saberhagen, 7/15/94; Darryl Kile vs Kevin Brown, 9/2/98.

On another note, THT Forecasts are now available. Once again, I have contributed the Padres player comments. For more info, check out David Gassko’s article.

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  1. Wow. Some serious surprises here. Detroit to win the AL Central by eight games? Hard for me to see both Minny and Chi under .500, when they play KC and Cleveland so often. By the same token, the Mets, Fish, and Nats seem overrated, given that they play in the same division with Philly and Atlanta. And how do the Giants win 96 games with that offense?

    The Padres at 80-82 means a ten-game dropoff but think of it this way — it’s a five game IMPROVEMENT from where they were supposed to be in almost everyone’s 2010 predictions, and they lost their best player (by far) in the interim.

    Two other things that I don’t understand. If you total all wins and losses, the NL comes out 74 games over .500 and the AL is 92 games UNDER. First of all, how is that possible? Second of all, doesn’t it kind of stand the experience of the last 10-15 years on its head?

    There’s a logical explanation, right?