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Guys You Wish You’d Forgotten Were Padres

We’re still safe here; hope you are, too. If you’re looking for info on the fires, ways to help, etc., check this thread. Otherwise, by request, here is a stupid follow-up to last week’s stupid post: Player Year(s) Shawn Abner 1987-91 George Arias 1997-99 Mark Bellhorn 2006 Sean Bergman 1996-97 Dewon Brazelton 2006 Chris Brown [...]

Sickels 1996 and Win Shares, Part 5

In my discussion yesterday of Mike Rivera, I forgot to mention Gary Bennett. He’s also in the running for one of the two catching spots. My early guess is that Bennett and Rivera split time, with Wiki Gonzalez and his contract being traded before the season. Steve Violetta Thanks to regular reader Dan Walls for [...]

Looking Back at Preseason Projections

Okay, ducksnorts.com is back in effect, so you can forget about all those other nasty URLs I gave you. Once again, your patience is appreciated. Game 1 of the World Series tonight. Woo-hoo! And I’ll be at band practice, trying to figure out how to play Rick James’ “Superfreak” without keyboards. Sigh. But I’ll tape [...]