Guys You Wish You’d Forgotten Were Padres

We’re still safe here; hope you are, too. If you’re looking for info on the fires, ways to help, etc., check this thread. Otherwise, by request, here is a stupid follow-up to last week’s stupid post:

Player Year(s)
Shawn Abner 1987-91
George Arias 1997-99
Mark Bellhorn 2006
Sean Bergman 1996-97
Dewon Brazelton 2006
Chris Brown 1987-88
Sean Burroughs 2002-05
Vinny Castilla 2006
Jeff Cirillo 2004
Deivi Cruz 2002
Ben Davis 1998-2001
Glenn Dishman 1995-96
Dave Eiland 1992-93
Wiki Gonzalez 1999-2003
Luther Hackman 2003
Jack Howell 1991
LaMarr Hoyt 1985-86
D’Angelo Jimenez 2001-02
Bobby Jones 2001-02
Marc Kroon 1995-98
Richie Garcia Mark Langston 1998
Derek Lilliquist 1990-91
Ray McDavid 1994-95
Donaldo Mendez 2001-03
Doug Mirabelli 2006
Keith Moreland 1988
Heath Murray 1997-99
Randy Myers 1992, 1998
Charles Nagy 2003
Kevin Nicholson 2000
Melvin Nieves 1993-95
Eddie Oropesa 2004
Methuselah Orosco 2003
Mike Pagliarulo 1984 1989-90
Joe Randa 2005
Tim Redding 2005
Ruben Rivera 1997-2000
Kerry Robinson 2004
Stan Spencer 1998-2000
Dennis Tankersley 2002-04
Kerry Taylor 1993-94
Brian Williams 1995
Ed Wojna 1985-87

Anyone we’re “missing”? Remember that some guys who might rub us the wrong way (Jim Leyritz) did make positive contributions to the team.

Winter Leagues

Seems obvious, but it bears repeating that winter-league stats represent an extremely small sample. Take them with the appropriate buckets of salt.

  • Saguaros 9, Mesa 3 (box). Will Venable went 1-for-5 with a strikeout while batting cleanup and DH’ing.
  • Culiacan 11, Mexicali 4 (box). Jared Wells gave up the game’s final three runs. Among other things, he walked ex-Padre Ruben Rivera (who went 1-for-3 and scored three runs) and struck out Pete LaForest (who finished 2-for-5 with 2 RBI). Benji Gil? Karim Garcia? Funny the names you see in winter ball.
  • Estrellas 6, Escogido 5 (box). Vince Sinisi, batting third and DH’ing, went 3-for-4 with a walk.
  • Navojoa 16, Obregon 5 (box). Looks like maybe the Mexican Pacific League has a mercy rule; this one went seven innings. Oscar Robles singled and walked in five trips to the plate. Luis Cruz, playing third base and moving up to #6 in the order, doubled in five at-bats.
  • Caribes 10, Caracas 8 (box). Right-hander Paul Abraham came on to strike out the final batter in the ninth inning of his team’s loss.

Whoomp, there it is…

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  1. Go Rox … I’ll root for any non-Dodger/Met NL team in the WS … unless the A’s are playing for the AL … besides, how can be a Padre fan and not root for the underdog?

  2. 50: Yes, I saw the “PTI” video on

    I linked to the Yahoo! article from my site.

    My point is it was largely unnoticed by commentators, especially on ESPN, and columnists. The talking heads on ESPN just say it’s “inconclusive.”


  3. I don’t root for underdogs or overdogs. I root for teams based on how I personally like them. Right now, I would pull for the devil over the Rockies.

    Also, who cares how much these teams spend. Yes, I realize the Padres don’t have a big budget. But other than the Padres’ budget, I don’t care who is a big market or small market team. I don’t see any of the money. J.D. Drew makes $11M a year. So what. He’s not giving me a cut.

  4. I think what Peter meant by that was if the Rockies win with a low payroll it gives the Padres hope to do the same.

  5. Here’s a few wish-we-forgot-about Padres – Kory Dehaan….Tim Hyers…Paul Faries…Jose Mota (I think he’s the color analyst in the stands on TBS now)

  6. Welcome to reality Rockies. I hope you lose. Best of 7 so you may win but again, I hope you lose.

  7. My justification for rooting for the Rockies is simple – they’re unstoppable (notwithstanding tonight’s current score).

    Why should the Padres have had any better chance at stopping them then the Phillies, Diamondbacks or Red Sox? The other three at least had multiple chances, the Padres only had one.

    Yes we got screwed on the call at the plate, but even if the call goes the other way, it doesn’t mean we win. And the Rockies didn’t blow the call, McClelland did. I can’t hate a team because the umpire blew a call they benefited from.

    Re:42 “History of success” – the Red Sox hadn’t won the World Series in 88 years until 2004. That would appear to be a history of failure, not success!

    If MLB/ESPN then started promoting them heavily, I’d be more inclined to buy that arguement.

    The Yankees, on the other hand…

  8. Long time follower, but my first comment on the site. Great site Geoff!

    Although Joey Hamilton did produce, wonder if he should be on this list?

  9. what about the recently released mike maroth as a 5th starter?

  10. 32: Yup, good points. Go Rox! Already the BoSox fans are insufferable, that based on their recent WS win. While, it will hurt to see the Rockies win WS before the Padres do, they are a better story and I don’t dislike their players as much as some of the Red Sox players.

    Plus, officially they beat the Padres, and recently any team that beat the Padres in the playoff went on to win the WS. It’s much better than having to count how many ex-Padres on each team which was how I determined who’d win the WS for years. So, the next step up is for the Padres to win the WS. Yeah, I’m reaching here but heck, it’s baseball. Go NL! Go Rockies!

  11. 45 – to reply to myself, I found a listing of the 6 yr minor league FA’s:


    Paul Abraham
    Mike Thompson
    Aaron Rakers
    Frank Brooks
    Adrian Burnside
    Scott Cassidy
    Arturo Lopez
    Edwin Moreno
    Jon Searles
    Steven Watkins


    Brett Bonvechio
    Todd Greene
    Justin Hatcher


    Luis Cruz
    Jonathan Schemmel
    Frank Menechino


    Hiram Bocachica
    Yordany Ramirez
    Royce Huffman

  12. #26: Phoebus is a good call. Thanks!

    #31: That is miserable. Not sure how I missed him.

    #35: Beats rooting for the Red Sox.

    #41: That is making a lot of assumptions. Truth is, it never should’ve come to a game 163, and I’m not talking about the Milwaukee meltdown. There were plenty of opportunities throughout the season to take care of business, and the Padres didn’t get it done.

    #51: Yep. I’ll root for pretty much anyone but the Yankees, Red Sox, or Giants.

    #58: Thanks, Al, for popping in! Hamilton is a tough call because he underperformed relative to expectations but still did a decent job. He contributed to the ’98 squad, and by my count, he’s the 13th best starting pitcher in club history. Yes, I realize that is sad.

    #59: Maroth doesn’t excite me at all, but he does seem like the kind of guy the Pads would put at the back end.

    #61: Thanks, I’ve been looking all over for this. Usually BA puts out a comprehensive list and I scour it for potential bargains. Do you have a source?

  13. 62 (Maroth): Unfortunately true. He’d be another in the list of “Petco Fixer-Uppers,” an illustrious list that includes Darrell May, Tim Redding, Dewon Brazelton, and Chan Ho Park.

  14. Hey what’s up guys? I really hope everyone is doing well with all the stuff that is going on here in town. Just got back from a week in San Francisco and a week in D.C. While I was gone I got to take a tour down to AT&T Park and got to drive around Camden Yards which was cool. Went to Philly to visit some of my wife’s family and got to listen to them bitch about how much they hate the Rockies. I really didn’t have much sympathy for them.

    Any rumors or anything worth noting over the past 2 weeks that I have missed? I had my laptop with me but I didn’t even turn it on once so I have been out of the loop bigtime!

  15. #63: Don’t forget Ismael Valdez (as if we could).

    #64: Hey KRS1, welcome back and glad to hear you’re okay. You haven’t missed a lot on the Padres front.

  16. 62 – I posed the question on the SDUT board and got the answer. Not sure of the source, but here’s the link to that:

  17. Wow, Eddie Oropesa. That guy seriously walked every batter he faced, and he had that really odd delivery where he turned his back to the hitter. He sucked.

    Who can forget about:

    Marty McCleary (2004)
    Jason Shiell (2002)
    Eric Cyr (2002)
    Randy Williams (2005)
    Aaron Rakers (2007)
    Brandon Puffer (2004)
    Jason Szuminski (2004)